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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sarah Palin is obsessed with penises

Sarah posted this picture on Fecebook while she was in Minnesota:

Here is a close up in case you can't see:

Sarah has always used sexual jargon when attacking President Obama and people who disagree with her...limp, impotent, cojones, man up, big stick, Todd's got the gun.

This is a case of her being sexually abused or maybe even sexually repressed.

Either way she is not a well woman.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fuck you Dumbya!


Former President George W. Bush reportedly delivered his toughest publicized criticisms of President Barack Obama at a closed-door meeting in Las Vegas Saturday night.

The former commander in chief, who has been reluctant to criticize Obama since leaving the White House, said he feared his successor is naive about Iran and may be putting the United States in a position of retreat around the world,Bloomberg News reported.

According to Bush, Obama’s plan to lift sanctions on Iran —with the caveat that they can be reinstated at any time — is not reasonable. He also thinks the controversial deal could have long-term negative repercussions for U.S. national security and the stability of the region.

“You think the Middle East is chaotic now? Imagine what it looks like for our grandchildren,” he said. “That’s how Americans should view the deal.”

Bloomberg View, the editorial division of the news agency, obtained a transcript of Bush’s remarks to donors at the Republican Jewish Coalition session at the Venetian Hotel.

The hotel and casino’s owner — Sheldon Adelson, a business magnate with an estimated net worth of $29 billion and a major Republican Party donor — was in attendance.

Bush also criticized his successor’s handling of the turmoil in Iraq. Quoting South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, he said Obama’s decision to withdraw American soldiers from the war-torn country in 2011 was a “strategic blunder.”

The Texas Republican, who sees the Islamic State as the “second act” of al-Qaida, said that Obama never developed a complete strategy for defeating the terrorists, despite promising to destroy them.

“In order to be an effective president … when you say something, you have to mean it,” he said. “You gotta kill ’em.”

Leaving the ballroom, guests told the New York Times that Bush also conceded that he could be a roadblock on his brother Jeb Bush’s path to the White House.

“He essentially said people don’t want dynasties in America,” attendee Elise Weingarten said.

The event at the Italian-themed hotel and casino was supposed to be off the record; a no-notes policy was announced at the beginning, according to the Times.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said it appears Bush did not intend to violate his own policy of not publicly criticizing Obama because the evening was in an ostensibly private setting.

“At the same time, he didn’t renounce his ability or his right to share his views on a range of issues, including foreign policy,” he said at a White House briefing on Monday. “As a former president of the United States, he is somebody who’s spent a lot of time thinking about these issues and he certainly is entitled to share those views in public or in private with whomever he likes.”

According to Earnest, it should come as no surprise to anybody in the briefing room that Bush might have differences with Obama when it comes to foreign policy.

“In the minds of many people, it’s the principal reason that President Obama is sitting in the Oval Office right now,” he added.

Earnest also noted that al-Qaida was not in Iraq prior to Bush’s decision to establish a significant American military presence in the country.

Of course Ari Fleishcher Dumbya's mouthpiece comes to his defense:

While the former president offered a stark contrast to Obama's foreign policy, he never directly criticized Obama or his policies, Fleischer told CNN. Bush did say, though, that the U.S. should not lift sanctions on Iran, months before Obama hopes to sign a final nuclear deal with Iran that would do just that, Fleischer and another attendee told CNN.

Fleischer, who serves on the Republican Jewish Coalition board, explained that he asked Bush how he would tackle foreign policy if he were still president, but that Bush took pains not to go after Obama directly.

"He never mentioned Obama. He gave direct, blunt answers to the hottest topics of the day involving politics of the Middle East," Fleischer told CNN.

There is a politician I despise just as much as Sarah Palin, and that is George W. Bush.  I call him Dumbya for obvious reasons.

Let's see, Dumbya went on vacation for a month the day after he got a report that Al-Qaeda was planning an attack on the US, which results in the deaths of 3,000 people.  And then let bin Laden's family leave the country unquestioned.

He then got info that Bin Laden was within reach and let him get away.  He even said he didn't care where bin Laden was.

In 2002 he lied to the American people about Saddam having nukes, sent our men and women into Iraq into a war that had led to the deaths of 500,000 people and counting.  As a result we now have ISIS to deal with.  And he has the nerve to criticize President Obama?

Dumbya really is a cunt.  I normally save that name for Sarah Palin but Dumbya certainly deserves it now.  Fuck you Dumbya and take Dickhead, Dumsfeld, Asscroft, and Kindasleazy with you!

Sarah Palin is so narcissistic she thinks she got rid of the head of the ATF

From Wonkette

Emboldened by last week’s victory for the rights of gun-humpers to be able to ALSO be able to hump bullets, Field Marshall Sarah Palin presses forward. She has offered the Kenyan tyrant Obama clear and simple terms: abolish the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and we will spare you our screeching. And, instead of listening to her, the Kenyan tyrant sits alone in his empty palace, a place that collaborators and the weak-willed still call the White House, and he does NOTHING.

That’s Sarah Palin’s reading of recent history, anyway, laid out in a post titled “End the ATF,” which has an inexplicably clickbaity headline for content published behind a paywall. Here’s what she thinks happened, and no, Palin did not steal the idea for this video from from this month-old Washington Times story, heavens no.

Just weeks after your public comments and your public outrage caused the ATF to back off their ridiculous ban on a popular type of rifle ammunition, the ATF director is stepping down. And now Congress is looking at ways to shrink the ATF’s authority. Good! That’s your influence!

QUICK LITTLE FACT CHECK FOR YOU THERE, GOVERNOR. Former ATF director B. Todd Jones left the agency at the end of March, when he started as the NFL’s new chief disciplinary officer. Jones’s new compensation package has not been disclosed, but considering that his new boss made $44 million in 2013, Yr Wonket is willing to guess that Jones will be making just a bit more money at his new private-sector job. Also, B. Todd Jones was a United States Marine, MA’AM, why does Sarah Palin hate our troops?

So Sarah Palin is wrong about a thing, big deal, she is wrong literally all the time. That has never stopped her from stoking the yokels’ grievances before, and she is not going to let it slow her down now.

Like every branch of government, the ATF, if it exists at all, should exist to protect constitutional rights, not to violate them. The Second Amendment protects private gun ownership, and it also protects the right to own ammunition! It’s pure common sense. But I suppose it takes a federal agency stocked with lawyers to ignore common sense, ignore the Constitution, and really overstep its bounds.

1. The ATF is not a branch of government. It is a federal law enforcement agency housed within one of the fifteen Executive branch departments. A former governor should know this.

B. The Second Amendment, like all other Constitutional rights, is neither absolute nor unlimited. President Reagan recognized this when he signed the Law Enforcement Officers Protection Act of 1985, which banned the use of armor-piercing ammunition in handguns.

III. Shut up shut up, we can’t believe you don’t shut up!

In addition to lying about the ATF, Governor Quitterface took some time to talk about a previously unpublished article by veteran Nevada reporter Jon Ralston, which accuses Senator Harry Reid of “using the same tactics that Joe McCarthy used,” when he claimed on the Senate floor that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes in ten years. (Palin heard about the article from a two-week-old Washington Post story, of course.)

Yr Wonkette sort of agrees with Ralston, even if we think the McCarthy comparison is overblown. (For reference, Yr Wonkette also completely disagrees with Ralston. We contain multitudes.) But the fun part of this video comes at the end, which we have transcribed because we love you:

How ironic, that it’s the Democrats proven in this case, and so many cases, to be the ones who don’t play by the rules and are not honest. And so we ended up with a Commander-in-Chief who hasn’t met a rule that applies to him yet.

He uses the IRS, for instance, as a tool against his political enemies — he perceives as political enemies, anyway — and he who has tried to shape the nation into his own image, this utopian world, that he thinks he, kind of as a, bit of a suggested, uh, self-proclaimed messiah, believes that he can create? Pretty warped thinking, Democrats.

Pretty warped thinking indeed! Palin then concludes by calling upon both the blamestream media and We The People to “hold politicians accountable for their lies,” and we couldn’t agree with her more.

For once I am speechless.  The ATF is also involved in tracking down foreign terrorist like Al-Qaeda.  Once again Sarah chops her nose off to spite her face.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Does Sarah Palin really hate Track and Trig?

From Hoohah's Fecebook page

This was posted April 24, Phil's birthday.  But she couldn't be bothered to post anything on Track and Trig's birthdays.  Only after the fact.

She posted something for Piper's birthday (March 19)

Saint Ronnie Reagan (Feb 6)

John McCain

Billy Graham


Since Track and Trig are no longer of any use to her she hates them.  That is so sad.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Sarah Palin is no Mary Lou Whitney

From Sarah's Fecebook page

Congratulations to our friend Marylou Whitney, philanthropist, horse lover, member of a celebrated horse racing dynasty, and wife to a great Alaskan. She’ll be honored by Churchill Downs Racetrack as “First Lady of the Oaks”! Marylou is a pioneer in so many arenas, and her charitable heart has made life better for so many people!

Sarah can't dress properly for a horse race and socializing with Mrs. Whitney.  Apparently someone told her her attire was inappropriate:

Now where have I seen that dress before?  Oh that's right.

Monday Meme

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tripp Johnston in danger again

No seatbelt on

Dog in lap.

Scared shitless look on his face.

Idiot mother and stepfather to be taking selfies while driving.

Levi and Sunny please rescue your son!

Oh and according to Butthole's enjoygram the wedding is in less than a month

woot woot less than a month and i get to be your wife
Dumkota is also trying to bond with Tripp:

Saturday, April 25, 2015

These are the kind of people that support Sarah Palin

That is Britt McHenry  Her suspension is now over by ESPN for verbally abusing a towing company employee.  She pulled the "Don't you know who I am" schpiel like her hero Sarah Palin.

Britt really is a mean girl.  You can watch the video here:

Nice to see that Britt loves her idol so much she acts like her.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Sarah Palin is denying the policieman and firefighers the services they deserve


Sarah Palin agreed in December to pay a New Jersey newspaper $15,000 to settle a lawsuit over her campaign's unauthorized use of an iconic photograph of firefighters hoisting the American flag on 9/11 — but the deal remains stalled over the former GOP vice presidential candidate's insistence on confidentiality, according to court papers filed Monday in U.S. District Court.

According to the documents, William Dunnegan, the attorney for North Jersey Media Group, which publishes The Record of Bergen County, says that on Dec. 22, 2014 -- four days after the two sides agreed in principle to settle the case -- lawyers for SarahPac, Palin's campaign organization, "asserted that there must be a broad confidentiality clause."

"Shortly thereafter, Palin's counsel, Ronald Coleman, Esq., told me that Palin required a confidentiality clause because her political action committee did not want any hint of a compromise associated with her name," Dunnegan writes.

Dunnegan included with his filing several emails exchanged with Palin's lawyers regarding the settlement.

"We have confirmed with our client, and accept your offer of a $15,000 settlement," Palin attorney Brian Farkas wrote in a Dec. 18, 2014, email that Dunnegan filed with the court. "We assume that this will include a mutual confidentiality/non-disparagement clause in the stipulation of discontinuance.''

NJMG sued Palin, the former governor of Alaska, in 2013, claiming she and her political action committee infringed the publishing group's copyright. The photo appeared on Palin's Facebook page beneath her photograph and the words "Never Forget."

NJMG claimed Palin was using the photograph "to promote Sarah Palin and to raise money for SarahPAC," the lawsuit says.

The photograph, by NJMG photographer Thomas Franklin, shows two New York City firefighters hoisting the American flag amidst the rubble of the World Trade Center.

Farkas declined to comment. Jennifer Borg, the vice president and general counsel for the newspaper group, could not immediately be reached for comment. A representative for SarahPac could not immediately be reached for comment.

In an email exchange in January, Palin's attorney, Ronald Coleman, suggested that as part of the settlement both sides be allowed to confirm the settlement but withhold further comment, the emails show.

"No reference to the settlement amount may be made in any response or court filing in this case," Coleman wrote in a Jan. 29, 2015, email to Dunnegan, the filings show.

The following day Dunnegan proposed that both sides be allowed to "respond freely" to questions about the litigation but only be allowed to confirm the existence of the settlement.

Judge Claire Cecchi is expected to issue a decision on the dispute in the coming weeks.

The judgement Sarah has to pay goes towards the firefigher and policeman's fund which pays for PTSD services they incurred because of 9/11.  Sarah has no shame.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Questions about Bristol and Dakota's wedding

If there really is a wedding and they get married, will it be in KY or AK?
Are any of these people attending the wedding...Mark Ballas, Kyle and Chris Massey, John McCain,  Melissa Rivers.
Will Bristol wear white?  The whole world knows she isn't a virgin.
Will there be a pre-nup?
Will there be a honeymoon?
Is there already a bun in the oven?
There allegedly was a wedding shower, but it looks like there weren't many guests, just the sisters of the bride, the bride, some unidentified person, and Marina the stripper.  The Palins have faked showers before you know:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Question for Sarah and Todd Palin

Sarah why have you not released Trig's birth certificate?

Todd have you ever been with or hung out with hookers in Anchorage?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Sarah Palin finally acknowledges her sons' birthdays, but only after she plugs Taya Kyle-Update

From Hoohah's Fecebook page

Taya Kyle shows her strength and grace again last night at the ACM! This beautiful American woman introduced a patriotic tribute to our troops called "All American Kid". Thank you to the country music community for boldly supporting our military vets and their families! (And happy birthday to my favorite vet, just two days after his little brother's birthday; I'm undeservedly blessed with some great men in my life!)

Yep Track and Trig are pretty much an afterthought now, since they no longer serve any purpose for Hoohah.

I guess she remembered their birthdays after I reminded her of them.  I'm not a fan of Track, but he is fucked up thanks to his mother.

I'm pleasantly surprised she didn't say anything about Dumkota.

Update-From her Fecebook page

Celebrating the boys' birthdays – in new snow on 4/20! Trig takes another lap on his restored '88 √Član (thank you, Garret and Ellie!) while enjoying this "climate change" (also known as "seasons").

100% Human-Caused Global Warming? What a racket. A money-making, politically-driven tool that ignores history to enable control freaks' mandates that fundamentally transform your lifestyle and stall American progress.

Well, happy birthday, sons; may you and your generation never cave to Al Gore and his liberal idiotic ilk as elitists pretend to play God, claiming they control Mother Nature. They can't predict this afternoon's weather but foolishly demand trust in their supernatural power to predict it 5000 years from now. Stay strong, boys! We need men like you to un-do what's been done to our country under liberal control. Meanwhile, enjoy the snow!

- Sarah Palin


She can't make a mention of her kid's birthdays without taking a swipe at someone or making it into a political message.  She did the same for Piper's birthday too.

Yep those damn Duggars did it again!

From People

When Jessa and Ben Seewald celebrate their first wedding anniversary this year, they just might have a third person at the party.

"We're expecting!" Jessa, 22, tells PEOPLE. "We are so excited. The due date is November first, our wedding anniversary." Adds Ben, 19, "We are looking forward to being parents."

The third daughter born to Jim Bob, 49, and Michelle Duggar, 48, and her husband, the oldest of seven Seewald children, revealed their happy news as Jessa enters her second trimester. Tonight's episode of their TLC hit show 19 Kids and Counting, airing at 9 p.m., will feature a special message from the couple for fans.

"I am feeling pretty good," says Jessa. "The morning sickness was different every day. It's getting better, but I'm still hanging on to the heartburn. And I don't have any super-serious food cravings."

Before church one Sunday morning, Jessa says she took a pregnancy test and brought it in to show Ben.

"I said, 'Hey Ben, guess what? Yeah, you're a dad.' We couldn't believe it," Jessa says. "We are so excited. We have started talking baby names. It is one of those things that is so special, picking a name for a baby."

The couple revealed their plans to adopt in an exclusive at-home interview – and now say their plans haven't changed just because they are expecting a child.

"Our hearts haven't changed on adoption," Jessa says. (The agency the couple has contacted requires prospective parents to be married for two years before adopting.) "We are still making plans."

But Ben says that they are taking time to enjoy their happy news.

"We are trying to take it one day at a time," he says. "We pray every night that God helps us be good parents. We are getting advice from other parents."

Jessa's older sister Jill Dillard, 23, and her husband, Derick, 26, welcomed sonIsrael David on April 6 after a 70-hour labor. Jill, a student midwife, "has all the knowledge and training," Jessa says.

"I am not comparing, not worrying about what could happen, we are just getting prepared," Jessa says. "I think having this first year together to share our lives, just the two of us, has been special. We are definitely excited to be parents."

I have noticed on The Duggars Life is not all Pickles and Hairspray Jessa was sporting a baby bump.  Yeah this kid has a real future, dad will be only 20 by the time kid is born, he is a college dropout, and working as Jim Bob's errand boy.  These two will end up on welfare for sure as the TLC gravy train won't last forever.  At least Derick Dillard is college educated and Josh has the hate group to work for.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Today is Track Palin's birthday, what is he up to these days?

Is he in rehab, still living in the airplane hangar, never visiting his daughter?
Sarah Palin was in Minnesota recently.  The Hazelden/Betty Ford treatment organization has several locations in Minnesota, Chaska, Center City,  Maple Grove, Plymouth, and St. Paul.  Maybe Sarah stopped in at one of these locations to see him.
I also found this pic on Willow's instagram, he really looks like Menard in this picture:

Monday Meme

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The real reason for SarahPac's latest fundraising push

From Willow's instagram.
Sarah must have met the $10,000 push cuz Willow got a trip to Cabo out of it courtesy of Sarah Pac.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Trig Palin!

Hope you have a good birthday honey, away from that wench of an adoptive mother of yours.

I'm posted the above picture to remind everyone how poorly Trig has been raised.

And Trig has had his best buddy taken away from him:

And I will keep searching for the truth regarding Trig's birth.  Trig you can count on that.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Is Bristol Palin pregnant again?

This pic was taken at CPAC in March.  Look how chesty she is

Then remember this pic, she was preggers (or possibly nursing) at the time:

And this one too:

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sarah Palin is going to start selling her wigs aka start a taxidermy shop


After an unsuccessful vice presidential candidacy and a canceled reality TV show, Sarah Palin has set her tireless sights elsewhere: the booming business of taxidermy.

Palin announced on Fox News Wednesday night that she will be opening a store in Wasilla, Alaska to sell her stuffed animals and preserved hides.

“I love everything about animals,” Palin said. “Shooting them, eating them, having them mounted in my living room, wearing their fur. This job is a natural fit.”

While Palin is open to allowing hunters to bring in their own animal carcasses for preservation, she is currently only using those from her husband Todd. He is an avid hunter and has been trying to keep up with his wife’s new business.

“I try to kill a few deer or pheasants a day,” Todd Palin said. “But Sarah just goes so fast. She stuffs ‘em faster than anything I’ve ever seen.”

Palin says she finds the entire process of taxidermy to be therapeutic.

“As a woman who has been objectified by the media, I find solace in being able to objectify subordinate beings myself,” Palin said. “Literally turning animals into objects is pretty darn fun.”
Well Sarah does have the inventory, she can sell all the wigs she owns.   And for the record she doesn't hunt, does it kick daddy?

Finally from a medical professional...Sarah Palin really is sick

From GQ

Carson hadn't uttered anything that countless Republicans hadn't said before. The difference was that Carson delivered his message mere feet from Obama—and that his skin is the same color as the president's. Hours after the speech, Rush Limbaugh was playing excerpts on his show and telling listeners, "I love this guy!" That week The Wall Street Journal ran an editorial titled "Ben Carson for President." A month later, Carson was invited to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he met Sarah Palin, who greeted him with the bowing "We're not worthy" routine from Wayne's World. (Carson, for his part, thought Palin "looked anorexic.")

The rest of the article is full of Carson's bullshit, but he is spot on on Palin.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Another tax cheat-Update

From InTouch Weekly

When ‘In Touch Weekly’ revealed that Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna, were hit with atax lien because they owed nearly $4,000 to the state of Arkansas, the father-of-three (who has baby No. 4 on the way) promptly told the mag all his debts had been paid off.

But now a new report claims that isn’t exactly the case! A clerk with the Washington County Circuit Court says the 27-year-old lied to his fans about paying the $3,746.20 that he owed to the state of Arkansas for last year alone!

The clerk explains to ‘Radar Online,’ “When a lien is paid, the state will send a release of lien to be filed” — which hasn’t been done in Josh’s case!

The report states that the 27-year-old and his wife have accumulated more than $14,000 in debt to the state since 2009.

While Josh and Anna scramble to figure out their financial situation —presumably before welcoming baby No. 4 — we hope they turn to 19 Kids and Counting patriarch Jim Bob for advice.

Impressively, he and his brood (who are still at home) live a debt-free lifestyle — plus, we have a feeling he also won’t be too thrilled about the alleged lying that’s going on either…

Damn Blogger was being glitchful for me when I was working on this and it didn't save like it should. Should seriously switch to wordpress.

Anyway Josh and Anna don'y understand the concept of taxes.  Taxes pay for the National Guard, roads, police force, fire departments etc.  Isn't his brother John-David a glorified cop?

And other Duggar news, Jill and her husband Derick welcomed their first son Israel David, and Josiah (kid #7) is now courting.

Sarah Palin's least favorite day, TAX DAY!

From Wonkette

In one of her three new videos this week — seven minutes and 34 seconds of total run time, for those keeping score at home — Sarah Palin decided to squawk about Lois Lerner, because apparently that horse is not yet dead and requires further beating. Her screed goes deep, deep into the realm of alternate history, and the whole thing is worth a look. Let’s Wonksplore!

[Lois Lerner] helped engineer the targeting of conservative groups and tried to get the Department of Justice to prosecute conservatives.

Nothing in that sentence is true. The “engineering” of the “targeting” was done by IRS employees in the agency’s Cincinnati office. Lerner didn’t know about the Cincinnati office’s practices until the summer of 2011, and when she did learn about them, she told the Cincinnati office to knock it the f&%k off — even Darrell Issa accepts this timeline, but really, why would Sarah Palin let the facts start to bother her now?

Also, there is literally no evidence that anyone at the IRS spoke to anyone at the Department of Justice about “prosecuting” any political group, mostly because it’s really dumb to call for tax prosecution when you haven’t conducted an audit yet. Even the right-wing Judicial Watch doesn’t accuse Lois Lerner of trying to get the DOJ to prosecute conservatives, because even they can recognize the difference between obtaining a legal advisory pursuant to a Senator’s question in a public hearing and advocating for prosecution.

Keep going, Sarah, this is getting fun. And by “fun,” we clearly mean, “God, don’t you ever shut up?”

[…]Lois Lerner, she not only didn’t really get punished, she was rewarded. Lois Lerner received more than $129,000 in bonuses during the exact period when the IRS targeting was at its worst! I bet some folks in the Obama administration believed she earned every penny of that. That’s pretty sickening.

She just bets it, you guys, she just does. Isn’t that sickening?

After all, it’s pretty clear that the IRS was weaponized and used against American citizens to protect the President’s party and the president himself from a grassroots, Tea Party movement that threatened to stop his left-wing agenda — a Tea Party movement that, well, it was just asking questions, trying to hold our government accountable.

If the IRS was indeed attempting to protect the President, then why did it also look into progressive groups? This is yet another example of the reverse-communist jujitsu Obama learned at his Indonesian madrassa, or something.

Palin is correct, however, when she claims that the Tea Party was “just asking questions.” Let’s recall what some of those questions were:
Was Barack Obama born in Kenya?
Was Barack Obama born in Kenya?
Was Barack Obama born in Kenya?
Okay, maybe he wasn’t born in Kenya, but does Barack Obama think like a Kenyan?
Fine, maybe he’s not from Kenya, but couldn’t he also be an Arab? Or a Muslim? Or a genocidal maniac hell-bent on introducing ebola to America?

All perfectly valid questions based on principled opposition to Obama’s policies. And if principled opposition to those policies just happens to dovetail with a nativist fear of the dark-skinned Other, then hey, free country, the Tea Party is just asking questions.

What else ya got, Governor Quitterface?

Mmmm, the president didn’t like that. Lois Lerner, though, heck, she was laughing all the way to the bank! She’s still laughing. She’s collecting her taxpayer-paid federal pension still, while the Obama Administration continues to obstruct and stonewall any investigation trying to get to the bottom of this and stop this corruption in the IRS.

Lois Lerner is indeed collecting a federal pension: that’ll happen when you’ve worked for the federal government for more than three decades. The laughing part, though? We suppose that counts as “sarcasm” rather than “baseless speculation,” because we’re not sure what’s so funny about seeing your career sacrificed on the altar of Darrell Issa’s political ambitions.

Oh, and the “continues to obstruct and stonewall” thing? That’s not what Darrel Issa seems to think happened. Remember when Chairman Issa said this? Because Sarah Palin doesn’t.

“I’ve never said it came out of the office of the President or his campaign. What I’ve said is, it comes out of Washington.”

We’re done with this post for now. It is a gloriously sunny day here in our nation’s capital, and we are done swimming upstream against the torrent of ahistorical bullshit unleashed by the spring thaw up in Wasilla. We are embedding the full video for hate-watching purposes, but Jesus donor-hiding Christ filling out a Form 990, it never ends with this woman…

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bristol Palin, the Candies Foundation called. They want their money back

From Duhkota's Enjoygram:

myself and @bsmp2 celebating our first week living together in ky by shooting our @warsport#lvoa today!! #sundayshooting #america#shesthebest #kentucky #boltsup#lifecouldntbebetter @rangerup#neveroutgunned #rangerup

If I were the Candies Foundation I would sue Butthole for lying and breach of contract.  Even Levi admitted Bristol abstaining is unrealistic..

A not so pretty side of Abraham Lincoln

As you all know Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theater 150 years ago today and he died the following morning.  He was a great leader in leading the Union to victory in the Civil War and ending slavery.  However there is a chapter in American History that should not be ignored, and that chapter ended with blood on Lincoln's hands.

From United Natives of America

What brought about the hanging of 38 Sioux Indians in Minnesota December 26, 1862 was the failure "again" of the U.S. Government to honor it's treaties with Indian Nations. Indians were not given the money or food set forth to them for signing a treaty to turn over more than a million acres of their land and be forced to live on a reservation.

Indian agents keep the treaty money and food that was to go to the Indians, the food was sold to White settlers, food that was given to the Indians was spoiled and not fit for a dog to eat. Indian hunting parties went off the reservation land looking for food to feed their families, one hunting group took eggs from a White settlers land and the rest is history.

Information below tells how President Lincoln and Minnesota Governor Alexander Ramsey set out to exterminate Indians from their home land.

Authorities in Minnesota asked President Lincoln to order the immediate execution of all 303 Indian males found guilty. Lincoln was concerned with how this would play with the Europeans, whom he was afraid were about to enter the war on the side of the South. He offered the following compromise to the politicians of Minnesota: They would pare the list of those to be hung down to 39. In return, Lincoln promised to kill or remove every Indian from the state and provide Minnesota with 2 million dollars in federal funds. Remember, he only owed the Sioux 1.4 million for the land.

So, on December 26, 1862, the Great Emancipator ordered the largest mass execution in American History, where the guilt of those to be executed was entirely in doubt. Regardless of how Lincoln defenders seek to play this, it was nothing more than murder to obtain the land of the Santee Sioux and to appease his political cronies in Minnesota.

Text of Order to General Sibley, St. Paul Minnesota:

"Ordered that of the Indians and Half-breeds sentenced to be hanged by the military commission, composed of Colonel Crooks, Lt. Colonel Marshall, Captain Grant, Captain Bailey, and Lieutenant Olin, and lately sitting in Minnesota, you cause to be executed on Friday the nineteenth day of December, instant, the following names, to wit [39 names listed by case number of record: cases 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 19, 22, 24, 35, 67, 68, 69, 70, 96, 115, 121, 138, 155, 170, 175, 178, 210, 225, 254, 264, 279, 318, 327, 333, 342, 359, 373, 377, 382, 383].

The other condemned prisoners you will hold subject to further orders, taking care that they neither escape, nor are subjected to any unlawful violence.

Abraham Lincoln,
President of the United States"

"On December 6 (1862) President Lincoln notified Sibley that he should "cause to be executed" thirty-nine of the 303 convicted Santees, Execution date was the 26th of December. At the last minute, one Indian was given a reprieve. About ten o'clock the thirty-eightcondemned men were marched from the prison to the scaffold. They sang the Sioux death song until soldiers pulled white caps over their heads and placed nooses around their necks. At a signal from an army officer, the control rope was cut and thirty-eight Santee Sioux dangled lifeless in the air.

"The Sioux Indians of Minnesota must be exterminated or driven forever beyond the borders of the state."
Minnesota Governor Alexander Ramsey

bounties were placed on the scalps of Dakota people
which eventually reached $200

Governor Alexander Ramsey had declared on September 9, 1862 that "The Sioux Indians of Minnesota must be exterminated or driven forever beyond the borders of the state." The treatment of Dakota people, including the hanging in Mankato and the forced removal of Dakota people from Minnesota, were the first phases of Ramsey's plan.

His plan was further implemented when bounties were placed on the scalps of Dakota people which eventually reached $200. Punitive expeditions were then sent out over the next few years to hunt down those Dakota who had not surrendered and to ensure they would not return. After 38 of the condemned men were hanged the day after Christmas in 1862 in what remains the largest mass hanging in United States history, the other prisoners continued to suffer in the concentration camps through the winter of 1862-63.

In late April of 1863 the remaining condemned men, along with the survivors of the Fort Snelling concentration camp, were forcibly removed from their beloved homeland in May of 1863. They were placed on boats which transported the men from Mankato to Davenport, Iowa where they were imprisoned for an additional three years. Those from Fort Snelling were shipped down the Mississippi River to St. Louis and then up the Missouri River to the Crow Creek Reservation in South Dakota.

The youngest person hanged in America was Hannah Ocuish who was 12 years and nine months old and was described as a half breed Indian girl. She was executed on December 20th 1786 for the murder of a 6 year old girl whom she had beaten to death after an earlier argument.

These are the chapters in American History that are not taught in schools, and it's bullshit that they are not.  And if the conservatives have their way, they never will and if they are they will make it look like the Native Americans were the aggressors.

Monday, April 13, 2015

It's now official, let the mudslinging begin!

I have to admit I would rather have Martin O'Malley as the nominee, but Hillary is the only one who can beat the Republicans, which says a lot about the Democratic Party.

Already the rightwingers are having a cow over this:

Go Team Hillary!

Monday Meme

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sarah Palin brings her hooker outfit to Minnesota

These came from Sarah's Fecebook page.

Looks like she brought the Belmonts too.  And the gaudy jewelry, although I can't tell which is the Moose and which one is Sarah.

And like I said on Malia's blog, Sarah is not welcome in Minnesota.  It's quite ironic that Sarah was in the Duluth area cuz back in 2008 the weekend the RNC convention in St. Paul where she was introduced to the world I was in Duluth for a little siesta.  Driving back to the Twin Cities there was this terrible smell then I realized the RNC convention was going on.


President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his dog Fala ca 1943
32nd President Franklin Delano Roosevelt died 70 years ago today.  Like Barack Obama after him 70 plus years later he inherited a grim financial situation.  Not to mention having to deal with Imperialistic Japan, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Communist Russia like President Obama has to deal with Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and domestic terrorists like the Republican Party and the Secret Service.

From Time

Mar. 12, 1933: FDR delivers the first of his 30 “fireside chats,” addressing America’s dire financial situation

March of 1933 was a terrifying month for Americans. A quarter of the nation’s workers were unemployed. Farmers and bankers alike suddenly lost their livelihood. Stocks were down 75% from 1929 — and in those four years the suicide rate had tripled.

In New Orleans, hundreds of tourists in town for Mardi Gras found themselves stranded on March 2, with no money to get home, after Louisiana shuttered its failing banks. By the next day, 21 more states had followed suit. When Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office on March 4 — the last such term of office before Inauguration Day moved to January — his first act was to declare a national bank holiday to stall the run on banks that was quickly liquidating the Federal Reserve.

It was under these grim circumstances that FDR broadcast the first of his 30 “fireside chats” on this day, March 12, in 1933. These speeches, and his frank, down-to-earth manner, may have been the most effective tactic used to soothe the panicked public since the beginning of the Great Depression.

His language was inclusive. “My friends,” he began, “I want to talk for a few minutes with the people of the United States about banking.”

And it was intentionally simple. “I recognize that the many proclamations … couched for the most part in banking and legal terms, ought to be explained for the benefit of the average citizen,” he went on. “I owe this in particular because of the fortitude and the good temper with which everybody has accepted the inconvenience and the hardships of the banking holiday.”

These fireside chats were not literally delivered by the fireside. As TIME noted in 1937, they were broadcast from the White House Diplomatic Room, which has no fireplace. But the speeches, which ran anywhere from 11 minutes to more than 40 — depending on the speech itself and the number of “persuasive pauses,” per TIME — gave Roosevelt a chance to explain and defend his New Deal policies. They were known for their comforting effect on an uneasy populace, as much during the Depression as they later were during World War II.

While future presidents followed FDR’s lead, using the technology of their times (Obama broadcasts his own addresses via YouTube and has reached out to millennials on Reddit, Instagram and Twitter), it would be difficult to name anyone who did it better than Roosevelt. After this first chat, he was inundated with fan mail from listeners who felt they now knew him intimately. Herbert Hoover had averaged 5,000 letters a week; FDR got 50,000, according to “FDR’s First 100 Days,” a publication by the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum.

“The broadcast brought you so close to us, and you spoke in such clear concise terms, our confidence in the Bank Holiday was greatly strengthened,” wrote one California woman.

She was not alone. Sixty million people listened to Roosevelt’s first radio address; the next day, per the Roosevelt Library, “newspapers around the country reported long lines of people waiting to put their money back into the banks. The immediate crisis had passed.”

Here is another good article on FDR from the Huffington Post

Once upon a time there was a U.S. president who took office during a period of great economic distress, and whose efforts to relieve that distress kicked up fierce opposition. "The president's recent statements," one U.S. senator said, "remove any doubt of his policy of state socialism, which necessitates increased activities of the government in either ownership or operation of industry, or both."

No, I'm not referring to Barack Obama. Senator Simeon D. Fess of Ohio made that statement in 1934, denouncing the policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Our current political leaders could learn a few things from Roosevelt, who died 70 years ago, on April 12, 1945. As controversial as he was at times, he is now almost universally regarded as a hero who saved America from disaster. A recent poll of experts on the presidency ranked Roosevelt as our third-greatest president, after Washington and Lincoln.

His words from three quarters of a century ago seem almost eerily relevant in our present era of rising economic inequality. "The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much," Roosevelt said. "It is whether we provide enough for those who have little."

The New Deal's opponents, just like some political voices we hear today, howled a lot about freedom, to which Roosevelt replied, "True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made."

This seems like such a common-sense sentiment that it shouldn't even be controversial. But many in our current political culture seem to have forgotten the lessons of the past.

Indeed, as New York Times columnist Paul Krugman noted recently, conservatives' stock refrain is that policies to help those in danger of being left behind are "job killers," even though time and again such claims have been shown to be wrong. They said that -- and indeed keep saying it -- about the Affordable Care Act, even though the U.S. economy added 3.3 million jobs during the first year of the law's implementation.

Roosevelt understood that giving those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder some security and stability doesn't just help them but strengthens the whole economy. People who feel they have an economic future and a sense of stability are more able to spend money and participate in our consumer-driven economy. That means more business and more profits for companies selling all sorts of goods and services. Sooner or later, even the CEOs benefit. Call it "trickle-up" economics.

We need more trickle-up economics.

In 1968 the federal minimum wage was $1.60 per hour. Adjusted for inflation, that's equal to nearly $11 today, yet the federal minimum wage remains stuck at $7.25, meaning it's lost about a third of its purchasing power. But amazingly, it's been impossible to get a minimum wage increase through Congress, where opponents reflexively cry, "Job killer!"

Nonsense. Having a minimum wage close to what someone might actually be able to live on wasn't a job killer in 1968, when the unemployment rate was 3.6 percent , and it's not now. Neither are things like paid leave and affordable health coverage for all. Such government actions make prosperity possible.

This shouldn't be partisan. Indeed, Republicans, who talk so much about the value of work and personal responsibility, ought to be the ones complaining most loudly that the phrase "working poor" should not exist in this country.

Roosevelt wasn't perfect by any means. His failure to take strong action againstlynching, for example, will always be a stain on his record. But on the broad issue of the relationship between the American people and their government, he got it right: "The only sure bulwark of continuing liberty is a government strong enough to protect the interests of the people, and a people strong enough and well enough informed to maintain its sovereign control over the government."

We could use more of that attitude today -- not to mention some more trickle-up economics.

President Obama will likely be the best president in my lifetime, time will tell, but FDR was the best president in history.  FDR died long before I was born, but I feel like I know him and Eleanor personally from all the books I've read and documentaries I've watched about them.  I'm a person of faith, and I hope to meet them both someday on the other side and thank them for setting an example for President Obama to follow.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bristol and Dakota try to convince everyone they went to church on Easter

From Dumkota's instagram page

Everyday I'm reminded more and more of how lucky I am to have @bsmp2

But if you look at the uncropped pic:

Nice try assholes!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Why isn't Sarah Palin going to be at the NRA Convention-Update She is going to an auction!

From The Tennessean

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has suddenly canceled her upcoming appearance at the National Rifle Association's Annual Meeting in Nashville later this week.

Palin, the outspoken, controversial former governor of Alaska, had been among the biggest names of more than a dozen Republicans scheduled to speak at the NRA's Leadership forum on Friday.

But Palin canceled her visit on Wednesday, Jennifer Baker, director of public affairs for the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action, confirmed.

Baker did not provide a reason for Palin's cancellation.

I am rather pleasantly surprised Sarah quit the NRA Convention.  I wonder what is going on.

Her Fecebook page has been pretty quiet lately.  Only a few posts within the last two weeks, all of them have been cut and paste like I do on my blog.  Did Track OD, did Butthole and Dumbkota breakup?  Is Willow preggers?  Did Piper run away?  Did Trig run away?  Did Turd get busted for his hooker ring?  Did Sarah get busted for something?

Update-From her Fecebook page:

Happily enroute to Minnesota to break bread with great Safari Club International hunters and conservationists! I look forward to encouraging women hunters, sharing insight on true conservation, preaching firearms safety, and of course hearing from these liberty lovers in the beautiful Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Here are some of my favorite new guns, including an awesome new Glock custom made by the good folks at TMT Tactical and a mighty AR-15 sent last month from friends of the Motor City Madman and world class bow hunter Ted Nugent. Pretty pink camo! But not too pretty to only display and never shoot. Also, pics of Dakota showing Bristol, Tripp, and me how it’s done in Kentucky where they're proudly clinging to their guns, our God, and our Constitution!

- Sarah Palin

Sarah will be at the Lake Superior Club SCI Silent Auction April 10 and 11.  That is a major downgrade from NRA.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Why Rand Paul would make a shitty president

From Alternet

Republican Senator Rand Paul has been making a big play for millennials lately, most notably by taking his civil liberties pitch to colleges around the country. Paul has got the right idea when he says his party must “evolve, adapt or die” (although I think the first two are virtually the same thing). Katie Glueck of Politico wrote that “The Kentucky senator drew a largely friendly reception at the University of California-Berkeley as he skewered the intelligence community."

Sen. Paul spoke of “dystopian nightmares” and added that “your rights, especially your right to privacy, are under assault.” Paul also said he perceives “fear of an intelligence community that’s drunk with power, unrepentant and uninclined to relinquish power.”

Virtually all of the other politicians taking that stand come from the left side of the political spectrum. They include figures like independent socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders and Democratic senators Ron Wyden and Mark Udall. Rand Paul is not like these other defenders of civil liberties.

Rand Paul, like his father, prefers to package his fairly old-school brand of economic conservatism under the trendier name of “libertarianism.” That’s not just a labeling change. It also means Paul has paired his retrograde economic ideas with a very outspoken stance against militarism and the espionage state. It’s a mixture that Paul hopes can make inroads with groups that are not traditionally Republican voters.

Paul’s play for millennials was almost inevitable. As a recent Pew studyreported, that generation’s disaffection with the two-party system appears to be at record levels. Fifty percent of millennials polled said that they do not associate themselves with either party, which is the highest percentage recorded thus far. It’s also a 10 point jump from their equivalent age group’s level of political affiliation only seven years ago.

But Rand Paul gravely misunderstands the nature of that political disaffection. Yes, millennials feel alienated toward political and other institutions. They have a right to feel that way. As Joshua Holland says, millennials didn’t abandon these institutions. The institutions abandoned them.

But Rand Paul and libertarianism are not the answer. His economic strategy can be summed up in a quota used for one of his bills: “remove the shackles of big government by reducing taxes, regulations, and burdensome union work requirements.”

In other words, more of the same conservative philosophy that got us in this mess in the first place. Here are 10 reasons why millennials should be extremely wary of the senator from Kentucky.

1. His philosophy of deregulation created your jobs problem.

Rand Paul loved to preach the gospel of deregulation. He went so far as to proclaim that Obama was putting his “boot heel” on the neck of—get this—British Petroleum. Why? Because BP was being asked to bear part of the cost for the oil spill it created.

That’s right. Rand Paul believes “regulation” is evil, even when it’s only asking a reckless private corporation to clean up its own messes.

Wall Street deregulation crashed the economy in 2008. As a result, the millennial generation is entering the job market at the worst time in modern history. Millennials are facing record levels of unemployment and under-employment. What’s Rand Paul’s solution? More of the same.

2. He doesn’t believe in jobs programs.

Those of us who are fighting for jobs programs and infrastructure investment—two things that would help the millennial generation significantly—have a fierce opponent in Rand Paul. Paul believes government spending is inherently bad, and tax cuts are inherently good. There are jobs proposals that target millennials for assistance. Rand Paul is against them.

3. He thinks “tax cuts” create jobs.

There’s a simple answer to that, once we remember that the wealthy and corporations are paying lower taxes than at any time in modern history.

So where are the jobs?

Rand Paul’s solution is to eliminate the income tax altogether. That would be a red letter day for billionaires, millionaires and corporations. It would spell the end of vital services for the rest of us, in everything from public health to military defense.

Create jobs? Not so much.

4. Those “burdensome union work requirements” gave us Saturdays and Sundays off.

Without unions we would still be working six or seven days a week with no overtime pay. The weekend as we know it wouldn’t exist if we lived in Rand’s world.

Neither would paid vacations, the minimum wage, health and disability benefits, and quite a few other things a lot of working people count on to help them get by.

5. Civil rights for African Americans and other minorities wouldn’t exist.

Rand Paul believes businesses have the right to discriminate against minorities, or against pretty much anybody, because he thinks that’s part of their First Amendment rights.

The First Amendment, as most of you may know, reads as follows: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

There’s nothing in there about “businesses that want to force women like Rosa Parks to stand at the back of the bus when there are empty seats in the front of the bus,” or “lunch counters that won’t serve black folks.”

No, the First Amendment doesn’t say that. But Rand Paul thinks it does. He also says he would’ve voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Here’s a newsflash for Sen. Paul: Millennials come in all races, religions, genders and sexual orientations. They value their rights just as much as Americans of other generations do.

6. He wants to eliminate Social Security.

Because, you know, the “free market” has done so well in protecting Americans’ financial security when they’re disabled or elderly.

Many millennials are collecting Social Security survivor benefits, like Rand Paul compatriot Paul Ryan did. Or disability benefits. Or they have parents and grandparents who are collecting retirement benefits.

Most millennials will live to collect those benefits themselves—if Rand Paul doesn’t get to them first.

7. He wants to eliminate Medicare, Obamacare, and even the private insurance you get through your employer.

“The fundamental reason why Medicare is failing is why the Soviet Union failed,” said Sen. Paul. “Socialism doesn't work.”

Unfortunately for Paul, Medicare is not failing. It has lower overhead than private insurance, lower cost than private insurance, and a lower rate of inflation than private insurance. It is the most successful, and the most popular insurance program in the country.

But as flawed as it is, private health insurance is critical to a lot of people’s physical and financial health. Rand Paul’s so right wing he doesn’t even like that. “We need to get insurance out of the way and let the consumer interact with their doctor the way they did basically before World War II," said Paul. (A lot of people didn’t interact with doctors at all before World War II; the morbidity and mortality statistics show it.)

Speaking as an ophthalmologist, which he is, Paul also said this: “If you think you have the right to healthcare, you are saying basically that I am your slave.” Sen. Paul is not just a conservative, he someone with a poor grasp of concepts like slavery. Healthcare providers are in fact paid under all systems of public and private insurance. They are also free to change professions, take a day off, set their own schedules, and do any number of things that are not associated with the practice of slavery.

Millennials need to know that medical care will be available when they need it. That’s not just something they want. It’s a right.

8. He wants to eliminate Roe v. Wade and have a woman’s right to choose decided by politicians at the state level.

Said Paul, “I would introduce and support legislation to send Roe v. Wade back to the states.”

Why? So that decisions about what a woman does with her body can be made by politicians like that guy in Virginia wanted mandatory transvaginal ultrasounds for any woman who wanted to terminate a pregnancy?

It may come as a surprise to Sen. Paul to learn that a great many millennials are, in fact, women.

The Supreme Court has established that a woman’s right to choose is constitutionally protected. Since then that right has been eroded in a thousand different ways at the state level. Rand Paul would remove this right forever, turning this fundamental principle of autonomy into a campaign issue to be decided by right-wing career politicians.

Way to go, “Mr. Civil Liberties.” And about that …

9. He’s not as strong and advocate for civil liberties as he seems.

At least Rand Paul is uncompromising in his defense of civil liberties, right? Well, not so much. Consider this quote:

“I'm not for profiling people on the color of their skin, or on their religion, but I would take into account where they've been traveling and perhaps, you might have to indirectly take into account whether or not they've been going to radical political speeches by religious leaders. It wouldn't be that they are Islamic. But if someone is attending speeches from someone who is promoting the violent overthrow of our government, that's really an offense that we should be going after— they should be deported or put in prison.”

“It wouldn’t be that they are Islamic,” says Rand Paul. But it’s clear that he’s only talking about a certain kind of terrorism. A lot of Tea Party leaders have “threatened the violent overthrow of the government.” Does Rand Paul think “they should be deported or put in prison”? Or are his brand of civil liberties only for white conservatives?

10. He’s picked the wrong oppressor.

Rand Paul’s brand of libertarian believes that “liberty” is freedom from an oppressive government. But in a democracy the government is us. The real oppressors in today’s economic and political system are the corporations which increasingly dominate all aspects of our public and private lives.

Rand Paul doesn’t have much to say about that. We applaud his stand against drone murders by the US government, but where is his stand against the kind of espionage Amazon and other corporations could use through the use of unregulated drones in the United States? We admire his stand against the NSA, but where is an equally courageous stand against invasions of privacy by corporations like Google? (For more on that topic, see our interview with Yasha Levine.)

Rand Paul would have us turned against the “oppression” of the Democratic process, while turning us over to the real oppression of the Corporate State. That’s not fighting for liberty. It’s fighting for corporations.

Underneath all the freedom jargon, Rand Paul’s pushing the same kind of economic conservatism that has increasingly dominated our political discourse over the last 40 years. He’s resolutely opposed to all of the civil rights advances of the last 50 years, and to any of the government interventions that could make things better for millennials and other Americans now.

Rand Paul wants more of the same tax cuts we’ve already given to him billionaires and corporations. He wants more of the deregulation that ruined the economy in 2008 and has caused so much harm to the environment.

How’s that working out for you?

Feel free to admire Rand Paul’s stands on civil liberties and military action, as selective as those stands may be. Then look for politicians who represent the full spectrum of your moral and economic beliefs. Better yet, become those politicians. We need your talents and your energy, to make right what previous generations (in the Paul family and elsewhere) have gotten so tragically wrong.

They forgot one thing, he thinks he's Aqua Buddha

Sarah Palin doesn't know when the internet was created

What a fucktard

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Why does John McCain deserve another term as Senator?

From NBC News

John McCain is ready for a new fight.

"I have decided to run for re-election," the Arizona senator told NBC News in an exclusive interview revealing his plans to pursue a sixth term on Capitol Hill. "I'm ready. I am more than ready. In some ways, I am eager."

McCain is currently 78 years old but will be 80 by Election Day in 2016. He defended his vitality, saying that he is "just getting started" when it comes to his Senate career.

"I say watch me," he said. "Take a look. Take a look at my 18 hour days. Take a look at the hearings we have. Take a look at my legislative accomplishments."

With a smile, McCain also cited the longevity of his mother, Roberta. "I am happy to tell you my mother is 103 years old and she is doing well," he said.

McCain finally landed a dream job this year as chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. From that perch, he can continue the committee's long tradition of bipartisanship. But the post also gives McCain an even bigger megaphone on national security, which he uses often to criticize President Barack Obama.

"I have never been more concerned about the security of this nation because of the feckless leadership of the president of the United States," he said.

After winning the Republican Party's nomination for president in 2008, McCain has faced anger from conservatives who saw him as too moderate.

Tea Party groups see him as a top target for a primary challenge. Last year, Arizona's state Republican Party censured McCain as too liberal, but today he says his home state relationships "have improved significantly."

"I was also censured by Vladimir Putin," he noted with a laugh.

McCain's Senate re-election campaign will come during another high-stakes presidential cycle. He supports good friend South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham for the GOP nod, although he acknowledges that Graham is a "dark horse." Despite his friendship with Hillary Clinton, McCain says the potential Democratic nominee lacked an impressive record while serving at the helm of the State Department.

"I think that a legitimate question to Hillary Clinton is, 'What did you accomplish during your four years as secretary of state? Except that you visited more countries than any other previous secretary of state. What was your accomplishment?' he said. "So far, I don't know what an answer to that would be."

To win his own re-election, McCain said he will stress home state issues, including Arizona's drought, his work to benefit a local copper mine and his bipartisan legislation to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs after scandal at Phoenix VA Medical Center.

"I have to convince the voters all over again of Arizona," he said. "But I will stand on my record but more so, I will stand on what I can do for Arizona and the nation."

Seriously what has Johnny Mac done since 2008, beside insult Senator now President Obama, picked the biggest imbecile on the planet as his running mate, and undermined the President every chance he got?  Nothing.  Time to go Johnny.

In other news another imbecile has decided to run for President in 2016, the Aqua Buddha himself Rand Paul.  More on him later.