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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mitt and Ann's biggest gaffe's part 2

This is hard!


  1. Queen Anne does not have a clue. Mrs. Obama could tell her how hard it is, daily insults, threats, rampant racism. Stupid people like Palin insulting her husband every time she shows her ugly, wizened mug on Fox. We should all be thankful that our President ran for a second term after all the CRAP thrown at him from people who are not fit to shine his shoes.I wonder if $carah and Bristles are still waiting for their phone calls from the White House? Poor, widdle victims that they are.

    1. Anyone who's attacked, who's life is distorted and used in ways only a demented and sick person could dream up, who's lied about are victims.

      Time to grow up and stop assuming we know the people we see on tv. This goes for bots and haters alike. The pro and anti obama propaganda is as weird as the pro and anti propaganda on the right

      Let us get back to discussing matters of policy and a candidates proven lies. Time for liberals to stop living in denial and turning a deaf ear on Obama.

    2. It looks like "weird" has found it's way back into your vocabulary.

      Yes, that's what I took away from the trite crap you posted.

    3. 11:42 AM You must be using the same Drugs that Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin are using. What are you trying to say?

  2. This is random but what would you think if you read the following comments from the same person in chronological order:

    "planning my trip to la la la las vegas"

    "College is so expensive. I am sooo stressed..I have NO idea how I am going to pay for all of my education. :( Uhhhhgg"

    " I was actually thinking of Armani. I really like it and that's the designer I always get for *****. I also get him Dielsel too but I like Armani better for a lil' stud puppy haha"

    " I have far to much black too. I have been trying to stay away but it seems I always end up getting more and more black. Black diamonds, Black Affliction,Sinful,Juicey, All clothing usually, Purses, Shoes, Black stitching Jeans instead of White because everyone now thinks white is where its at and I like to be original..I already have too many white and other colored stitching from True Religion, Rocks, and Laguna Beach haha, Black, Black, Black! "

    You have it all wrong. You have nothing to worry about I have everything in check. I don't just go blow money.

    1. KTdid, you may want to delete that fb account before it gets you into trouble.


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