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Monday, March 31, 2014

From Christianity today

Update (Mar. 10): The full text of the ministry email revealing Gothard's resignation can be read here, courtesy of Homeschoolers Anonymous, which broke the news.
Update (Mar. 6): Bill Gothard has resigned from the Institute in Basic Life Principles, according to an affiliated ministry email obtained by Religion News Service (RNS).

The popular seminar speaker and his ministry had weathered moral and financial controversies, as well as scrutiny over his teachings, in the past. But recently a whistle-blowing website gathered accusations of sexual harassment from more than 30 women.

 One famous family from Bill's cult is the Duggar family of 19 Kids and Counting.  So far they have not said a word about Bill.  Josh Duggar's brother in law David Waller works at IBLP as an assistant to Bill.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

From Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary

The daughter of Republican VP Nominee Sarah Palin. She's a big neo-Nazi strumpet who's blatant unprotected vaginal corndoggery undermines her mother's fascist agenda for moral order.
Bristol Palin:
Country First! Condoms Second! 
 Sarah Palin
Heinous bitch who only got elected because she sucked McCain's dick.
That fatherfucker is such a Sarah Palin that I bet she gets it on with politicians to save face. Or to moisturize face. 

to become a rich kid cliche: forming secret societies, drinking underage, smoking pot, talking trash (esp on Facebook), feeling a sense of entitlement just because your family has (new) money.
The cops came and busted up the loud crazy party at the Martha's Vineyard beach house. They rounded up a bunch of Willow Palins.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Big surprise, Sarah Palin thinks President Obama is worse than Nixon

 From her Fecebook page:

Honest Souls in Media? Prove It. Ask Away.

Here’s a great article that pins these yahoo reporters to the mat. It could be considered funny, if it weren't so tragic, watching these crackerjack "journalists" still squirm around with their herd mentality to avoid the obvious. Their credibility is long gone. And they waste your time, America.

As the article's author asks, is there an honest soul among them? Here's a taste:

"Can any of you news hounds explain how what happened in Watergate was worse than anything this president has done? Work with me, Media Stars…it’s a serious question. Nixon had an enemies list. Obama publicly declared his desire to punish enemies and reward friends. Nixon went after whistleblowers like Ellsworth. Obama has prosecuted more administration personnel and journalists for divulging his secrets than any president in history. Nixon tried to get the IRS to hound his enemies. Obama successfully invited the IRS to persecute his. Nixon covered up the political break-in of a hotel office. Obama covered up the facts of the slaughter of an ambassador and three other Americans to protect his campaign. What did Nixon do that Obama didn’t do better and worse?"

And there's a lot more. See:

The article hits just a tip of the iceberg. If you've had enough, tap out. Take control and change the channel.

- Sarah Palin

Sarah honey, Benghazi and the IRS was proven to be much ado about nothing.  Why can't you realize that?  I know you have a drug problem but even Amy Winehouse acted more coherent than you, and she is dead. 

I have never heard of President Obama having journalists prosecuted for doing their jobs either.  That is news to me.

What are you going to do when President Obama leaves office on January 20, 2017?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Levi Johnston is still fighting for Tripp

From Politicalgates

 It's the next round in the newly opened custody trial between Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston, a case that the media chooses to ignore - for reasons we can only speculate about.  However, here at Politicalgates we are still more than happy to inform the public about the details of the legal proceedings, and the contents of the exchanged documents. After all, the trial could become far more exciting than some people might expect.
Being challenged with facts and hard-hitting legal arguments in court is obviously not the favourite activity of the Palin-camp, and that's probably why, in a rather bizarre move and apparent "pre-emptive strike", the Palin-camp in January this year leaked the false fact to the media that Levi lost the custody case - at a time when the newly opened case hadn't even begun.
However, now the new case is truly underway, and in two previous posts (here and here), we published the complete legal documents and the affidavits which have been submitted by Levi and Bristol so far. It has become more and more obvious that Bristol is now in a rather unfavourable situation, as Levi finally has excellent representation, a lawyer who really cares for Levi's interests, and who has discovered the weak points of Bristol Palin's legal argumentation.
The latest filing by Levi's lawyer Darryl L. Thompson is the most hard-hitting yet, and he really tears Bristol Palin's legal argumentation apart. The Palin-camp will not like that, as they don't really believe that laws apply to them. So far, Bristol's actions have made it abundantly clear that she regards Tripp as her private property.
But that's not what the law says. Only the "best interests of the child" are what matters.
As Mr. Thompson explains in the last paragraph:
 "Equal access to both of his parents in the interim would be practical and not detrimental to his best interests. Both parents are willing and capable of meeting all of Tripp's needs, there is mutual love between the child and both his parents, and he is too young to express a preference. Levi is now married and Tripp has a half sibling, and the case law requires the court to consider the desirability of fostering his relationship with Breeze, and the court by entering an order can cure the problems of lack of stable and consistent contact with his father and opens the door fully to fostering that loving relationship with his father and child."
  In the real world, anyone would understand that. In the world of the Palins, such words are treacherous, as there is a world out there which is divided into friends and enemies, and Levi doesn't belong to the first category. But that's what courts are for, after all - bringing the parties back to the realities of the situation.

Here is the latest filing by Levi's lawyer:
 This proves that Levi really is fighting for his son.  Suck it Butthole!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This has to sting...Sarah has a black co-host for her show

From the Sportsman Channel:

 Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor television for American sportsmen and women, announced that accomplished comedian and dramatic actor, Mark Christopher Lawrence is co-hosting Amazing America with Sarah Palin, the weekly series that will premiere April 3 at 8 p.m. ET.

Lawrence, a native of Compton, Calif., attended The University of Southern California and studied theatre.

Currently, a San Diego resident, Lawrence starred on Chuck for five seasons and has been seen as a guest star on many popular television shows throughout the years such as: Seinfeld, Murphy Brown, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Dharma & Greg and My Name is Earl.

Lawrence is the co-host of seven episodes of Amazing America with Sarah Palin and experiences heart-warming and unique stories that exemplify the American dream. Audiences will experience the life of a professional taxidermist and successful businessmen who are passionate for America and philanthropy – not to mention pastors racing cars and a father and son team of custom knives makers.

“This journey across America is truly rewarding,” offered Lawrence. “Every person we talked with was very giving of their time and happy to share their amazing experiences of the hard work and passion for adventure and the outdoors. The diversity of the stories will inspire viewers and bring laughter and joy.”

From what I have read, Mark Christopher Lawrence is a pretty good actor.  He'll have to be in order to make up for Sarah's gaffes, and believe me she will have more than a few.

Oh and Sarah I'm sure Mark is not interested in you.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A theory why Todd quit the Iron Dog

So Todd overbooked himself it looks like.  He made an appearance at the Iron Dog, ran back to Sarah's house to do filming for the Iditarod.

Really why would the Sportsman Channel choose Todd who has had nothing to do with the Iditarod to host a show on it.  Just because he is from Alaska doesn't mean he knows shit about it.  Oh that's right Sarah got him the job.

I'm going to start calling the Iditarod (which I hate anyway because it's abuse to animals, I also hate horse races) the Idiotrod.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sarah Palin takes another shot at the FLOTUS

From Fecebook:

“W.H. pastry chef quits: ‘I don’t want to demonize cream, butter, sugar and eggs’” I love this person.


If Sarah actually took the time to read the article the pastry chef wanted to spend more time with his HUSBAND.  He is actually going to be promoting more healthy living as well.  Had nothing to do with Mrs. Obama.  And his comment about demonizing cream, butter, sugar and eggs was tongue in cheek.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sarah is actually endorsing candidates now

She has endorsed Chris McDaniel, US Senate candidate from MS:

TW Shannon, US Senate candidate from OK, guess she has to get her token black

Ben Sasse, US Candidate from Nebraska, looks like one of those fundie homeschooling candidates

Unfortunately the Palin curse has hit early, Ben has been exposed as a hypocrite:

 Nebraska Republican Ben Sasse has built his Senate campaign on his opposition to Obamacare — but he once consulted for a firm that was working to implement it.

Sasse provided early “strategic advice” to former Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt’s health care consulting firm while the firm pitched itself to clients in early 2010 to help implement the Affordable Care Act. Sasse is listed, along with his photograph and biography, as a “senior advisor” under the heading “Leavitt Partners team” in PowerPoint presentations from April and May 2010 in which Leavitt’s firm sold its Obamacare expertise.

I'm thinking Sarah got in trouble from the FEC for her piddly campaign contributions so she needs to start actually supporting a few candidates, unline 1-2 a year like she used to.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Question for Todd and Sarah Palin

Sarah why have you not released Trig's birth certificate?

Todd have you ever been with or hung out with hookers in Anchorage?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Sarah is now going on PPV

 From Capital New York

Fox News contributor and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will be launching her own digital video channel, tentatively called “Rogue TV,” a source familiar with the project told Capital.

The channel will be available through Tapp, the digital video service founded by former CNN chief Jon Klein and former NBC Universal entertainment executive Jeff Gaspin. Subscriptions will cost $10 per month.
Rogue is expected to launch in April or May, and it would be one of the first of the digital channels offered
by Tapp.

Palin’s channel will feature video commentaries from the former Republican vice-presidential candidate, discussing current events and political issues.

“Think of it as a video version of her Facebook page,” the source said.

That said, Rogue is also expected to feature footage of Palin and her family in Alaska, much as the 2010 TLC reality series, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” did. (TLC’s parent company, Discovery Communications, is an investor in Tapp.)

It will also have advice and guidance from Palin, such as tips for parents and recipes. There are also tentative plans to have subscribers engage in regular video chats with Palin.

Representatives for Tapp did not respond to a request for comment on the plans.

Palin’s large social media presence (four million Facebook fans, one million Twitter followers) is probably a big factor in Tapp’s recruitment of her. She may not have a daily radio or talk show, but she clearly has loyal fans.

The New York Post reported early this week that Palin was approached by Gaspin and Klein, but that she hadn’t committed to doing the channel for Tapp. In fact, our source says, production has already started on her channel, and she has recorded a number of segments.

Palin is currently a contributor to Fox News Channel, after re-joining the cable network last June. She also hosts a reality show for The Sportsman Channel called “Amazing America.” Rogue is a different beast, however, with daily updates, focusing on more personal messages. It isn’t clear whether Rogue would affect either of Palin's existing deals.

The addition of Palin raises questions about what sort of content Tapp channels will feature.
 The W.W.E. and Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze have confirmed that subscription digital-video products can be good business. But the wrestling company has decades of archival video and hours of original content each week to fill its channel, and TheBlaze has hours of original content every day, including shows hosted by people other than Glenn Beck. Both also hew to high production values in their products. In other words, successful implementations of the business model have also demonstrated a significant commitment of time from talent—and money from the backers—in the long run.
What other talent Tapp is lining up has not yet been revealed, but we hear that Tapp has been casting a wide net, seeking out both political personalities like Palin, as well as entertainment and lifestyle personalities.

The company’s website paints a picture of what to expect, with a word-cloud featuring topics like “paranormal,” “faith,” “relationships,” “fantasy sports” and “science.”

I wonder if this means FOX is done with her.

I'm pretty sure Sarah is only going to have 4 people sign up:

Joe Sheppard
Shelly Dankert
Florida troller

At $40/month that is not enough hush money.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Piper Palin is a teenager now

Enjoy your birthday Piper!  Hope your parents pay some attention to you.  Oh and I apologize to you for forgetting you in your mother's birth to 50 time line last month.

Seriously though for a 13 year old girl Piper has already been sexualized.  Here she is being touched by Rush Limbaugh.  Eww!

Here she is wearing shorts way too short for her:

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I actually agree with Rachel Canning, somewhat

Rachel is the little brat who moved out of her parents house and sued them for support.


Canning, 18, posted a comment about her situation on her official Education For Rachel Facebook account, relating it to Bristol Palin's teen pregnancy using a photo of her famous mother.

"Rachel is being treated the same way Bristol Palin was treated when her dreams of going to college to get a nursing degree were cut short by her teen pregnancy at age 17," the Facebook post stated.  "It looks like parents nowadays would try to find any excuse to give up their parenting responsibilities."

 The comment is a direct jab at Bristol's mother, Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin.  Canning argues her parents should be financially responsible for her education even after she turned 18-years-old. 

According to The New York Daily News, Canning claims she left he parent's home because she dealt with verbal abuse from her mother and inappropriate affection from her father.  However, her parents claim she left on her own volition after telling their daughter she had rules to abide by while living in their home.

"We love our child and miss her," Sean Canning, Rachel's father, told USA Today about the case. "This is terrible. It's killing me and my wife. We have a child we want home. We're not Draconian and now we're getting hauled into court. She's demanding that we pay her bills, but she doesn't want to live at home and she's saying, 'I don't want to live under your rules.'"

Canning appeared in court on March 4 to ask a judge for emergency financial support while the legal proceedings went on.   The judge denied Canning's request for funds from her parents to pay her private school education.

"Do we want to establish a precedent where parents live in basic fear of establishing rules of the house?"
Bogaard asked the courtroom during hearing, the Daily News reports.

The Canning family is due back in court on April 22.

Since then the judge has thrown out Rachel's lawsuit, and she has moved back in with Mommy and Daddy.

I do agree with Rachel that Sarah Palin is a shitty mother, but not for the same reasons.

Sarah made her family political props.  She also neglected her kids when they were younger farming them out to relatives to raise.  However Bristol never had any intention of going to college.  According to Sadie they were trying to get pregnant , which is bad parenting on Sarah's part.

I think Sarah still supports Bristol at the age of 23, in the terms of hush money.

Monday, March 17, 2014



government by the worst persons; a form of government in which the worst persons are in power. 
The city of Wasilla was a  Kakistocracy from 1996-99.

The state of Alaska was a Kakistocracy from 2006-2009.

And the United State would have been a Kakistocracy if McCain had been elected president and died while in office.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fred Phelps near death

According to Nathan Phelps's Facebook page Fred is in hospice: I’ve learned that my father, Fred Phelps, Sr., pastor of the “God Hates Fags” Westboro Baptist Church, was ex-communicated from the “church” back in August of 2013. He is now on the edge of death at Midland Hospice house in Topeka, Kansas.
I’m not sure how I feel about this. Terribly ironic that his devotion to his god ends this way. Destroyed by the monster he made.
I feel sad for all the hurt he’s caused so many. I feel sad for those who will lose the grandfather and father they loved. And I’m bitterly angry that my family is blocking the family members who left from seeing him, and saying their good-byes.

This may be the reason Sarah and Bristol Palin got on the best sellers list

From the LA Times

Every author wants a bestselling book -- and those who can pay for the services of ResultSource Inc. just might get one. The company describes itself as "a boutique marketing firm that works with today’s thought leaders to build bestsellers," which it has.

In 2013, the Wall Street Journal talked with authors of two books who paid thousands of dollars to ResultSource and subsequently landed on the Journal's own bestseller list. "Precisely how [ResultSource] goes about [its business] is unclear," Jeffrey Trachtenberg wrote.

Now, a new report about the sales numbers for "Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together" by evangelical pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife, Grace, reveals some details of how ResultSource gets books on bestseller lists. Driscoll heads Mars Hill Church, a megachurch in Seattle.

The church paid an estimated $210,000 to ResultSource to make "Real Marriage" a bestseller, according to a document obtained by World Magazine, a Christian periodical. Warren Cole Smith writes in World that the magazine obtained an agreement between ResultSource and Driscoll's Mars Hill Church that was signed by representatives of both in October 2011.

According to the article, the contract was for ResultSource "to conduct a bestseller campaign for your book, 'Real Marriage' on the week of January 2, 2012. The bestseller campaign is intended to place 'Real Marriage' on the New York Times bestseller list for the Advice How-to list."

"Real Marriage" topped the New York Times' hardcover advice bestseller list on Jan. 22, 2012. The following week, it was gone.

The spike onto a bestseller list and then disappearance -- as opposed to an up-and-down arc, or a high debut followed by a decline -- can indicate something other than typical consumer book-buying behavior.

The report in World reveals what ResultSource did to get "Real Marriage" on the list. First, it bought a lot of books all at once. "RSI will be purchasing at least 11,000 total orders in one-week," the agreement states.

Then the company went to great lengths to make that purchase of 11,000 books appear to be made by individuals or small groups, according to the article.

The World's report continues, "The contract called for the 'author' to 'provide a minimum of 6,000 names and addresses for the individual orders and at least 90 names and address [sic] for the remaining 5,000 bulk orders. Please note that it is important that the makeup of the 6,000 individual orders include at least 1,000 different addresses with no more than 350 per state.'"

Measures like these are designed to game the systems set in place by BookScan and other book sales talliers to protect the integrity of their bestseller lists.

"Stringent rules and controls exist to help validate consumer sales, and confirmed bulk sales are always flagged and pulled from BookScan's bestseller-chartmaking process," Jonathan Stolper, general manager of Nielsen BookScan, told the Wall Street Journal in 2012.

After getting thousands of names with geographic diversity, RSI took another step to place "Real Marriage" on bestseller lists, according to the World article. The agreement specifies, "RSI will use its own payment systems (ex. gift cards to ensure flawless reporting). Note: The largest obstacle to the reporting system is the tracking of credit cards. RSI uses over 1,000 different payment types (credit cards, gift cards, etc)."

Seattle's The Stranger has focused on the estimated $210,000 in church funds paid in fees and book purchases that gave "Real Marriage" its one-week bestseller run. "Would churchgoing Christians really consider this to be the best possible use of Mars Hill funds?" the alternative weekly asks.,0,7039368.story#ixzz2vO2NsVgh

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Could this happen in the US if the rightwingers have their way?

From Jerusalem Post

 The King of Saudi Arabia is keeping four of his daughters captive in his grand palace, their mother told the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), the Sunday Times reported Sunday.

Alanoud Alfaye, the ex-wife of Saudi King Abdullah said that her daughters are "imprisoned, held against their will, cut off from the world."

The kings daughters have been imprisoned for 13 years. Their half-brother was reportedly put in charge of them by the king and he monitors them, giving them permission to leave the palace only to bring groceries.

Alfaye wrote to the UN's human rights agency, asking them to intervene, the newspaper reported.

Alfayez married the ruler, who has 38 children by a number of wives, when she was 15-years-old. He was in his 40s and together they had four daughters. They eventually divorced.

Two of the sisters, princesses Sahar, 42, and Jawaher, 38, wrote in an e-mail to the Sunday Times that their two other sisters, Hala, 39 and Maha, 41, were also living secluded in the compound but separate from them. 

"We slowly watch each other fading away into nothingness," they said, adding that their sister Hala had told them "that her mind is slipping away ... that the life is being sucked out of her," they wrote.

Under Saudi law, King Abdullah has the right to force his daughters to stay inside the palace, as he is legally allowed to limit their travel. All females must have a male guardian, usually a father, brother or a husband.

The guardian must approve many aspects of their lives, including travel.

The scary thing is King Abdullah is supposedly a liberal.   If he is a liberal I hate to think what a conservative over there thinks.

Personally I think this is what Ted Cruz wants.  be elected president that lay down his version of Christianity which is similar to many Middle Eastern Countries.  Women have no rights.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sarah must be broke now

From Sarah's Fecebook page:

 For those who followed us in our travels during the One Nation Tour and “Sarah Palin's Alaska” TV show in our Country Coach Lexa, we want to say thanks for sharing the memories.

We're downsizing from our beautiful one-of-a-kind Lexa to a
smaller class 'C' motor home that "Grandma Sarah" feels more comfortable driving. She loves to drive and really admires those hardcore lady RVers who maneuver their rigs and even haul trailers behind, but Sarah humbly admits there must be a better way than her white-knuckling on the highways behind the wheel of our Lexa. A smaller rig may do the trick for her.

There's no better way to see this great country than a road trip! It's our favorite. If you're interested in this fun bus, know that it comes with a lot of great American memories and the new owners can create their own.

Here’s the link:

I don't believe this bullshit for a second.

Me thinks that SarahPac donations are wayyyyyyyyyy down and the feds are closing in on her. 

I doubt it is legal for Sarah to tell her bus at a profit either when it's SarahPac property.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thanks Joe

Joe McGinnis 1942-2014

As you all aware by now Joe McGinnis passed away on Monday of complications from Prostate cancer.

This country owes Joe a debt of gratitude for his book The Rogue. Joe moved to Alaska for serveral months away from his family, interviewed many people, dealt with harassment and death threats and lived to tell about it. In my opinion Joe singlehandedly destroyed any presidential aspirations Sarah Palin had, with his expose of her...drug use, adultery, poor parenting, throwing frienemies under the bus, poor work ethic.

Joe was also famous for his book The Selling of a President, which skewered Dick Nixon.

I only wish he had written about Sarah's affair with Curtis Menard Jr and the child that came out of that relationship...Track.

You know Sarah never followed through on her threat to sue Joe. I wonder if she will now that he is dead. Dead men can't defend themselves you know.

Thanks Joe for your patriotism. You will be missed.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sarah Palin plagarizes from a liberal-Update

From the Daily Beast

As the last speaker at CPAC, former reality television star Sarah Palin read a bedtime story to attendees at the conservative conference
Former reality television star Sarah Palin used the stage at CPAC to deliver a scattered, rambling speech which included her sequel to the Dr. Seuss classic, "Green Eggs and Ham."

The episode began when Palin, who finished 13th in the presidential straw poll at CPAC with 2% of the vote, thanked the state of Texas for producing Senator Ted Cruz. "Texas, thank you!" She roared to the packed crowd. "Thank you, Texas, because liberty needs a Congress on Cruz-control."

Palin took out a copy of "Green Eggs and Ham," reminding the audience of Sen. Cruz's famous reading on the House floor during the government shutdown debate. "Little Trig, lucky little fella," she said. "His bedtime story goes something like this." She paused and smiled knowingly.

I do not like this, Uncle Sam.
I do not like this healthcare scam.
I do not like these dirty crooks
Or how they lie and cook the books
I do not like when Congress steals
I do not like their crony deals
I do not like 'oh yes, we can'
I do not like this spending spree
We're smart, we know nothing's free
I do not like reporters' smug replies
When I complain about their lies
I do not like this kind of hope
And we won't take it
Nope, nope, nope!


This was posted on the Free Republic site about 4 years ago:

I do not like this Uncle Sam, I do not like his health care scam.
I do not like these dirty crooks, or how they lie and cook the books.
I do not like when Congress steals, I do not like their secret deals.
I do not like this speaker Nan, I do not like this YES, WE CAN.
I do not like this spending spree – I’m smart, I know that nothing’s free.
I do not like your smug replies, when I complain about your lies.
I do not like this kind of hope. I do not like it. Nope, nope, nope!

Sarah can't you do something original without a ghostwriter.  Oh that's right you can't.

I'm sure your boyfriend Ted Cruz doesn't appreciate you riffing his Dr. Seuss schtick either.

Here is a good op-ed on the Righwingers channeling Dr. Seuss.

BTW Dr. Seuss was a liberal.  bet none of you dumshits knew that.

Update-Fact checking Sarah's lies at CPAC (not hard to do)

From USA Today

Sarah Palin told her fellow conservatives at the Conservative Political Action Conference that "there are more uninsured today than when Obama began all of this," referring to the Affordable Care Act. But there is no evidence of that.

Annual Census surveys show the percentage of uninsured Americans in 2010, when the ACA became law, was 16.3%. It dropped to 15.7% in 2011 and 15.4% in 2012. Gallup surveys show the percentage of uninsured Americans hit a five-year low in the first two months of this year.

The former Alaska governor gave the closing speech Saturday evening at CPAC, a three-day affair hosted annually by the American Conservative Union. Palin brought the confab to a "rousing finish," as the conservative Newsmax put it, attacking both Democrats and establishment Republicans.

The 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee saved some of her sharpest barbs (beginning at about the 22 minute mark) for the man, President Obama, who defeated her and her running mate, Arizona Sen. John McCain, six years ago.

Palin, March 8: This is the guy who promised to provide for the sick, but there are more uninsured today than when Obama began all of this.

It is too early to determine the full impact of the ACA, but the fact is that the percentage of uninsured Americans has been on the decline since the law took effect — and, conversely, the percentage of the insured has increased. Congressional budget experts project that the law will reduce the number of the uninsured by 13 million by the end of this year.

The Census Bureau's annual Current Population Survey shows 16.3% of Americans were without health insurance in 2010, when the law took effect. Since then, the rate has fallen to 15.7% in 2011 and 15.4% in 2012. (The raw numbers have gone down, too, from 50 million uninsured in 2010 to 48 million in 2012.)

As for the state of the "uninsured today," which was Palin's time frame, Gallup regularly conducts a survey called the Well-Being Index of more than 28,000 Americans. On March 10, Gallup issued a press release on its latest survey that carried the headline, "U.S. Uninsured Rate Continues to Fall." The survey, which covered Jan. 2 to Feb. 28, shows the percentage of uninsured Americans hit a new five-year low at 15.9%, down from 17.1% in the final quarter of 2013.

By the end of 2014, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates the law will reduce the number of uninsured Americans by 13 million people. The report (see table B2) says there will be 25 million fewer uninsured Americans in 2024 because of the law.

The Medicaid expansion and the subsidized (and nonsubsidized) policies sold on the health care exchanges did not take effect until January of this year, and there isn't any good data yet on how many uninsured Americans have gained coverage through the exchanges. We have written that the law's supporters have overstated the effect of the exchanges in covering the previously uninsured. But there's no doubt that the Medicaid expansion and the exchanges will extend coverage to millions of uninsured. And other provisions have already helped Americans gain coverage. For example, the provision that allows young adults to stay on their parents' insurance policies until age 26 took effect Sept. 23, 2010, extending insurance to about 3.1 million young people who otherwise would not have been covered.

The evidence simply does not support Palin's claim that "there are more uninsured today than when Obama began all of this."

Monday, March 10, 2014

Even the peebots are becoming concerned about Sarah Palin's health

Jennifer FosterSarah Palin, I saw you on Sean Hannity's show last night and hope you are feeling alright. I am concerned about your health.15 minutes ago

Judy WilloxSarah, I have seen you lately not looking so well. I hope all is well with you. Are you alright? I care ya know.

Amy ColvinSarah doesn't look well....whats happening to her???2 · 2 hours agoDouglas BarnettI'M SORRY TO SAY... SARAH IS STARTING TO SHOW SOME (took its toll) AGE...SHE HAS BEEN THROUGH SOME TOUGH TIMES...but SHE KEEPS SLUGGING.....LOVE THE LADY!!!2 hours ago. al LinkSarah, this is not your best hair do.1 hour ago. L

Lynda BornhoeftLove ya Sarah, but don't like your hair color....sorry4 hours ago

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I've been trying to ban the Florida troll but she keeps coming back

For the past week I have been banning the Florida troll but she keeps coming back with a proxy IP.  Any help out there would be appreciated.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Why are Republicans and conservatives so damn ugly and sleazy looking?

Michele Bachmann
Steve Lonegan

Ted Nugent

Phil Robertson
Joe Miller
Ron Paul
George Bush Jr.
Roger Ailes
Rush Limbaugh
Rick Perry
Mitt Romney
Chris Christie
Schaeffer Cox
Sarah Palin
Newt Gingrich
Chuck Heath
Koch brothers
John McCain
Paul Ryan

Friday, March 7, 2014

Palin crotch sniffer Joe Sheppard is retiring

From the Recovering Liberal

This will be the last post for this site and my Governor Palin commentary site 

After 6 years of activism for the conservative point of view, and especially having had the honor of discussing Governor Palin I am retiring. I have had a lifetime of political activity at various levels, an have been a published author on political economy, a president of a political party I well know that there comes a time when the field should be left to those who are younger.

I don't regret a moment of my spirited support for Governor Palin and in another age, and  in a young mind and body, my support for George McGovern! I was right then and am right now as history showed and will show.

I am dedicating my time to promoting my wife's new book; 
LINK:   "The Shining Hours"    

and am undertaking a work of my own which experience has shown has to have full dedication. As for Governor Palin, I made it clear that this site was always about promoting her as the GOP nominee but, if circumstances or her own decision precluded that, the title of this blog could just as well be "Palin in The Presidency 2016" as it is her ideas and ideals that are at the core of my support which ideals transcend the person. I set this out some time ago in a post reproduced below.

 I will leave the two sites up as I note that many people search for and read the older articles, and there are some university studies that show Governor Palin was a plus for the McCain campaign which can be of value to rebut critics.

To the +700,000 people of goodwill who viewed the two sites my sincere thanks and to those, and of course to Governor Palin and her family I extend my best wishes and regards

Palin-ism In the Presidency
Subsequent to the Los Angeles Times major article proposing Sarah Palin as "the Cure" for the GOP and it's suggestion that Palin may be an ideal candidate for 2016
there have been howls of derision from the left.
That is to be expected in Los Angeles of course, the unexpected however was the article itself. Amongst the huge number of leftist criticisms was a recurring theme that has been running for two years now. It has numerous variants, but in sum if runs along these lines "Palin is an egotist/She will drag out the "will she won't she" run game for four years whilst getting suckers to send her money" and suchlike.

Leaving aside that the decision to run for president is a momentous one, not only for a candidate but for their family.
As Palin knows, probably more than anyone. A merciless and unfair blowtorch is immediately focused on the candidate and anyone associated with them. Thus if Palin takes a long time to come to a decision, only a poltroon would condemn her for that.
The arrogance of the left is such that they consider that anyone who supports Sarahpac financially is a dumb sucker.
Obviously Palin supporters are well aware she may not run when they send money to Sarahpac. They do know that the money will go towards supporting candidates for office that Palin approves of. They also know it will not go towards "supporting Palin's extravagant lifestyle" and other such childish leftist idiocies.
Those who support Palin obviously would like her to run, but we obviously know that she may not.When we support her, in the media, or financially, or on the ground when her chosen candidates run we are supporting Palin-ism. Obviously we would like to see Palin-ism put in to effect by Palin herself, but if that is not to be, then seeing it effected by people she supports will also do. For us it is money and time well spent.

The leftist cynics can simply go to hell.

I addressed this matter before the Los Angeles Times article and reproduce it below as a supplement to the new commentary above.

This site is not absolutely about Sarah Palin regardless of the Blog title. Of course I, and I am sure a massive number of others, judging by her Facebook followers being over 3 million, would wish her to run in 2016.

But Palin is only one person, and a person with massive family commitments, especially with Trig of course. It may be that she has developed a taste for the freedom from financial constraints and from media criticism worries, and is happy to enjoy the rest of her life in comfort and ease.

If so, good for her. Surely nobody else in public life has endured the slings and arrows of outrageous leftism over the last four years and would be entitled to such a respite as her skills and endurance has gained for her.

There are of course many options for public involvement open to her. She will be in demand as public speaker for some time yet as an historic figure at least.

The currently Dem. held Alaskan senate seat is up for election in 2016, and of course she can continue endorsing and campaigning for candidates she considers it important to do so. Her influence as an endorser is undiminished as e.g Ted Cruz in Texas will testify.

But even if none of these options appeal to her (which I doubt) this blog would change from Palin4President2016 to "Palinism In The Presidency 2016". No matter how great or influential and correct a person's political, social and economic  ideas and ideals are, they will outlive their originator if they have lasting value.

The "common sense conservatism" policies that Sarah Palin espouses and exemplifies, are lasting if not timeless and will be her legacy no matter what her personal future holds. An outline of  what she, and this site stands for are

Hey Joe my blog has been up for just over three years and I have close to 1,000,000 visitors.  And that is ONE blog.  Your blogs have been up for six years and between the two of them only 700,000 visitors?  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I think Joe has realized he has been had and has to cover his ass. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Look who's coming back to CPAC!

From Politico

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference next month, according to a report.

“We are pleased to again welcome Governor Sarah Palin to CPAC in March,” ACU Chairman Al Cardenas said in a statement to Breitbart News on Tuesday. “Governor Palin electrified the crowd in 2013, and we are thrilled to welcome her back this year.”

CPAC, a showcase for possible GOP presidential candidates in 2016, will take place March 6-8 at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center just outside D.C. Other speakers will include Rep. Paul Ryan, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Ted Cruz of Texas, and Marco Rubio of Florida, and former Pennsylvania Rep. Rick Santorum.

No Peebots, Joe Sheppard, and Krusty Sarah is not using CPAC as a springboard for 2016.  Her shelf life expired November 5, 2008.