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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sarah Palin is not the first politician Joe McGinniss busted. And you'll never guess who it is!

 From Publisher's Weekly

McGinniss's biography of Edward M. Kennedy is a salacious read containing the things that make a bestseller: sex, incest, money, politics, power, compelling personalities. The problem, though, is, can you believe McGinniss? Although the bibliography lists 73 titles, there is not one footnote. There are juicy tidbits about members of the family. Joseph Kennedy progresses from a WW I draft dodger to U.S. Ambassador to the Court of St. James. He beds innumerable women, manipulates the stock market, becomes a Nazi sympathizer and anti-Semite. Rose is portrayed as the ultimate holder of Irish grudges: when her husband had his stroke she delayed calling a doctor while she played golf. A devout Catholic, she was actually happy about Joe's affairs because then she didn't have to sleep with him. Retarded Rosemary was lobotomized because she was considered a less-than-perfect Kennedy. There are dark hints that Joseph may have had an incestuous relationship with her. Sexual innuendo is rampant throughout the book. When McGinniss finally gets around to concentrating on Ted, we are given a picture of a lonely boy raised by servants. The first crisis of his life comes when he is expelled from Harvard for cheating. His father was furious, but only because Ted got caught. We see Ted as an ineffective campaign manager for JFK in 1960 and we see him being forced by his father to run for JFK's former Senate seat in 1962. In 1968 after RFK's assassination, Ted turned "reflexively, to women, alcohol and other drugs." The book ends with the Chappaquiddick tragedy in 1969 and the questions raised by Ted's alibi. Thus the biography misses Ted's presidential campaign in 1980 and the events surrounding the rape charges against his nephew William Smith in 1991. Employing journalistic histrionics and amateur psychology in his attempts to find what makes this family and this one man obsessed with winning at all costs, McGinniss concludes that the Kennedys are all-American frauds. The reader will wonder if McGinniss isn't one also


  1. I wonder how many lies are in that? We all have seen how unprofessional an interviewer Joe is.

    Hint: A good journalist doesn't leader people into certain conversations using other interviewees' statements. That is a surefire way a person new to gossip will think they CAN comment on something they really know nothing about. It's sad how people were slandered, are slandered, in these biased, manipulative books.

    Fortunately for Joe, mature people don't judge their fellow man based on these types of things. Also, families are forever and can overcome even the most hateful slander just by continuing to live. Sarah comes from an amazing family, and had an enviable childhood in Alaska. That doesn't change with a few jealous classmates who have some desire to rewrite those times for a little attention.

    My question to the country is: Since when is it personal entertainment to concoct drama-filled stories based in fiction than just tell the true, happy ones? The Heaths, as per their actual book, have lived lives filled with lovely stories. It's fortunate for their readers that they finally wrote some of it down. Life is beautiful.

    The media is a mysterious thing. People who live in negativity and a world of negative reporting are questionable individuals. But at least the good people of Alaska has learned NOT to trust any media because countless friends of Sarah have been thrown under the bus by shoddy journalists out for blood and attention. It's sad.

    Before you argue, just ask yourself:
    What kind of person fabricates a story about the paternity of a woman's child? (this would have the potential to hurt MORE than just those 2 people. It would hurt the family of the fictional father as well as his reputation, which was a perfect one.

    What kind of person concocts stories concerning a fictional love child?

    Leaving Palin world for a moment, and moving to everyone else, what kind of person implicates individuals in gay scandals? Even Obama has been included in this type of thing. And there have been countless stories concerning Michelle O's alleged desire for secret service detail.

    What kind of a person implicates children of famous folk in situations that were grossly misreported and even in situations where the children weren't involved at all?

    What kind of journalist feels mundane life activities with no bearing on politics but that everyone experiences is media fodder and things that SHOULD swing an election?

    what happened to actually sticking to legitimately political-related questions concerning government? The pettiness must end. The immaturity must end. The personal destruction must end. We will never have a good leader is this continues because good people will never want to join politics. Do you really want to be stuck with whom we've had thus far?

    People are people. No one but the person who's lived his or her own life has license to write or talk about that life.

    Common sense.

    1. Blah, blah, blah, trite and shallow and full of wild-eyed lies about the Heaths and the Palins.

      Considering your recent screeds about people not claiming to be perfect, this is my favorite part: "It would hurt the family of the fictional father as well as his reputation, which was a perfect one."

      It looks like your new self-created mission is to try to convince everyone that Track is Todd's biological son (your racist comments about Track's "native baby" represent a particularly ill-conceived strategy). Aren't the Menards lucky to have your on their team, whether they want you or not?

      I won't await your reply since your M.O. is to post and run.

    2. I hope SPASH's new M.O. will be to delete Krusty on sight and only pull her out for special troll occasions. That's a lot easier and smarter than actually reading Krusty's poop.

    3. Krazy Kristy Krackhead flies in for another crop dusting, and boy is it toxic!!! Bwaahaahaahaa, snort, snicker!

    4. Miss know-it-all, are you afraid to respond to the questions about Todd Palin's SEX TRAFFICKING RING and Sarah Palin's knowledge of it? That seems to be the only subject that sends you scurrying back to your Rat Hole. We know how to shut you up. Still waiting for your Defense of PIMP DADDY TODD. And explain why Sarah Palin Faked a Pregnancy for Willow after Sarah had her Tubal Ligation. A pregnancy would have been physically impossible.

    5. LevidumpedthepalinsJanuary 23, 2013 at 10:20 AM

      ¨My question to the country is:¨

      That is some funny shit.

      Love her or hate her, Kristy (unwittingly, like Sarah) can be pure gold.

    6. Look everyone it's the "people are people" troll. Sarah Palin is the devil. Her "family" is an evil clan of racist barbarians.

    7. Oddly, the rumors referred to about the President and First Lady appear to have originated on conservative blogs... and consequently must be lies. You can't trust a conservative to be honest.

      You would think, at some point in their lives, they've heard the story (naturally they wouldn't read it because that involves effort) about the Boy Who Cried Wolf. When it became important, nobody believed the boy. And nobody believes conservatives.

    8. OMG! What is the matter with you?


  2. Krusty, you jealous witch, stop casting aspersions at Michelle Obama! There are NO countless stories except those you pull out of that dirty little brain of yours. A pox on your house, you useless, idle bloodsucker!

    You know what I'm going to do, Krusty? I've been collecting examples of your internet rants and your hundreds of fake accounts all over the place, and your videos and other total crap that you've uploaded - and now with this endless piece of garbage as the icing on the cake I believe I'll go to the authorities in RI (it's not far from Stonington) and ask them why someone with all of your computer skills is still leeching off the taxpayers.

    How can you possibly imagine that Bristol Palin would love a slug like you, Krusty?

  3. Does he talk about daddy's mafia connection? Sigh, I'm waiting for the day until we have a TRULY honest and selfless leader. That person I even wouldn't mind paying 3 million salary.

    HOWEVER, that person will probably never exist with how disgusting and biased the media is and how it destroys even the best of people with fabricated bullshit. Depressing.

    In other news, HOLY RESEMBLANCE!!!!!

    Like I said, people who tell unfounded lies about their political enemies are much more despicable than ANY politician.

    1. Again, blah, blah, blah. Your words are meaningless because of your inappropriate support for a reality-tee-vee personality/politician, Sarah Palin and her clan.

      Please respond with your defense of Todd. Tell us what a "hottie" he is and how that Sarah is one lucky gal.

    2. What are you talking about you psychotic retard? You make no sense. No one understands what you're trying to say. How many times do people have to tell you that before you take time to learn the english language.

      Sarah Palin is pure evil. Her "family" is lower than trash and are responsible for countless fires, murders, deaths, beatings, frauds and faked pregnancies. Prove me wrong.

    3. Krusty will deny the crimes as Lies until you mention Pimping. It is very telling that even Krusty will not respond to any Sex Trafficking and Pimping allegations

  4. Not exactly a noble blog post, SPHASH, revisiting the salacious "unauthorized biography" of the early years of a man who did everything he could in his later years to atone for his mistakes, and has now been dead for more than 3 years.

  5. If the point of this post was to call into question the integrity of Joe McGinniss then you have certainly succeeded in your mission.

  6. After reading this book, I too (like KaJo) was dismayed by the lack of any acknowledgement of the productive, well-regarded later years of Ted Kennedy.

    Not sure McGinniss added much info to the pot of Kennedy lore -- I was not surprised by anything I read in the book. Seems like it all had been reported here and there.

    While I was in the midst of it, I was troubled by the license McGinniss took in saying "Ted thought," "Ted decided," -- because no one but Ted would be in a position to know that.

    However, I give McGinniss credit for tackling the Palin Preg Hoax when so many others are too chicken to touch it. Yes he could have gotten off the Trignostic fence by looking at the Mar 14 photo and drawing the obvious conclusion. But I'm grateful for the story he DID pull together, which has never been refuted except by irrelevant ad hominem arguments, with their zero info and thus credibility.


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