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Thursday, July 16, 2015

From page 85 of The Rogue

Henning laughs, "I know.  Todd and Sarah bring out the worst in me.  I've got to be careful to not let myself grow to spiteful.  But she's the one who get's the Christian perspective all wrong.  Look at this hatred for Obama.  Is that being a true Christian?  I'm a conservative and I oppose his big-government policies, but I don't try to incite hate.  And her so-called family values?  After the way she's neglected her own kids?  She's too narcissistic to care about her kids.   It's always 'me, me, me' and everyone else is always wrong.  She's so narcissistic she couldn't even care for a pet.  And that's true.  Linda Menard gave her a puppy named Agia.  She got rid of it because she couldn't be bothered to care for it.

"Name one thing she's done-just one-that reflects a truly caring, Christian heart.  She's never volunteered for charity.  Habitat for Humanity?  The United Way?  Even Christian-sponsored charities.  Take a look at her tax returns.  Do you see any donations?  Do you even see a dime?  No, what you see is them trying to get out of paying property on that cabin they built on Safari Lake.


  1. Thank you SPHASH. Enjoy your sabbatical! Going to enjoy the refresher course. See the wild ride coming to an end. And what a ride it's watching a train derailing in slow motion.


  2. I'm deeply grateful to the late Joe McGinniss. The Rogue came out in September 2011 and I'd read it by November. The hunger for still more information let directly to me finding Immoral Minority, Serpent's Heart and Malia Litman's blog. He was a magnificent author and may he rest in peace.

  3. That sums up her dead soul and her selfish ways pretty neatly.


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