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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hide the liquor Willow Palin is now 21.

Sarah wished Willow a Happy Birthday on July 5 but according to Google her birthday is today.

According to Alaska Courtview her birthday is on the 5th

So which is it?  I guess it doesn't matter since Willow is now 21 and can get drunk illegally.


  1. Oh look matching bikinis. Is that Daddy's yacht? Or are they on vacation in Mexico again? Who's watching the young boys? Where's Todd? Where's Sarah? Who really cares as long as they all just go away?

    1. From the looks of it, that is probably a houseboat on Havasu (in AZ).
      Drunk boating anyone?

  2. I think you meant " can get drunk legally" instead of illegally.

  3. Willer knows where the liquor is hidden at the compound. Pisses Sarah off when her personal stash gets sacked!

  4. At least she's 21 and has no kids.

  5. All their birthdays are mysterious, since nothing coming out of the Heath Palin mouths is ever true.

  6. Sarah's never told the truth about any of her offspring's birthdays, not the ones she gave birth to or her adopted child Trig. It's a matter of principle with her. Or at least it's as close as she gets to having any principles.

    Sarah congratulates the women's soccer team, but President Obama and his lovely wife and daughters will welcome them to the White House. It must make Sarah grind her teeth down to nubs to realize that she's rapidly becoming a footnote to a sad chapter in our history while President Obama's popularity is soaring.

    She has truly reaped what she had sown.

  7. LevidumpedthepalinsJuly 7, 2015 at 2:32 PM

    Sarah is not with them.

    It's so easy to tell when Sarah is not around.

    They actually look happy in that photo.

    When Sarah is around they looked burned out and bored.

    Sure, we see photos of them smiling and laughing with Sarah around.

    That's only because Sarah just told them she is about to leave.

  8. Willow is probably bored with alcohol now, she has already chugged it for a lot of years. She now has something to occupy her time and a man who doesn't seem to be a big drinker- things that tend to interfere with a party lifestyle.
    But unless she's not as easily led into Hate as she used to be, she'll never be successful at anything, just another under-employed slug living off of Sarah or somebody else.


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