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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Today is Abraham Lincoln's birthday so I thought I would write a review of the movie Lincoln.

I saw Lincoln over Thanksgiving weekend while in Wisconsin.  I highly recommend it to everyone.

Growing up I admired Lincoln a lot.  I visited his home in Springfield, his grave, his birthplace in Kentucky, and his home in New Salem IL.  Now that I'm a Democrat I admit a little luster has tarnished but he still commands my respect.

One thing I learned in Lincoln was that even though he was a great leader, he was a politician and was willing to circumvent the laws to get what he wanted, like bribing lame duck Congressmen to vote his way on the 13th amendment, and lying to Congress about a potential peace offering from the confederacy.

Lincoln was a smart man, he was a lawyer and new all the tricks..

One thing that I disagree with Lincoln on is his refusal to allow Robert to serve in the military.  Robert was a grown man for pete's sake!  I know Mary had mental issues and took Willie's death hard (they lost another son Eddie years before, where's the grief there?) but to not allow Robert to serve was a disservice.  During WW2 all four of Franklin D. Roosevelt's sons served willingly, was in some of the worst battles of the war (Casablanca, Makin, Okinawa).  If FDR's sons could do it so and he allowed, then Lincoln should have.

Lincoln was a funny man.  Watch the movie for his humor.

All in all a great president and worthy of being on the $5 bill.


  1. "Lincoln" is first on the list of movies I'm going to see before the Academy Awards. I've read reviews on all the blogs and I hope like hell that I won't be disappointed. The only person I know personally who's seen the movie described it as "four snore and seven years ago"... but I'll watch it and make up my own mind. :)

    1. I watched the movie on this website . It is free, and there's no spam or email address required. Admittedly watching it on my iPad was a little difficult, the movie was shot to be true to the time, and all the lighting was so low and dark, I found a lot of the acting to be almost too accurate, it was almost like they were speaking a different language. Admittedly, I'm more of an action/adventure/sci-fi/mystery/comedy kind of chick, so Lincoln was a little dry for my taste.

      If you watch on an iPad, you will need the Puffin browser, laptops and desktops are fine.

  2. I believe Lincoln agreed with you about Robert.

    Mary was the mother of his children, who loved their mother.

    As they should.

    As a father, I understand and would have supported their mother.

    After all, politics is a small part of life.

  3. Possibly President Lincoln felt that having his son actively serving would impeded his own ability to direct the war efforts. Who wants to order his son into active combat? Yeah, maybe FDR, but his war was mostly run by the Pentagon.

    I was irritated by Mary Lincoln being shown as attending sessions of Congress (did she EVER do that?) and bringing along her African-American housekeeper. Mary was a southernor. I really don't know how she felt about African-Americans. But I bet she would never have taken a servant out with her into a public place.

    I will say that when they got down to voting on the 13th Amendment (spoiler alert! They outlawed slavery!) I literally had goosebumps... and I knew the outcome.

    1. Ẅho wants to order his son into active combat?¨

      No one.

      Mary was a harridan, a jackass, whose histrionics made life on what most see as enervating, the political campaign trail, a vacation.

      Nevertheless, Lincoln was a father first, a husband second second, and the President of the United States third.

      That is what makes Abe, and Barrack, great.

      I wonder what Bree Palin believes on this subject?

  4. I thought Lincoln was great - I may see it a second time.

    I think he was one of our greatest Presidents, and a "transitional" one for our country, just as Barrack Obama today. He was so intelligent (and being self-taught almost), and just amazing from what little I've learned. I wish he had been better guarded, and more "afraid" of assassination. He seemed to not worry about his "fate". Difficult for them both to overcome loss of children.

    The acting was great - Tommy Lee Jones and Sally Field as Mary.


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