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Friday, October 3, 2014

October is National Downs Syndrome month

From the Down Syndrome of Greater St. Louis

Down Syndrome Awareness Month is chance to spread awareness, advocacy and inclusion throughout the community.  During the month of October, we celebrate  individuals with Down syndrome and make people aware of their abilities and accomplishments. And we have friends everywhere helping spread the word -thanks to St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay and Missouri Governor Jay Nixon officially proclaiming October as Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

So is Skanky going to honor Trig or do anything to promote and educate people about Down Syndrome?  I think not.

BTW who was watching Trig the night of the brawl?


  1. She hasn't done a thing yet. Why start now, right $arah?

  2. She'll start now, because she's being called on it. If we kept quiet, and just watched, she wouldn't do a damned thing. Then we could have gotten her Nov. 1. But you watch. By this evening she'll have a facebook post about how wonderfully blessed she is to have been entrusted with this gift of god that only she and tawd and the rest of her family could cherish, love, and adore. That he is a testament to how she knows god holds a special place for her and tawd because he gave Tri-g to them to raise up unto the lord.

    or some shit like that

  3. It's Down Syndrome. Not Downs.


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