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Monday, July 20, 2015

From page 138 of The Rogue

Offstage, as Wheeler quickly learned, she was considerably less engaging.  "For the first couple weeks, I picked her up at her house at 6:00 am and drove her to her office in Anchorage.  When she was done for the day, somebody else in the detail would drive her home.  She'd ride in the back seat and spend a lot of time with her Blackberrys or on the cell phone, so I didn't try to make small talk.  I'd say, "good morning Governor, how are you today?", and she'd nod.  When we got to the office I'd say "'ust call when you're ready to go home.'  That's all I said to her for two weeks." 

Nontheless,  Wheeler soon got a call from deputy chief of staff Mike informing him that "the governor does not want anyone speaking to her in the car."  Not even good morning?  Wheeler asked.  "Nothing," Nizich said "Do not speak.  Period."


  1. LevidumpedthepalinsJuly 20, 2015 at 2:14 PM

    What a bitch.

  2. That description of $arah not even wanting to say good morning, or ask the trooper how his wife/partner/kids were is just one more indication of a raging narcissist.

    For $arah, everything is about her, as she's also a dangerously delusional sociopath.

    Blood libel
    Sambo beat the bitch
    pockets of what I call the rill 'Murica
    don't swear Willow
    All of 'em, any of 'em
    Have you seeeeen TAWWWWWDDDD????!!!

    Actually, no $arah, we haven't seen Tawd for quite a while.

    My guess is that Bristol's June Surprise fetus caused a massive blow up
    in the house, and that Todd moved out, probably never to return.


  3. In "Call Her Miss Ross" by J.Randy Taraborelli, I read something like this about the former Supreme. Employees at her New York offices weren't supposed to address her or even look her in the eye passing her in the hallways.

    No envy for those people either, but Diana Ross has talent and earned millions entertaining people since the 1960s. She was never a grasping grifter expecting others to underwrite her for sprouting right-wing boilerplate.


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