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Friday, March 7, 2014

Palin crotch sniffer Joe Sheppard is retiring

From the Recovering Liberal

This will be the last post for this site and my Governor Palin commentary site 

After 6 years of activism for the conservative point of view, and especially having had the honor of discussing Governor Palin I am retiring. I have had a lifetime of political activity at various levels, an have been a published author on political economy, a president of a political party I well know that there comes a time when the field should be left to those who are younger.

I don't regret a moment of my spirited support for Governor Palin and in another age, and  in a young mind and body, my support for George McGovern! I was right then and am right now as history showed and will show.

I am dedicating my time to promoting my wife's new book; 
LINK:   "The Shining Hours"    

and am undertaking a work of my own which experience has shown has to have full dedication. As for Governor Palin, I made it clear that this site was always about promoting her as the GOP nominee but, if circumstances or her own decision precluded that, the title of this blog could just as well be "Palin in The Presidency 2016" as it is her ideas and ideals that are at the core of my support which ideals transcend the person. I set this out some time ago in a post reproduced below.

 I will leave the two sites up as I note that many people search for and read the older articles, and there are some university studies that show Governor Palin was a plus for the McCain campaign which can be of value to rebut critics.

To the +700,000 people of goodwill who viewed the two sites my sincere thanks and to those, and of course to Governor Palin and her family I extend my best wishes and regards

Palin-ism In the Presidency
Subsequent to the Los Angeles Times major article proposing Sarah Palin as "the Cure" for the GOP and it's suggestion that Palin may be an ideal candidate for 2016
there have been howls of derision from the left.
That is to be expected in Los Angeles of course, the unexpected however was the article itself. Amongst the huge number of leftist criticisms was a recurring theme that has been running for two years now. It has numerous variants, but in sum if runs along these lines "Palin is an egotist/She will drag out the "will she won't she" run game for four years whilst getting suckers to send her money" and suchlike.

Leaving aside that the decision to run for president is a momentous one, not only for a candidate but for their family.
As Palin knows, probably more than anyone. A merciless and unfair blowtorch is immediately focused on the candidate and anyone associated with them. Thus if Palin takes a long time to come to a decision, only a poltroon would condemn her for that.
The arrogance of the left is such that they consider that anyone who supports Sarahpac financially is a dumb sucker.
Obviously Palin supporters are well aware she may not run when they send money to Sarahpac. They do know that the money will go towards supporting candidates for office that Palin approves of. They also know it will not go towards "supporting Palin's extravagant lifestyle" and other such childish leftist idiocies.
Those who support Palin obviously would like her to run, but we obviously know that she may not.When we support her, in the media, or financially, or on the ground when her chosen candidates run we are supporting Palin-ism. Obviously we would like to see Palin-ism put in to effect by Palin herself, but if that is not to be, then seeing it effected by people she supports will also do. For us it is money and time well spent.

The leftist cynics can simply go to hell.

I addressed this matter before the Los Angeles Times article and reproduce it below as a supplement to the new commentary above.

This site is not absolutely about Sarah Palin regardless of the Blog title. Of course I, and I am sure a massive number of others, judging by her Facebook followers being over 3 million, would wish her to run in 2016.

But Palin is only one person, and a person with massive family commitments, especially with Trig of course. It may be that she has developed a taste for the freedom from financial constraints and from media criticism worries, and is happy to enjoy the rest of her life in comfort and ease.

If so, good for her. Surely nobody else in public life has endured the slings and arrows of outrageous leftism over the last four years and would be entitled to such a respite as her skills and endurance has gained for her.

There are of course many options for public involvement open to her. She will be in demand as public speaker for some time yet as an historic figure at least.

The currently Dem. held Alaskan senate seat is up for election in 2016, and of course she can continue endorsing and campaigning for candidates she considers it important to do so. Her influence as an endorser is undiminished as e.g Ted Cruz in Texas will testify.

But even if none of these options appeal to her (which I doubt) this blog would change from Palin4President2016 to "Palinism In The Presidency 2016". No matter how great or influential and correct a person's political, social and economic  ideas and ideals are, they will outlive their originator if they have lasting value.

The "common sense conservatism" policies that Sarah Palin espouses and exemplifies, are lasting if not timeless and will be her legacy no matter what her personal future holds. An outline of  what she, and this site stands for are

Hey Joe my blog has been up for just over three years and I have close to 1,000,000 visitors.  And that is ONE blog.  Your blogs have been up for six years and between the two of them only 700,000 visitors?  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I think Joe has realized he has been had and has to cover his ass. 


  1. M Jo is a quitter.

    Now he has plenty of time to go to Arizona and suck her toes. Have you seen Sarah Palin's toes? He would still suck them.

    (Troll is not here yet; do I have to tell myself "grow up proven live vibrantly Tripp can ride his tricycle upside down"? Please advise.)

    1. just spewed my coffee all over. Thanks for nothing :-)

  2. Took him long enough.

  3. Wow! He is a really poor writer punctuation is your friend an all.

    If his site is left open for comments, we should go give some!

  4. Anyone who supports SarahPac IS a dumb sucker.

  5. $carah has ideas? Apart from grifting, I wish he would name ONE. His wife should be ashamed of him, so openly worshipping another woman like this. Maybe he will move on to someone with substance - like Kim Kardasian!!

    1. That was my first reaction also too. Like her "time-tested truths." Really? Name ONE and watch her sputter.

  6. I guess it's fine with him that she supported ONE candidate with ONE measly $5000 check while she spent 100 times that on postage? Yeah, Joe, we're all wrong that she spends your money on herself. All wrong that she never intended to run, and it had nothing to do with "massive family commitments." And poor persecuted Sarah, who never says a mean or nasty word about Democrats, does she? God, this guy is as deranged as she is. And I hope his wife isn't using him as Editor of her book.

  7. Must be his wife found him jacking off to his collection of Palin porn and threatened him Bye bye Joey,

    1. Yes, this is likely. I certainly wouldn't like it if my husband had an obvious, public seven-year boner for another woman.

      Now, to save his marriage, he has to devote himself full time to promoting her self-published book.

  8. Sheppard wasn't a fun punching bag anymore. All of the remaining bots have also had the air punched out of them. What could they do? Blame the left and elites for Sarah's stuffed bra, embarrassing heels, and dirty wigs?

  9. is this the creep who lives in Australia or New Zealand & published folks' real email addresses when they made comments at his blog dissing sarah?

    1. LevidumpedthepalinsMarch 7, 2014 at 11:29 AM


      I commented on his blog Sarah was a full on retard.

      My e-mail address was never published.

    2. It was a one-time incident.

  10. Wonkette had a little thing going with Sheppard (they trolled him good).

  11. LevidumpedthepalinsMarch 7, 2014 at 11:26 AM

    Hey, I remember this panty waste. He came in here one time and threatened to unleash the "I-net" or something on you.

    We all laughed at him.

    He ran away.

    Just like Sarah.

    1. I remember that! If memory serves the pee pond tired of him as well.

  12. Dumb fuck doesn't even read SarahPAC reports. $5K to candidates, the rest for her own bullshit.

  13. Give that old turd a flush and on to the next.

    Eugene "SPLC says his Public Advocate is a Hate Group" Delgauido has been profitably anti gay grifting for longer that Sarah Palin!

  14. He's not going down without a fight. If he closes his comments, it shows we're right and he's wrong. There's no way he'll be able to stay away. Congratulations SPLASH!

    Seriously, what conservative Palin trailer quits before her cpac speech?

    1. Someone who's been TOLD to.
      No mom jeans there! Pussy, just like Tawd.


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