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Thursday, July 30, 2015

The dead has risen! Sarah Palin appears on FOX

While on sabbatical Sarah Palin has had a hard on for Planned Parenthood, posting several lies about them on her Fecebook.  I guess it got FOX's attention cuz they brought her on for a cameo, which was a total failure.

Back home!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a very enjoyable time away and now I am back to do what I love doing, calling out Republicans.

Since I have been gone a lot has happened, some tragic....

Marine base shooting in Chattanooga

Theater shooting in Lafayette LA

19 Kids and Counting cancelled

Anna Duggar pops out #4

Bristol Palin may not be working for Dr Cusak after all

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

From page 219 of The Rogue

"She didn't keep any of them," John Bitney told me.  "I said 'Wow, you could keep at least one, for appearance's sake,' but she wanted everyone of them gone: Filipinos, Hispanics, blacks, Samoans, Koreans.  Nobody who was dark skinned got a job and a lot who were dark skinned lost jobs to make space for the white guys.  Her chief of staff, Mike Tibbles, came in one day and said 'They're all fired.  That's what she wants.'  and I was like 'All of them?' he said, yes, all the dark skinned-people had to go."

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

From page 50 of The Rogue

 Some say the marriage proved rock from the start.  "They don't have a marriage," Sarah's brother Chuckie confided to a friend in Anchorage.  "I don't know how they live together."

"It's never been a happy marriage," someone who's known Todd and Sarah since high school told me in 2010.  Part of the problem was Sarah's lack of domestic skills.  "She can't cook shit," the old friend said. "She couldn't do grilled cheese.  She'd burn water."

Another sticking point was her lack of enthusiasm for child rearing, a trait she shared with her mother.  "From the start ... Todd was the parent," one source says in the book. "When he was home, he changed the diapers. He fed the kids. Sarah never lifted a finger."

Monday, July 27, 2015

From page 131 of The Rogue

There's no way to know, I'm told, but Sarah is vicious and vengeful.  "Don't think for a minute that just because she's no longer governor she doesn't have dictatorial power in this state."  Someone's husband could lose his state job, I'm told.  Someone's nephew might not get that university scholarship. Someone's incipient political career could be nipped before it buds.  The message: Sarah is omniscient and omnipotent, and Todd has eyes and ears, too, as well as a propensity for hiring private detectives.  Sure I can be brave by moving next door to them, but I don't have to earn a living in this state.

More and more I discover that fear of the Palins is endemic throughout the Valley,.  I hear repeatedly that they've always been bullies.

"But we're not in 10th grade anymore,"  I say.

"Maybe we're not," is the response, "but they are."

Monday Meme

Sunday, July 26, 2015

From page 164 of The Rogue

An administrative investigator later stated that he'd never seen such a concerted effort against an individual officer.  The judge handling the divorce case told the Heath/Palins that if their actions cost Wooten his job they would be financially liable.  He also warned them to curtail their attacks.  "Disparaging will not be tolerated-it is a form of child abuse," he said.  The judge added that "the parent" (Molly) needs to set boundaries for her relatives.

The judge granted the divorce decree in 2006, but added a further warning to Molly, saying he'd be playing close attention to any problems in the custody arrangement, specifically "the disparagement of the father by the mother and her family members.  It is the mother's responsibility to set boundaries for her relatives and ensure they respect them, and the disparagement by either parent or their relatives is emotional child abuse."

Extraordinarily, the judge went further, writing that "If the court finds it necessary due to disparagement in the Mat-Su Valley, for the child's best interests, it will not hesitate to order custody to the father and a move into Anchorage."

Sarah Palin's final speech as governor

Wish she would shut the fuck up

Saturday, July 25, 2015

From page 186-87 of The Rogue

"One of her problems," John Stein says, over excellent espresso that Reber has made on his home machine, "is that, in her mind, if you can't write it on a bumper sticker it's too complicated t try to understand.  That's why she always speaks in jingles."

"What I remember," Reber says, "is how angry Sarah and Chuck and Sally always were.  Todd wasn't around much then, but everyt ime there would be an event for the two candidates, Sarah and her parents would be there and they'd be so hostile.  It was really off the scale, like they felt we were about to disclose something awful and they were reacting in advance."

Friday, July 24, 2015

From page 109-110 of The Rogue

"The way they treated Bitney was obscene,"  J.C. says.  "And Todd was behind it; he was the driving force.  He wanted to punish Bitney for having an affair with Debbie Richter.  Not because Todd doesn't approve of affairs-let's not even get into his private life-but because Bitney had the gall to have an affair with the wife of one of Todd's buddies.  It was purely personal, it was vindictive, and it was a betrayal of a thirty-year friendship.  I have no use for either Todd or Sarah anymore and, unlike a lot of people you're going to run into, I'm not afraid to say that on the record.  I don't know how anyone can walk around Wasilla afraid to say what they think of Todd and Sarah.  Life's too short to live it in fear of schoolyard bullies like them.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

From page 83 of The Rogue

This is regards to Chuck Heath Sr:

"If you were an outdoorsy kid, he was the greatest teacher you could have,"  Henning says.  "But if you were any kind of bookworm, it must have been a very long year.  He didn't hesitate to make fun of boys he didn't think were manly enough, and the only girls he paid attention to were the pretty ones."

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

From page 63 of The Rogue

Sarah also introduced innuendo about sexual harassment into the campaign. She encouraged gossip about [opponent John] Stein and [police chief Irl] Stambaugh acting inappropriately during an early-morning step-aerobics class that she occasionally attended. The two men, being less than svelte, had signed up for the class, along with the head of the department of public works, Jack Felton.

"It was a small room," Stambaugh said, "and there were maybe twenty people in the class. Us big guys stood in the back so nobody would have to look at us, because, to tell you the truth, it wasn't a pretty sight. One day Sarah shows up. She goes right to the front and she puts on this incredible demonstration— three risers, double steps, I don't know what all, but it was a hell of a routine. Afterward, I complimented her on her incredible stamina."

Before the next class, the instructor approached the three men. "Sarah Palin says she's uncomfortable," the instructor said, "because she thinks you guys are ogling her butt. She wants me to move you to the front of the room so you won't be able to watch her during class."

The men agreed. But that didn't work either. "You guys are so big," the instructor said, "that when you're in the front of the room you block everybody's view of me." ...

A friend offered a different perspective. "One morning," she told me during the summer of 2010, "Sarah came back in her workout stuff— her outfits were very provocative— and she's singing, 'I like big butts and I cannot lie,' and she's dancing around the kitchen. Todd comes in from the garage, and Sarah starts going on about how the guys are checking her out at the workout place. The way she's saying it is totally antagonizing Todd, and he finally says, 'Well, why don't you put some fuckin' clothes on?'"

Question for Sarah and Todd Palin

Sarah why have you not released Trig's birth certificate?

Todd have you ever been with or hung out with hookers in Anchorage?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

From page 151 of The Rogue

As Mitchell wrote in the Disptach, "Within weeks of her arrival at the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission  Sarah knew she was drowning...She had no understanding of, and no interest in, the commission's highly technical work...Sarah began searching for a face-saving excuse to quit a job she never should have been given.

Monday, July 20, 2015

From page 138 of The Rogue

Offstage, as Wheeler quickly learned, she was considerably less engaging.  "For the first couple weeks, I picked her up at her house at 6:00 am and drove her to her office in Anchorage.  When she was done for the day, somebody else in the detail would drive her home.  She'd ride in the back seat and spend a lot of time with her Blackberrys or on the cell phone, so I didn't try to make small talk.  I'd say, "good morning Governor, how are you today?", and she'd nod.  When we got to the office I'd say "'ust call when you're ready to go home.'  That's all I said to her for two weeks." 

Nontheless,  Wheeler soon got a call from deputy chief of staff Mike informing him that "the governor does not want anyone speaking to her in the car."  Not even good morning?  Wheeler asked.  "Nothing," Nizich said "Do not speak.  Period."

Monday Meme

I would rather have Trig's birth certificate

Sunday, July 19, 2015

From page 114 of The Rogue

A family friend says Track, like the other Palin children, has suffered from being made to perform as a member of Sarah's entourage.  "Sarah's always used those kids as part of this fake image, this illusion she tries to keep up about actually being a decent mother," the friend tells me "Those kid's never had any parenting, they had to raise each other.  And look how it's turned out."

Saturday, July 18, 2015

From page 169 of The Rogue

Sarah visited only infrequently.  "Those people out there hate her," a former Dillingham resident says.  "All of Todd's family hated her.  She never interacted with any of them.  J.D.'s wife, Wendy, cannot stand Sarah.  Sarah has always treated Wendy like she was a piece of trash.  And she hated J.D., was always mean to J.D., was always basically like 'J.D.'s not comin' over here with his trashy friends,' and Todd used to be always like, "'I can't even have my own brother around..'"

J.D. and Wendy Palin divorced in 2012.

Friday, July 17, 2015

From page 146 of The Rogue

One former houseguest says Sarah's aversion to intimacy was so extreme that she didn't even like to think about other people having sex.  "I get real dry in the winter," the houseguest tells me, "so I keep a bottle of baby oil by the bed.  I'll come out of the shower, put it on, and go to bed.  One day, when we're staying at the Wasilla Lake house, Todd says, "I gotta talk to you guys.  Sarah's pissed.  She found that big bottle of baby oil in your bedroom and she knows you guys are rubbin' on it yourselves and havin' sex.  My husband was like "She uses it on her skin, dude.  But Todd says, 'Sarah wants you out.  She's really upset thinkin' you're in there havin' sex with baby oil.'  We left.  We went to a hotel.  Sarah dresses hot and acts hot in public, so you'd think she'd probably be pretty hot in bed, but that's all just part of the show."

Thursday, July 16, 2015

From page 85 of The Rogue

Henning laughs, "I know.  Todd and Sarah bring out the worst in me.  I've got to be careful to not let myself grow to spiteful.  But she's the one who get's the Christian perspective all wrong.  Look at this hatred for Obama.  Is that being a true Christian?  I'm a conservative and I oppose his big-government policies, but I don't try to incite hate.  And her so-called family values?  After the way she's neglected her own kids?  She's too narcissistic to care about her kids.   It's always 'me, me, me' and everyone else is always wrong.  She's so narcissistic she couldn't even care for a pet.  And that's true.  Linda Menard gave her a puppy named Agia.  She got rid of it because she couldn't be bothered to care for it.

"Name one thing she's done-just one-that reflects a truly caring, Christian heart.  She's never volunteered for charity.  Habitat for Humanity?  The United Way?  Even Christian-sponsored charities.  Take a look at her tax returns.  Do you see any donations?  Do you even see a dime?  No, what you see is them trying to get out of paying property on that cabin they built on Safari Lake.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Going on a sabbatical

I will be taking a breather for the next few weeks, just need to recharge and rejuvenate.  When I return I will do a roundup of all things Palin and Heath.

Also all comments now will be in moderation mode until I return.  I will publish comments after I get back.  I need to keep Alicia from shitting all over this blog while I'm gone.

While I am gone, I have posts scheduled, mainly excerpts from The Rogue, The Lies of Sarah Palin, and Frank Bailey's book.  Enjoy!

This is from page 146 of The Rogue:

“Todd says, ‘Sarah wants you out. She’s really upset thinkin’ you’re in there having sex with baby oil.’ We left. We went to a motel.  Sarah dresses hot and acts hot in public, so you would think she would be pretty hot in bed, but that all just part of the show."

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Why the paternity of Bristol Palin's child matters

Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith was President Lincoln's great-grandson and was thought to be the last Lincoln heir when he died in 1985.

Some people think that a Lincoln heir survives.

Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith was married three times and claimed that he had no heirs. His second wife claimed otherwise. His third wife found out she was pregnant six months after the wedding, but Beckwith had had a vesectomy.

They divorced in 1976 where a trial was set in motion to determine whther the boy Timothy Lincoln Beckwith was a leigtimate Lincoln heir. He was seven at the time and stood to inherit more than $10,000,000. The boys mother left for Europe and refused to return. The divorce was granted and the court ruled that the child was the product of an "adulterous relationship." The judge said that another court would have to rule whether young Timothy could still seek the Lincoln fortune.

When Beckwith died in 1985, the three groups that were to inherit his millions -- Iowa Wesleyan College, the American Red Cross and the First Church of Christ, Scientist -- were worried about Timothy Beckwith, then 17 years old. The groups made him an offer -- the teenager said yes, and with that the "Lincoln family tree withered into history."
Wickipedia article here
Lincoln Family Tree Here,

It is possible that Dakota had a vasectomy too which is not uncommon among young males joining the military.  Even though young Timothy was not an heir to Lincoln he still cashed in anyway.  Not to give Bristol any ideas but that might be her plan.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Sarah Palin still thinks crosshairs are cool

From Sarah's Fecebook page:


Evil jihadists raping, enslaving, killing women; crucifying Christians; beheading anyone standing in the way of their demonic, twisted death cult... you'd think that would be the target of these liberals’ self-righteous denunciations. Instead, the Left targets women brave enough to expose the anti-women radical Islamists. Glad my daughters shoot straight. See here:…/the-radical-left-targets-women-sp…/

- Sarah Palin

In Brancy's blogpost it links to a World News Daily article which by the WND is a far right rag.  It's so bad people mistake it for satire.

Monday Meme

Sunday, July 12, 2015

This news caused Sarah Palin to throw canned goods at her fridge

Physicians would be paid to discuss end-of-life options with Medicare patients who want their wishes spelled out in advance under a regulation proposed by the federal government Wednesday.

Medical societies and seniors' groups like the AARP have long supported so-called advance care planning as a way for patients to consider whether they want intensive medical care in the event of a life-threatening illness near the close of their lives, and to make their preferences known to their loved ones in writing. But Medicare has never had a mechanism with which to pay doctors for this counseling, except during a physical exam when beneficiaries first enroll in the program.

“Today’s proposal supports individuals and families who wish to have the opportunity to discuss advance care planning with their physician and care team, as part of coordinated, patient- and family-centered care," Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Chief Medical Officer Patrick Conway said in a statement. "CMS looks forward to gathering public input on this proposal.”

An early version of the legislation that became the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama's health care reform law, would have established a way for Medicare to pay physicians who discuss end-of-life options with patients. The plan was derailed, however, when ex-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the 2008 Republican vice-presidential nominee, falsely labeled these voluntary counseling sessions as "death panels" that would cut off medical care to older Americans against their wills.

"The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s 'death panel' so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their 'level of productivity in society,' whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil," Palin wrote in an August 2009 Facebook post.

The "death panel" charge earned the dubious distinction of being named PolitiFact's "Lie of the Year" in 2009, but its power extended beyond the pressure that led Congress to remove the provision from the health care bill. The false claim penetrated the public consciousness, and polls have shown that large pluralities of Americans continue to believe the Affordable Care Act allows the federal government to cut off medical treatments for people deemed too sick. And that's despite the fact that the term "death panel" has been used to describe several other parts of the health care law, such as a commission charged with containing Medicare spending.

In May, 66 organizations representing medical providers and senior citizens, including the AMA and the AARP, wrote to Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell urging the federal government to establish a way to pay for advance care planning.

"Published, peer‐reviewed research shows that ACP [advance care planning] leads to better care, higher patient and family satisfaction, fewer unwanted hospitalizations, and lower rates of caregiver distress, depression and lost productivity," the organizations wrote. "ACP is particularly important for Medicare beneficiaries because many have multiple chronic illnesses, receive care at home from family and other caregivers, and their children and other family members are often involved in making medical decisions."

Sens. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) and Mark Warner (D-Va.) are the lead sponsors of a bill that would establish Medicare physician payments for end-of-life discussions between doctors and patients. The provisions that were excised from the health care reform legislation in 2009 were based on a bill also sponsored by Isakson.

The policy proposed Wednesday by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which would take effect next year, builds on recommendations made by the AMA to create billing codes under Medicare that physicians can use to charge for these counseling sessions. During the sessions, patients would get advice on a range of options, from minimal medical interventions to demanding that every treatment possible be offered near the end of life. Patients can choose whether or not to schedule end-of-life counseling.

The proposed regulation, whose main purpose is to establish all physician payment rates for 2016, now faces a public comment period that closes on Sept. 8.
And as predicted, it did.

Politicians just don't get it. Their "Death Panels" still won't die. Last night Obamacare masterminds decided they'll pay healthcare providers for vulnerable patients' "end-of-life” plans. Remember that's the strange, intrusive, unaffordable, and unnecessary scheme that was actually stripped from Obamacare five years ago, once we "found out what's in it." So now that part of this socialistic healthcare takeover is back, but yesterday's decision isn't the entire point here.

Be clear, media. Think. Do your homework. Remember when coining “death panel” I focused on the dangers of rationing healthcare services – as it's the inevitable result of any government takeover of healthcare. I was right about this then, and I’m still right about it today. Do your dang homework – you've even admitted I was right, so don't claim I'm "universally discredited" on it. Got it? In fact, even democrats now agree about “death panel" dangers they've found in Obamacare – specifically in the role that unelected, faceless bureaucrats on the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) will play in determining who will get government's limited supply of care, whose care will be covered, and they'll dangerously decide who will be denied.

Media coverage of my position on this is skewed; as usual they got it wrong. I'm calling you out, L.A. Times. You underestimate the wisdom of the people with your claim that I'm "discredited."

Here's my response to one of your colleague's questions last night about the death panels:

Ms. Reporter - thanks for asking. On the record:

There's no denying that the ultimate fix for Obamacare's unsustainable, unaffordable promises is rationed care. Rationed care decided upon by a panel of faceless bureaucrats who, rational people like me will argue, will measure a person's worth using disagreeable criteria as they justify doling out limited government-controlled care. That, my friend, is a death panel.

1. Does this still concern you as possibly leading to death panels or encouraging doctors to deny care to save costs?

It doesn’t just lead to “death panels” it confirms even further that this “Affordable Care Act” is nothing of the sort, and more importantly it just affords government permission to deny care. This decision does not take into consideration the importance of every individual, nor the sanctity of life, as many of us have said for years. Certainly, all patients and families should be advised of options, but we engage in that today and we don't need government bribing any party to do so. See, Obamacare is about unnecessary government intervention and, ultimately, it's all about government control. Government needs to stay the hell out of our "end-of-life" discussions. I'm so angry at democrat and republican politicians who just rolled their eyes when I, and many others, rose up with warnings that each step forward taken by champions of this socialist program would jerk back two steps from every free American and our God-given rights. Life is not about the almighty dollar and someone's arbitrary decisions about who deserves rationed health care; life is sacred because it's provided by our Creator and in itself deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Speaking of dollars, a bloated bureaucracy and weak-kneed politicians sent millions of Americans into financial distress, unseen in history, with this leftist scheme called Obamacare.

2. Do you have any concerns about doctors and nurse practitioners being paid or encouraged to have end-of-life planning questions?

Concerns? More than concerns! For anyone who's had health issues – from welcoming the blessing of a new life, to the frightening and unfortunate aspects of life – answering a government questionnaire that will be judged by faceless bureaucrats just doesn’t cut it. The Hippocratic Oath taken by our care providers is one of the oldest, most sacred binding oaths, and through any iterations it has never condoned the taking of innocent life through lack of care, and certainly not via direct action. If you've recently received care then you know the many intrusive, personal questions that government mandates a provider probe. Be aware that most of these questions are for the benefit of a far-away, bankrupt government, they're not for the benefit of the patient. It is happening in our assisted living facilities, our nursing homes, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and schools, despite many providers who disagree with the mandate but are forced or coerced to provide answers to the death panel of the fed.

- Sarah Palin

The best part of this is Johnny Isakson is a Republican!  Oh and Sarah it's been six years since you lied about Obamacare, Creepy Chuck, Easy Sally, and Trig are all still alive, much to your discomfort.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Jill and Derick Dillard don't let the door hit your asses on the way out!

Jill and Derick are going to El Salvador instead of Nepal.  Guess Nepal told them they were not welcome.

Even though there is a lawsuit against Josh right now, it is still possible to extradite Jill back to the states to testify.  You can't plead the 5th in a civil suit.

Sarah Palin trying to revise history, again

From Sarah's Fecebook page:

Liberals are famous for conveniently rewriting their history. Just take a look at some of the photos below for a few of their most blatant examples, including the lie that they were always for gay marriage and against racism.

The false history teaching that liberals opposed slavery, wanted women to vote, exclusively led the civil rights movements is all Orwellian talk, for the truth is the opposite. It's been the party of Lincoln and Reagan on the side of justice in each of those issues. We led the fight against slavery and for women's suffrage, and with Martin Luther King, Jr. we fought against racism and for peace. Meanwhile the Left still celebrates their strange icons including KKK leader Sen. Robert Byrd, the anti-American terrorist bomber Bill Ayers, and the violently racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger, plus others on the opposite side of righteous justice.

Please add your own examples of leftwing hypocrisy in the comment section below and never hesitate holding the intolerant, judgmental types accountable for their hypocrisy. When you let them get away with ignoring facts and stomping out your voice you become nothing more than lemmings cowardly led over the cliff. America is better than that. Stiffen your spine, call them out, do not retreat.

- Sarah Palin

Skanky then posts these pics along with her screed:

Margaret Sanger never said that quote in the above pic with Hillary.
Hillary has been a supporter of gay marriage for a lot longer than two and a half months.  It looks like it's Sarah that is jumping on the bandwagon.
As for Barack Obama progressive people like him actually evolve for the better, unlike today's Republicans.
There are huge differences between the Republicans of 1860 and the Republicans of today.  Like I said before, parties and people can evolve, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.  It was Richard Nixon who began courting the racists in the Democratic party which makes up the Republican party today.  Civil Rights in the 1960s?  It was a guy named Kennedy who pushed for civil rights and a guy named Johnson who signed the Civil Rights Act.  Neither one was a Republican.  Also Eleanor Roosevelt a Democrat spoke out against lynching in the 1930s and 40s.  She was also key in the fight for women's rights too.

So Sarah, shut the fuck up.

Friday, July 10, 2015

I had a feeling this would happen

From Bristol's Pickore account

Celebrated six years working for the best people I know 🙌 .. This place is my home ❤️❤️ (I actually have a job 🙊 #shocker)

Wait how can it be six years, you worked less than six, then quit.  So no way you are celebrating your sixth anniversary there Bristol.  You came back to Alaska at end of May, so you would have been working for the Dr for less than six weeks now.  And I am not counting the times you went on "sabbatical" for skin school, DTWS, Wife Swap, and Life's not a Tripp, which would add up to about a year.

Really if I did that on my job, coming and going as I pleased I would be out the door.  Guess Bristol may actually have to put in a 40 hour week now that she is preggers.  Not much of a bump there either.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

George W Bush throws veterans under the bus again

From Yahoo

Former President George W. Bush charged $100,000 to speak at a charity fundraiser for U.S. military veterans severely wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, and former First Lady Laura Bush collected $50,000 to appear a year earlier, officials of the Texas-based Helping a Hero charity confirmed to ABC News.

The former President was also provided with a private jet to travel to Houston at a cost of $20,000, the officials said.

The charity, which helps to provide specially-adapted homes for veterans who lost limbs and suffered other severe injuries in “the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan,” said the total $170,000 expenditure was justified because the former President and First Lady offered discounted fees and helped raise record amounts in contributions at galas held in 2011 and 2012.

“It was great because he reduced his normal fee of $250,000 down to $100,000,” said Meredith Iler, the former chairman of the charity.

However, a recent report by Politico said the former President’s fees typically ranged between $100,000 and $175,000 during those years.

One of the wounded vets who served on the charity’s board told ABC News he was outraged that his former commander in chief would charge any fee to speak on behalf of men and women he ordered into harm's way.

“For him to be paid to raise money for veterans that were wounded in combat under his orders, I don’t think that’s right,” said former Marine Eddie Wright, who lost both hands in a rocket attack in Fallujah, Iraq in 2004.

“You sent me to war,” added Wright speaking of the former President. “I was doing what you told me to do, gladly for you and our country and I have no regrets. But it’s kind of a slap in the face.”

Former U.S. Presidents have turned the speaker’s circuit into a major source of income for their post-presidential years. Ronald Reagan faced criticism in 1989 for accepting $2 million for speeches in Japan. Bill Clinton has brought in more than $100 million in post-presidential speaking fees. Bush, similarly, recognized the opportunity, reportedly telling author Robert Draper he planned to "replenish the ol' coffers" on the lecture circuit. But as the commander-in-chief responsible for the prosecution of two bloody wars, Bush has faced a unique dilemma when it has come to addressing military veterans groups.

A spokesperson for former President Bill Clinton said he "has never received" a speaking fee for addressing a veterans' group. A spokesperson for former President Bush’s father, George Herbert Walker Bush, said it has been several years since the elder Bush had given a speech, but said that he did not recall a fee being requested for charity events. On a “handful of occasions” Bush Sr.'s appearance may have been underwritten to cover costs for the charities, spokesman Jim McGrath said. H.W. Bush reportedly appeared at a Helping a Hero event in 2008.

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was the featured speaker at last year’s Helping a Hero charity fundraiser and did not charge a fee. A representative for former President Jimmy Carter said he does not have a specific policy but often donates his honoraria to the Carter Center.

A lawyer for Helping a Hero, Christopher Tritico, said he could not answer why former President George W. Bush did not speak for free.

“I think it's a valid question for the former President,” he said. “It's not a valid question for a charity who raised an extra million dollars.”

According to the charity’s yearly reports to the IRS, it raised about $2,450,000, after expenses, from the 2012 gala where President Bush spoke. The following year, the gala netted the charity substantially less, about $1,000,000.

Speaking and traveling fees for the former President were paid by the charity, but the amount was underwritten by a private donor, the charity lawyer said.

A spokesperson for the former President, Freddy Ford, confirmed the payment but declined to comment on the criticism over the $100,000 speaking fee from the veterans' charity.

In an e-mail statement, Ford said, “President Bush has made helping veterans one of his highest priorities in his post presidency.”

He said the former President has hosted golf tournaments and mountain bike rides for veterans and was working on the Bush Institute’s Military Service Initiative to help “give returning veterans the first-class support they deserve.”

I get the fact that a former President like Dumbya is in high demand for speeches and appearances, but if there is one group that shouldn't have to pay to have a former POTUS speak, it's a veterans group.  Fuck you Dumbya!

Now that Sarah Pac's funds are down to practically nothing Sarah Palin has gone back to commercializing Christmas


Sarah Palin has a new book in the works. 

The former Alaska governor and Republican presidential candidate is working with a new publisher, Regnery Publishing, to release her fourth book, Sweet Freedom: A Devotional. The book will hit shelves in November, the conservative, Washington, D.C.-based publisher announced Tuesday, according to the Associated Press. 

Palin's book will include 260 meditations that use "biblical principles" to tackle contemporary issues, including economics, debt, social justice, marriage, parenting, human trafficking and more. 

Palin, who was recently dropped by Fox News for a second time, published her previous works, including her bestselling memoir Going Rogue, through HarperCollins. Her most recent book, Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas, was published in 2013.

So basically Sarah is just going to copy and paste from the Bible.  Yeah pretty easy,

Only 260 meditations?  Why not 365?  I have a daily devotional that includes 365 daily devotions, 366 for leap years.  Oh that's right Sarah quit in the middle of it.  I will give her credit though for getting over halfway through.

And for SarahPac looks like she only got $55,000 and some change in donations this year.  Bwahahahahaha!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dakota Meyer needs to have his MOH taken away from him-Update

Update-Fucking Blogger screwed up my post again after I saved it.  Anyway the reason Dakota should have his MOH taken away it the pic above.  Desecrating the flag with his dick and asshole and chugging whiskey while doing it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hide the liquor Willow Palin is now 21.

Sarah wished Willow a Happy Birthday on July 5 but according to Google her birthday is today.

According to Alaska Courtview her birthday is on the 5th

So which is it?  I guess it doesn't matter since Willow is now 21 and can get drunk illegally.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Sarah Palin uses the 4th of July to attack President Obama and Democrats

From Sarah's Fecebook page on July 3

And on the 4th itself, she posted this:

Happy Fourth of July! This day epitomizes what is unique and beautiful about the greatest nation on earth, our own America. Countries are normally based on geography or ethnicity, but ours is based on ideas that bind us together and were declared in writing on this day in 1776. On that day we were united. It is time for that unity again, so that we may stand again.

To explain to the next generation what those essential, exceptional ideas are, ask a child to look closely at a handful of loose change and read what’s written on our coins: E Pluribus Unum. In God 
We Trust. Liberty. These are the notions our nation was built on, and they are still true and necessary today. Divided from these precepts our nation will fall.

This Fourth of July, we celebrate our Founders making their desire for liberty plain by declaring their independence from Britain’s King and his burdensome government. May that same unifying desire and courage to fight for God-given sweet freedom be our driving force today.

God bless you all and God bless our United States of America!

- Sarah Palin

Sarah the reason this country is divided is because of the Tea party and you.  And as for a country run by idiots, yes the Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leaders are idiots, but President Obama and the Supreme Court have more sense in their pinkies than you have in your entire 82 lb anorexic body.

Monday Meme

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Remember our veterans this 4th of July. Dakota Meyer hasn't

Wishing all of you a happy 4th of July.  Also remember our veterans as they have made it possible for us to celebrate our independence.

Speaking of veterans Dakota is the biggest asshole:

Saw this come across my Facebook feed from Jarred Taylor over at Article 15 Clothing. The post had to do with veterans taking pictures in front of their homes with the signs asking people not to set off fireworks near their homes. The irony in this is that these same guys are sporting a Spartan, or sheepdog, or whatever the alpha male / military themed flavor of the month shirt is trying to look as imposing as possible. If you are such a hardened warrior or are you someone suffering the traumas of war who cannot deal with fireworks? Stop the cry for attention and pick a side.

Dakota just because you chose not to get treatment for your PTSD doesn't mean no one else has it.  Fuck you and I do not appreciate YOUR service to this country.  You are a cunt like your ex-fiancee.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

God is a liberal and a Democrat

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

From In Touch Weekly

A non-Duggar family molestation victim is preparing to file a civil suit against Josh Duggar, sources tell In Touch magazine exclusively in the new issue on newsstands today.

The shocking development means that Josh and his parents Jim Bob and Michelle could be forced to give depositions and testify about Josh’s molestation scandal. The Duggars likely will have to answer every question as they will not be able to invoke their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination because the criminal statute of limitations has expired.

The family is once again under investigation the Department of Human Services and the fate of their reality show 19 Kids and Counting is still undecided. The impending lawsuit sets up a nightmare scenario for TLC: if the network brings back 19 Kids and Counting, the show could be on the air while the Duggars are fighting a lawsuit that exposes all of Josh’s secrets surrounding the molestations and how the family covered it up.

The Duggars will face questions about how many years it took them to get Josh and his victims counseling, what type of safeguards they put in place in 2002 after first being alerted to Josh molesting female minors. “All the church elders who knew about this will have to be named,” a source tells In Touch.

Legal experts tell In Touch the victim still has the right to sue under Arkansas Code Annotated Section 16-56-130, which allows for a civil action when a sexual abuse victim start to experience the effects of the abuse years later.

On top of that Jill and Derick Dilliard are flying the coop and moving to Nepal to proselytize.  America's gain is Nepal's loss.

All the good news the past week must mean God is displeased with the right wing Christian Fascist crowd....ACA was upheld, same sex-marriage is legal now, Sarah Palin got fired from FOX, Bristol is now officially branded a slut.

Dan Sullivan's reign of terror ends in Anchorage is over!

Good riddance Dan!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Now that she has another grandchild on the way Sarah Palin is back to grifting

Dear Friends,

YOU are the success of SarahPAC! Thanks to your support, SarahPAC has grown to become one of the strongest forces within conservative politics. Together we are working hard to support and elect conservative leaders who will fight for what's right in America!
You were pivotal in the efforts to reclaim majorities in the U.S. House and Senate. In a new documentary called "Building America's Future" to be released later this summer, many of the leaders you have helped elect take time to reflect and speak directly to you, SarahPAC supporters. 

Their testimonies will inspire you to keep the faith and never give up on our country. They thank YOU for influencing national debate and the outcome of crucial elections. Watch the trailer here, and click here to be among the first to see the entire documentary when released:…/

As we look to 2016, your continued support is critical to expanding our majority and electing a conservative President. Just today, SarahPAC donated to 44 strong, courageous conservative candidates, including the 34 U.S. House members who had to stand against their own leadership to do the will of the people and fight Obamatrade. With your support, these are the type of bold leaders we will elect in 2016.

It's an honor to be working with you. Thank you, and God bless you and America!
- Sarah Palin

Sarah keeps forgetting most Democrats were against the TAPP agreement that President Obama wanted.

Yep now that another grandchild is on the way, Sarah's gotta find a way to support it.