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Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy President's day to our president!

That is President Barack Hussein Obama!

Obama is the POTUS.

Deal with it haters.


  1. ...and "she" will NEVER be! DOUBLE deal with it, haters!

  2. Another thing for folks to remember is that Granny Paylin lives every day in fear that one of her scams will be exposed, or someone she trusted with her secrets will turn traitor, and talk to the press.

    Sucks to treat people badly, dump them, deceive with a false pregnancy, commit crimes, and then have to worry about what might happen doesn't it?

  3. I bet Sarah tried to contact President Obama more than Bristol tried to contact Levi on Life´s a Tripp.

  4. Hi SPHASH! I'm happy to see all is going well for you; glad to have you back! Take a look at that photo of President Obama: the man is full of zest and vigour, unlike the vapid, uneducated, ignorant,paranoid piece of shit half-baked Quitter! The President ROCKS; yeah baby!!

  5. Makes a difference, doesn't it, when our president's goal is to get things done, rather than to thwart others and stall progress. Wow.


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