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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Desperately seeking Bristol Palin

Mugshot Picture taken from Immoral Minority

I'm not posting the link to Brancy's blog but I will post the gist of what she said here:

She blasts President Obama for his comments about working mothers, she claims she gets up every morning to go to work in Anchorage, come home, and take care of Tripp.

I call utter bullshit on that.

She has never had a job, DWTS, Life's a Tripp, Wife Swap, and grifting do not count.  If she is so broke how come she can afford to lose a $300 pair of sunglasses at a drunken party?

No employer would allow anyone to take that much time off to appear on TV.

And if she is such a great parent, why did she bring Tripp to that drunken brawl?


  1. What? Usually when the Palins are lying about BitchyB they sneak in a mention of college or at least studying. Remember when BitchyB was enrolled to study nursing or whatnot? That's what Sarah said. And remember when BitchyB complained that she had to get up at 4 a.m. to get baby Tripp ready for his day?

    Now that he's almost six Tripp's old enough to ride around in cars with strange men at midnight so that Mommy can work rilly hard losing her sunglasses and shoes and hitting people and using foul language in public. Yep, BitchyB is such a hard worker. Her thongs work rilly hard also too.

  2. Bristol Palin is a non-entity. Her story is old and tired, and indicative of how pathetic she is to think that anyone gives a shit about her "vibrant" life.

  3. 5:40....
    That was a great comment.
    To be so dismissed must strike terror in the minds of Bristol and momma.

  4. If she had shown a shred of kindness, decency, intelligence, ability to grow, or empathy in any of her many public appearances, I would feel sorry for her. Her face is out of proportion and looks almost freakish with that unnatural jawline--there barely appears room for her bottom molars, she's had it so drastically sculpted. As she ages and/or puts on weight, it will look even more bizarre.

    And troll, to preempt you: I don't care what you think you know about Bristol behind closed doors. If she's so mature and wonderful and kind and good at parenting, why haven't we seen ANY of that in ANY of her public appearances, reality shows, etc., etc.? Yes, I realize reality shows are selective in their coverage, but "Life's a Tripp" was hours of boring mean girl, and the Palins had a lot of creative control and say about what aired. Surely if she were as amazing as you say, it would have shone through in at least ONE TV show or public appearance.

  5. Bristol and Willow fought like Palins and got their asses kicked by a 60-year-old woman who fought like a real girl.

    “I don’t want my face in a picture right now,” Bristol said. “There’s nothing on my face except for beer and makeup.” Yeah, right, no one suspects that lady senior citizen didn't give you a black eye and fat lip.

    Bristol may still be hiding from cameras because the bruises and scratches on her face aren't fully healed.

    Also, too, the Palins completely forgot there was no armed security guarding them that night, but they strutted around as if they had protection and got called out. The only Palin who didn't get an ass kicking was Sarah, who ran away and hid behind Tripp. Sarah only emerged from hiding after the police arrived and after her entire family took a beating.


  6. Bristol has Mommy's wonky eye, and a borrowed fake chin.


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