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Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Quitter's Day!

Watching this video never gets old!


  1. Happy Quitter's Day everyone! I hope you all have some responsibility that you can just up and quit.... because Sarah says quitting is not the quitter's way out.

  2. It's my birthday but I wish to see the day where Sarah disappears from the public eye. And Happy 4th of July!

    1. Happy Birt....

      Sorry, I had to quit halfway through.

  3. Ok $arah, today is DO OR DIE day to all your 500 hundred devoted, worshiping Palinbots over on C4pee.

    You had damn well better run for President today, because if you continue to hunker down with Dr Pepper, Adderal, and crunch wraps, you are even more doomed than ever.

    Last week was good:

    ACA passed the Supreme test, Obamacare is here to stay
    Gays are no longer the outcasts and discriminated against by law.
    Fox news dumped your sorry, sad, stupid ass
    Bristol blew it again, and claimed that somehow this was Dog's will too!

    So $arah, you can make it a Quint-Fecta, by just being honest with your sad flock of Queen Esther fanatic followers that you are not running AGAIN!

    Tick Tock you stupid fool!


  4. LevidumpedthepalinsJuly 3, 2015 at 2:51 PM

    When I first heard this "press conference" Sarah struck me as confused, hyper, and unprepared. Now I listen to it, and Sarah strikes me as simply full of shit.

    When I first saw the Palin family trotted out on the national stage Bristol struck me as a self conscious, humiliated, and shy 17-year-old child. Now when I see that 2008 footage I see Bristol as an immature, hypocritical, and bullying "my mom's the governor" diva.

    "The people who know them best like them the least."


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