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Friday, October 24, 2014

Every Obama "scandal" is dead so Sarah Palin keeps beating a dead horse..ISIS

From Hoohah's Fecebook page

The rise of ISIS is a monumental threat to everyone’s security made worse by Obama’s gross miscalculations about the rise of these Islamic terrorists who are hell-bent on raising the flag of Allah over our White House. He must listen to the experts on this issue of life and death for America and the world, and the experts have made that task easier for our Commander-in-Chief by explaining ISIS in detail in a new book titled “The Rise of ISIS.” Bristol wrote about it here; please see:

You can get a copy here:

Give it up Skanky


  1. Bristol's writing about ISIS? Is that a brand of facial beer?

  2. ISIS shmisis.
    Nothing more than Nancy French peddling her husband's book.
    Bristol doesn't know jack about middle eastern affairs.

  3. Nancy French is such a pathetic ass. Boom Boom is concerned about her 'thong' dress and her $300 shades. What type of fool thinks she is some type of expert on foreign policy or even cares? Did she even graduate from high school? What a crock of idiocy and self promotion. If 'pious' French wasn't a sociopath she would feel shame. The Palins attract these type of parasitic money-grubbing charlatans.

  4. At our house, ISIS has become synonymous with Darrel Issa lol. Every time some one brings up Benghazi...we lol and say oh you mean Darrel ISIS?


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