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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I hate abortion

Seriously I do.

I wish abortion had never been created.  I myself would never have one and would advise someone not to have one unless it was absolutely necessary.

However I respect Roe v. Wade and a woman's right to choose.  I think preventing a woman from having abortion would do more harm than good, especially if she was raped.  it would be like punishing her twice, being raped, then forced to have the baby.

Have you ever noticed most anti-abortionists are men?

Course it's easy for them to be anti-abortion, they don't get fat, emotional, hemorrhoids, and morning sickness.  Most of all they do not have to go through labor.  All they do is spread their seed.


  1. Santorum uses his handicapped daughter, who will NEVER contribute to society and who will never even be well, as a poster girl for having babies. That's fine if you have the wherewithall to afford her care. And if you don't mind making your child suffer for years to advance your views.
    I would never have an abortion either, and do not even know anyone who has had one, but I am not God. I cannot make decisions for other people. You may be younger, but I remember the results of illegal abortion. Women died, horribly. The rich white women managed to get all the abortions they wanted, but the poor? Well, if you were a desperate single mom with too many mouths to feed, and no money, you might try various ways to end another pregnancy, none of them safe or easy.
    I think what bothers me the most about these guys is their total lack of comapssion. If a woman miscarries, which happens to 20% of those G0d-given pregnancies, in some states she can now be tried for murder, because MEN assume she was trying to abort. If a fetus dies in the womb, she is forced to carry it. If a child is horribly malformed, and will not live more than a few million dollar
    days, she cannot abort. Who wins here? Not the child. Not the woman. Just the power-mad white men. And that is what sickens me about this entire debate.

    1. I really appreciate and support your comment. But, I'm pretty sure you do know someone who has had an abortion. Lots of women have; most keep it private as it should be.

    2. Either 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 women today have had an abortion, depending on which poll you cite.
      If you know any women, you do know someone who has had an abortion.

  2. Pregnancy can be far more deadly for women; they can develop cardiomyopathy that may or may not resolve or suffer from potentially-deadly preeclampsia or HELLP Syndrome. Being pregnant puts you more at risk of having a stroke or developing high blood pressure or diabetes. The act of giving birth can break bones or permanently damage nerves. To force any woman to risk her life against her will is torture, pure and simple.

  3. I hate abortion too but it definitely needs to remain legal.
    I can't say if I would ever have had one; thankfully, I have never been in such dire circumstances in my lifetime, but I have helped others who have been in those dire circumstances.
    What is so incredibly stupid is that the pro lifers all say they want to stop abortion but most of them are against birth control too.
    Making abortion illegal will NOT stop abortions. Making them illegal will only result in maternal deaths along with the fetal deaths. If people truly want to stop abortions, they will work to make birth control easy to obtain.

  4. Never is not a good word to use. Life is situational. Though I believe all life has value, I also believe that there are circumstances make abortion the better option. Some are obvious, some are purely personal and until you've experienced certain things, you will never understand how relieving an abortion could be.

    That said, I'm not saying a woman who has one is heartless and uncaring towards that potential baby. She will probably randomly think of "what could have been" forever.

    But there are things that are worse than abortion. Let us not judge, for ANY reason. Let us not think we know the inner mental working of anyone else but ourselves.

    It's time as bloggers to move past that and remember that we are all the same, human. Mature, respectful people do not judge. That needs to be drilled into everyone's head for most people are guilty of irrational and ignorant judgment based on hate. Sadly the republicans seem to be the victims of this on a larger scale, but there really isn't anyone who's wholly innocent of judging. We can change the world by changing ourselves. Respect families, respect each other, remember everyone is someone's mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife...

    Choose not to hurt or lie about others.

    1. Wow, you'll use any opportunity, won't you?

      If you support and vote for Republicans, you support people who would ban reproductive choice as well as people who judge others. That includes Sarah Palin.

      Now, we'd all appreciate it if you'd take your own advice and stop judging us.

    2. Sarah is a ding-a-lingJanuary 22, 2013 at 11:54 AM

      You need to read the Bible.

      The most misquoted verse in the Bible is probably Matthew 7:1, "Judge not that ye be not judged." The people quoting this verse are the ones passing judgment.

      The Bible, Kristy, commands you to judge.

      If there were no judgment:

      * Prisons would be empty.
      * You could not discipline your children.
      * School could not be mandated (by parents or the government) but if children did attend, they could not be evaluated as to their progress. Everyone should graduate regardless of their advance. Students could not be graded or disciplined.
      * You could not judge any false doctrine.
      * You should leave your children with anyone who said was qualified to be a baby-sitter. You should not bother to check his/her background.
      * You should marry anyone that asked. You shouldn’t worry about his/her character or beliefs.
      * You would be a palinbot....

    3. PIMPING is the most despicable activity in the world. Kristy, why have you never commented on Todd Palin's Sex Trafficking Ring? Has Sarah Palin instructed all of the Palins, Heaths, and Palinbots to Refrain from commenting on Todd Palin's Primary Occupation? I don't expect a response to the INDEFENSIBLE.

    4. Here's to you, Krazy Kristy Krackhead.

    5. Hey, genius, Sarah Palin's newest Facebook entry comes out against reproductive choice. What do you have to say about that? (Hypocrites, both of you).

    6. Is this your way of defending Sarah palin's abortion? Or Bristol's? Or willow's? They've all had one. It's become a Palin family tradition. They use it as birth control because they're too stupid to realize there are other methods.

  5. I have had one it was either that or die and I would do so again if given the choice. I suffered no ill effects ,no what if and no regrets. I tell people I choose life, my own. It was a planned pregnancy and broke our hearts when we were told of our options but we knew what had to be done. There are those who judge me, not really sure why they would advocate for me to leave my family motherless and my husband an widower but then again that doesn't fit into their nice tidy argument. I truly don't care what anyone thinks but then luckily at that time i was in my home country of Canada and could easily access an abortion at my local hospital. If this had occurred in the State i now live that access would not be possible. To those who hate abortion that is fine and I understand and value your beliefs but they are your beliefs just don't force them on my body with absolutely no thought of any other possibilities. I believe abortions should be few and rare and easily accessible if needed. This is supposed to be a first world country where women are not treated as Chattel yet i see women being treated more and more like i saw in Afghanistan. Equal pay was voted against, they re trying to eliminate abortion, what is next our right to vote ? I tell people who judge me that if they deny something to someone else they deny it to themselves and then ask what they would have done in my situation. I have yet to come across someone who would choose death. Quite telling isn't it.

    1. You know, 8:42 AM, I once met a girl just like you.

      And you know what?

      I married her.

      She was too fine to let go.

      I know a keeper when I see one.

      We have three children now.

    2. She is a lucky lady. Best wishes to you and your family.

    3. You have my sympathy for what you went through. It was you and your husbands decision and no ones business but your own. Like I said ending a pregnancy may be the right decision for some but not others and I respect that.

  6. Thank you SPHASH. I always appreciate someone who in personally anti-abortion but understands it is a private choice.

    I want to add that abortion is not always a difficult choice to make and not all women regret the decision.

    I, myself, have never had been in a situation where I had to make the choice (my children were planned), but I can think of times in my life where I would have had an abortion rather than bring a child into the world.

    I've also had a few friends who have made the choice to have abortions and I can honestly say their lives are much better for it. Not only their lives, but the lives of the children they had later, when my friends' were in a much better position to be mothers (including having wonderful partners who wanted to be fathers).

  7. Pro-lifers need to be aware that pro-choice is not the same as pro-abortion. Big difference. God gave us free will for a reason. It is between that woman and God. We don't belong in the middle.


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