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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Is it me or are these pictures really gross?

Frothy is pictured with Joy-Anna Duggar, daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle the Quiverfull freaks from 19 Kids and counting.

If I were Jim-Bob I would say "Frothy, gets your hands off my kid!"

Also this came from a Duggar fan's instagram:

Jim Bob having his picture taken with a bunch of young women wearing bikini bottoms?  Guess Michelle didn't scream Nike! first.  In the Duggar family when the pass a scantily clad woman the girls are supposed to scream out "Nike" and the boys cover their eyes.


  1. You know, I watched the movie Soul Surfer last weekend, about Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm to a shark attack. Evidently, her family is part of the fundie right wing group. The filmakers did a good job in tempering the holiness, but it was still really thick. The messages were SICK. Case in point: Betheny snuck out to go surfing on Halloween Eve and stayed til after midnight. She made the mistake of calling Halloween a "Holiday". Well, her mom caught her and told her she was disappointed in her. One hour later, this baby gets her arm yanked off by a shark!!! For partying on Halloween against mamas wishes was THE CLEAR MESSAGE. She was PUNISHED. If you lok on her website, its full of 23 year old virginity talk and blah blah blah. I guess this lifestyle works for these people. I find it just sad and strangulating. The familes Hamiltons/Duggars are friends, which is why i mention it here.

    1. How stupid was Bethany? Any surfer knows sharks come out at night to feed. That's like standing in the middle of the highway at rush hour and being shocked--SHOCKED!--that a car hit you.

    2. No, she was attacked at 0730 am, with turtles near her, on Halloween, after she had been out surfing after midnight. That is why it was the devil that did it! Daylight and turtles around. turtles go away from sharks. It was the devil in the form of a shark that ripped her arm off for partying on halloween against mamas wishes lol!


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