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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Why Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has to go

As expected Sarah Palin makes an ass out of herself in Joplin

From The Joplin Globe

When Sarah Palin was told her child would have Down syndrome, her doctor gave her a book. But Palin couldn’t open it because she wasn’t sure she was equipped to handle it.

She remembered asking her husband, “Why us?”

His response: “Why not us?”

Palin spoke Thursday night to a filled Taylor Performing Arts Center on the Missouri Southern State University campus. Her talk was part of an informational and fundraising event for LifeChoices Health Network, which spent the night marking its 25th anniversary.

Mixing her talk with jokes, her political thoughts and various anecdotes, the former Alaskan governor and vice presidential nominee spoke about having a child with Down syndrome, as well as about her daughter Bristol’s pregnancy.

“It’s not a story; it’s a chapter of my life,” she said.

She reflected on being 12 weeks pregnant and having an ultrasound when the technician told her the baby’s neck was a bit thicker than normal. At the time, Palin was told there was a good chance things would be just fine.

Later, however, when the doctor performed more tests, Palin found out her child would have Down syndrome.

At the time, she wasn’t sure she could handle it, she said. She was busy being the governor, chairing a board and taking care of four other children. About that time, her daughter Bristol announced that she was pregnant.

I think I will spare all of you and now post any video.  I just watched it and now I have a headache.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Congrats to the Clintons!


Bill and Hillary Clinton are grandparents. The couple’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, has given birth to her first child, a daughter named Charlotte.

Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of the former president and ex-secretary of state, announced the baby’s birth on Twitter and Facebook early Saturday, saying she and husband Marc Mezvinsky are ‘‘full of love, awe and gratitude as we celebrate the birth of our daughter, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky.’’

Clinton spokesman Kamyl Bazbaz said the child was born on Friday but did not immediately provide additional details. The couple lives in New York City. The Clintons quickly retweeted their daughter’s message on Twitter but did not immediately comment on the baby’s arrival.

The baby arrives as Hillary Clinton deliberates on whether to seek the White House in 2016, a decision that could put her on a path to becoming the nation’s first female president. Clinton is the leading Democratic contender to succeed President Barack Obama, her former 2008 campaign rival, and has said she expects to make a decision around the beginning of next year.
The baby has been eagerly anticipated as Hillary Clinton considers her political future — she has called the prospect of becoming a grandmother her ‘‘most exciting title yet.’’ She even has picked out the first book she intends to read to her grandchild, the classic ‘‘Goodnight Moon.’’

She has said she didn’t want to make any decisions about another campaign until the baby’s arrival, pointing to her interest in enjoying becoming a grandmother for the first time. If Clinton decides to run for president, her campaign would coincide with the baby’s first two years.

The former president has been eager to become a grandfather. During an event with former President George W. Bush in September, Mr. Clinton’s cell phone rang on stage and he joked that only two people had the number ‘‘and they are related to me,’’ musing that he hoped he wasn’t becoming ‘‘a premature grandfather.’’

‘‘Every day I get up and I say, ‘You have to remember whose child this is. Do not interfere. Be there when you are welcome. Be loving but not judgmental,’’ Clinton said to laughs in an interview with CNN at his annual Clinton Global Initiative, only days before the baby’s arrival.

Even Obama got into the act. Addressing the annual Clinton confab, Obama quipped if Chelsea Clinton went into labor during his speech, ‘‘she has my motorcade and will be able to navigate traffic.’’

The 34-year-old Chelsea Clinton said in an interview with Glamour magazine last year that she and her husband had hoped to make 2014 ‘‘the year of the baby.’’ She announced her pregnancy in April at the end of a forum in New York on female empowerment.

‘‘I just hope I will be as good a mom to my child and, hopefully, children as my mom was to me,’’ she said at the time.

Chelsea Clinton grew up in the public eye as a teenager in the White House, later graduating from Stanford and Columbia universities. She worked in finance in New York and in public health, earning a doctorate from Oxford University.

She serves as vice chair of her family’s foundation, which was renamed the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, and helps direct the organization’s humanitarian and philanthropic efforts around the globe. She recently departed NBC News, where she served as a special correspondent.
The new parents, who married in 2010, were friends as teenagers in Washington and both attended Stanford. Mezvinsky is a hedge fund manager and the son of former Reps. Majorie Margolies of Pennsylvania and Edward Mezvinsky of Iowa, longtime friends of the Clintons.

Congrats Chelsea and Marc!  This baby like her parents will be brought up right.  You can be damned sure she won't do the following:

Slash tires
Break into houses and vandalize them
Have a baby out of wedlock
Do drugs
drink underage
punch someone out
run around wild at an adult party
Quit school

And her grandparents will make sure of that too.  Unlike certain grandparents who:

Spend more time at church than raising their kids
Make crude comments about kids losing their underwear
Were knocked up before marriage

Sarah Palin spoke at, guess this The Values Voters Summit!-Update

From the Values Voters Summit page

Naghmeh Abedini
Wife of Pastor Saeed Abedini

Rep. Michele Bachmann
U.S. House (R-Minn.)

Gary Bauer
President, American Values

Glenn Beck
#1 NY Times Best-Selling Author, host of the Glenn Beck Radio Program and Founder of TheBlaze, a multi-platform news, information and entertainment network

Jason & David Benham
Founders, Benham Companies

Dr. Bill Bennett
Best-selling Author and Host, "Morning in America"

Ryan Bomberger
Co-founder of The Radiance Foundation

Gen. William Boykin
(U.S. Army-Ret.), Former Commander, Delta Force

David Brat

Rep. Jim Bridenstine
U.S. House (R-Okla)

Gen. James Conway
(U.S. Marines-Ret.) Former 34th Commandant of the Marine Corps

Roma Downey & Mark Burnett
Film Directors

Sen. Ted Cruz

Major General Bob Dees
(U.S. Army-Ret.)

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar
TLC's 19 Kids & Counting

Erick Erickson
Editor, RedState

Gov. Mary Fallin

Rep. John Fleming

Rep. Trent Franks

Brigitte Gabriel
Journalist and Author

The Green Family
Founder, Hobby Lobby

Rep. Vicky Hartzler

Gov. Mike Huckabee
Host, "Huckabee"

Meriam Ibrahim
+ Photo Credit: Daniele Leone/Lapresse/ZUMA Press/Newscom

Laura Ingraham
Syndicated Columnist

Bishop E.W. Jackson
Founder & President, S.T.A.N.D.

Craig James
Assistant to the President, FRC

Gov. Bobby Jindal

Jason Jones
Movie to Movement

Rep. Jim Jordan

Aaron & Melissa Klein
Owners, Sweet Cakes

Mark Levin
Host, The Mark Levin Show

David Limbaugh

Dr. Neal McCluskey
Assoc. Dir., Center for Educational Freedom, Cato Institute

Rep. Mark Meadows

Lt. Col. Oliver North
Syndicated Columnist

Gov. Sarah Palin
Former Governor of Alaska

Star Parker
Author and President of CURE

Sen. Rand Paul

Tony Perkins
President, Family Research Council and FRC Action

Sandy Rios
Host, Sandy Rios in the Morning on AFR Talk

Alan Robertson
Duck Dynasty

Rick Santorum
Founder, Patriot Voices

Sen. Tim Scott

Kelly Shackelford
President, Liberty Institute

Rep. Chris Smith

Todd Starnes
FOX News

Mat Staver
Chairman, Liberty Counsel

Rep. Frank Wolf

I guess values to this group of idiots include:

Having white outs (looking at you Skanky)
getting into drunken brawls
child neglect
lying (looking at all of you)
constantly knocking up your wife (looking at you Duggars)
lack of education (Duggars again)
sex before marriage
married to a woman who shacked up with an abortion dr. (Rick Santorum)

For some reason when I wrote this post earlier it didn't post on the 26th like it should have and and posted until the 27th.  I didn't catch it until this morning and of course it is too late now.  I apologize for the error.  I hate autopost.   This is why I am considering going to wordpress.  Blogspot just plains sucks.

Anyway Skanky spoke at the summit and spewed her usual word salad.  Unfortunately she made a grievous error:

 Although 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue may be the most famous address in the country, that doesn’t mean everyone remembers it.

At the Value Voters Summit today in Washington, D.C, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who was the Republican nominee for vice president in 2008, mistakenly referred to the White House as being located at “1400 Pennsylvania Avenue.”

“Don’t retreat. You reload with truth, which I know is an endangered species at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue, anyway truth,” Palin said. “The media’s favorite president. He just can’t stop telling lies.”

 It doesn’t appear that a 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue NW actually exists–but the closest thing is the Willard Hotel, which is located at 1401 Pennsylvania Ave NW.
At one point in the speech, Palin also gave President Obama a salute with a Styrofoam cup, playing off the president’s “latte salute” to Marines as he walked off Marine One earlier this week.
“Our honored military when we talk about these nationals security issues, our honored military. On behalf of all Americans who do support you and we honor you. We respect you. On behalf of all Americans who feel like I do, to your commander in chief, well we then will salute him,” Palin said as she pulled out a Styrofoam cup and waved it in the air. “Still hasn’t learned how to salute our Marines.”

Of course this isn't the first time a POTUS has mis-saluted: