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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sarah doing what she does best, begging for money

From her Fecebook page

 It was a beautiful memorial service for Chris Kyle at Cowboys Stadium this afternoon. What a celebration of a great life! All in all, is there a finer human being who has crossed the 50-yard line star in Texas than Chris Kyle? Please click on the following link for information on how we can help out the families of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield. As patriotic Americans, this is a tangible way to show appreciation and support for good people. On a personal note, I thank you who've sent birthday greetings today, and it would be awesome if you'd join me in supporting the families of these heroes by helping them out!

- Sarah Palin

Then she gives a link that takes you to guess who, Bristol's blog! 

 Still so sad over Chris Kyle’s death, and trying to help the family in any way.  Here are some ideas, suggested by one of his friends – Former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb:
For those wanting to help Kyle’s family, America’s Mighty Warriors is collecting donations under “Chris Kyle Memorial.” Glenn Beck’s Mercury One will also be collecting donations that will be given to FITCO Cares, a foundation started by Kyle. Webb said his foundation — the Red Circle Foundation — will send donations made in honor of Kyle to the appropriate fund established to help his family.
In fact, the entire article is worth a read as we remember an American hero.

Desperate for attention and money aren't you bitches?


  1. "Send money to the grieving families by all means, but don't forget my birthday donation. I'm $49 today, but I know I look $4.90, I'm so hot. Bristol is not as hot as me, and needs my fans to give her some clicks on her blog. As usual."

  2. Sounds about right. Grab any situation for the opportunity to get attention and grift. I wonder what she will do on Feb. 28 when the Pope abdicates his "throne."

  3. Why doesn't Sarah have a blog? Seriously, why wouldn't she just set up a place for people to send money directly to her?

  4. "Fecebook." Innocent typo or not, it's spot on. Feces defines the Heath Palins.

  5. Once a grifter always a grifter. She had to include herself in that plea for money for the deceased. She seizes every opportunity to include herself and her family in whatever situation it may be. She really does have a "serpents heart."


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