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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sarah no longer employed by FOX

Yes this is old news but worth discussing

Is she able to collect unemployment, you know that big bad government program?

If she isn't working and has no offers, how is she supporting her family?

No one is donating to SarahPac anymore.  She can't go on any vacations.

Is Creepy Chuckie Sr. and Jr supporting her?


  1. Oh I'm sure Sarah invested her Fox millions wisely and is living off them now. I'm wondering when Fox is goign to reclaim the studio they built for her. Surely they want their fake fireplace back. Not to mention the faux flag decorations and all those straw flowers Piper decorated with. And the camera and backdrops and such. Also too.
    Speaking of which, Rachel had a clip of Rand Paul lying on the radio about "Friends of Hamas," the GOP-delusional group that supposedly was "Friends of Hagel" and the reason the skeptical GOP just could not bring themselves to vote for him...Paul used "also" about three times during the brief clip. Seems the GOP is becomig ever more Palinesque. They haven't learned about the Palin curse yet, poor idiots.

  2. She probably still has every cent she ever earned, she's so good at using OPM. I'm sure her elite entertainment lawyer long ago directed to an elite adviser and she has plenty of elite investments. She already had some fairly elite investments even before she quit. And for all we know she might have other sources of income (energy expert, lol).

    Even her skanky outfits and grubby wigs are tax-deductible.

    We know she got at least $7m for the book and $3m from Fox and at least $2m from screeching. With rich people paying sweet FA on their investment income and all those dodges she's famous for, she'd be doing just fine. I for one would have no trouble supporting my family if I'd raked in $12m+ over the past four years. And for all we know they might have been stashing their money away in preparation for the lowly salary of POTUS when she takes over the White House for 8 years .... I'm a bit weak with laughter just typing that.

    Which reminds me, when Ailes dumped her, LOD played his tape of himself insisting that she wouldn't run for POTUS, and I noticed that at one point he said that she'd never run for any political office again. Don't you wonder what he knows?

  3. Seriously? Ask a few silly questions about month-old news and get anonymous commenters to write your blog for you? This blog has definitely jumped the shark if this is the best you can do.

    1. 7:10 AM So you are one of the first to come here to complain?
      Aren't you also Anonymous? Talking about yourself? The TRUTH sure does get under the skin of the Palins. How is that Sex Trafficking and Prostitution Ring of Todd Palin treatin' ya? We don't expect a response to the Pimping, you Palins are afraid to address that. You run from the TRUTH.

    2. There's the door, 7:10. Flounce your way out.

    3. Oh my god now I'm a Palin? You really need to take a break from these blogs.

    4. 11:47 AM You need a break, when you walk like a duck and talk like a duck, you are a duck.

    5. That doesn't even make sense.

  4. Sarah must support her nuclear family, for she raised nothing but dropouts. Her attorney fees and hush money must be through the roof. She is addicted to shopping (per her security detail all she did was shop for, and buy, 100s of sunglasses as governor). She will never again make more than a 911 operator, a position for which she is not qualified. 8 out of 10 Alaskans dislike her, so she would starve as a waitress. She was born to be a white trash welfare witch. So the answer to your question is ¨yes, if she were fired the first thing she would do is file for unemployment, but she quit and is not qualified.¨

  5. This is how dumb I am: for years I've wondered how come the Palins were able to acquire the top-drawer investment portfolio that they had while she was governor. For two of those years I've known about Toad Palin's prostitute procuring business. It took this long to put them together. Duh!

  6. Maybe she is preparing to buy the rights to Boys Will Be Boys as its one year anniversary is quickly approaching.

  7. The thing is, to follow the advice of an investment counselor requires the ability to acknowledge that s/he knows more than you do, the willingness to take advice, and the capability for long-term disciplined action.

    Sarah has never shown any of these traits. The only long-term action she's been shown capable of is vengeance against other people.

    Plus, they bought that house in Arizona, and evidently bought Bristol's Maricopa house- these were not sound investments and I doubt they even made their money out of them. So I don't think she's going to hang on to whatever money they have left.

  8. WHEW! That's one ugly looking old WoMAN! If Toad wasn't such a lowlife pimp with a mico mini two tone penis...I would feel sorry for the scumbag! LOL!

    And one thinks you are a Palin...we all know you're a bedpan smelling...Beefy loving...stalker OF the Palin's...there is a difference TROLL! LOL!!!

  9. Originally I was searching “Serpent’s Heart” within a World of Warcraft context...

    But hey! – “Sarah Palin has a Serpent’s Heart” works for me as well. As for the Devine Sarah (with apologies to Sarah Bernhardt) being kicked off of Faux Snooze due to her ineptitude and irrelevancy, if that’s indeed the case, why are ass-clowns like Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly still there?


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