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Monday, September 8, 2014

Levi and Bristol will have a settlement conference today

I hope the judge has seen this:


  1. What about when BitchyB tells Tripp to call Gino "Daddy" and weeks later when she throws Gino out of the car she tells Tripp she'll get him a new daddy?

    Or what about when BitchyB and Gino tried to force a terrified, bawling Tripp to race a stupid tiny snowmobile?

    At least WitchyW teaching him obscenities didn't make him cry.

  2. I hope the judge slaps down Brissy for being a self centered narcissist idiot, just like her mommy, the Tundra twit

  3. That last picture is simply OBSCENE. Bar$tool knew EXACTLY what $he was doing, when $he made him post like that, with the eggs in his hands in that position...

    The other one, where he is lying on all the candy... SMH. What a 'good mother' Bar$tool is! NOT!!!

  4. LevidumpedthepalinsSeptember 8, 2014 at 1:14 PM

    The top photo of Mrs Sunny Johnston makes me forget about all the others in this post. That young lady will save that child.

    1. Here's to hoping they prevail today!

  5. I wonder if the judge heard about Bristol's drunken rage this weekend where she ended up hitting someone. They know how to party in the valley. Wonder who was watching little Tripper while Brissy was throwing drunk punches.

  6. Well, the day is over and Sunny is business as usual and Bristol hasn't been telling any lies because she's been totally quiet.


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