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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thanks Joe

Joe McGinnis 1942-2014

As you all aware by now Joe McGinnis passed away on Monday of complications from Prostate cancer.

This country owes Joe a debt of gratitude for his book The Rogue. Joe moved to Alaska for serveral months away from his family, interviewed many people, dealt with harassment and death threats and lived to tell about it. In my opinion Joe singlehandedly destroyed any presidential aspirations Sarah Palin had, with his expose of her...drug use, adultery, poor parenting, throwing frienemies under the bus, poor work ethic.

Joe was also famous for his book The Selling of a President, which skewered Dick Nixon.

I only wish he had written about Sarah's affair with Curtis Menard Jr and the child that came out of that relationship...Track.

You know Sarah never followed through on her threat to sue Joe. I wonder if she will now that he is dead. Dead men can't defend themselves you know.

Thanks Joe for your patriotism. You will be missed.


  1. The Palins were never going to sue Mr. McGinniss. The truth would have come out and they couldn't afford that to happen.

  2. Hi SPHASH! Absolutely, we all owe Mr. McGinniss a huge debt of gratitude for exposing $arah for the compulsive liar and fraud that she is! As the poster above noted, there will never be a lawsuit over his book - his publisher's lawyers went over every single detail to verify authenticity! The palins are scared shitless to be deposed in a court of law; all the lies will come out of the closet! I firmly believe that "The Rogue" single-handedly quashed any future ambitions of that dim witted, simple idiot. R.I.P. Mr. McGinniss, "The Rogue" will stand the test of time!

  3. He was brave enough to expose that unethical loser and her entire family. Rest in peace Mr. McGinniss.

  4. He didn't expose anything except gossip. His work had no impact in the world regarding Sarah Palin. I am sorry that he died as a human and a father and a husband. As far as his book and anything to do with Palins he cut a behind the scenes deal and threw Tripp under the bus.

    1. There is a time, place, and occasion for everything.

      Learn it.

    2. From all of the emails it seems that Ms. Tripp simply could not, in a timely manner, provide him with the info that he needed to corroborate her story. In their linked email exchange above, Shailey kept asking him to do the leg work to try to retrieve the documentation to verify her story; that's not the way it works. If you have a sensational story to present to a journalist, YOU do the legwork and provide the documents, if not then don't be surprised when nothing gets written about you.

      Ms. Tripp said that she was waiting for resolution of her lawsuits with APD, National Enquirer and Todd Palin prior to releasing her documents for publication. Sounds like the onus is on her as to why her story was not included in "The Rogue". Firstly, she provided none of the available documentation, and that which she spoke of providing was tied up in court and unavailable until her pending legal matters were adjudicated. How is any of this Joe McGinniss's fault?

    3. I have to agree, 11:33 AM. As much as I want to see Tawd prosecuted to the fullest extent, this was all on Shailey.

    4. Joe McGinnis was one of the most accomplished investigative journalists in America. He dealt with hundreds, if not thousands of witnesses and probably hundreds of thousands of pieces of evidence over the course of his illustrious career. I believe we should defer to Joe's experience and judgement as to whether Shailey's story had a place in his book at the time it was ready to be published. Personally, I believe Shailey gave a massage to a lying, "pregnant" Sarah Palin. But given the implications of that story, Joe needed more than her word and her notes. Unfortunately, Shailey couldn't deliver.

  5. If Mr. McGinniss had never written a single word, he would have still made our world a better place.

    Look at his family.


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