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Friday, July 10, 2015

I had a feeling this would happen

From Bristol's Pickore account

Celebrated six years working for the best people I know 🙌 .. This place is my home ❤️❤️ (I actually have a job 🙊 #shocker)

Wait how can it be six years, you worked less than six, then quit.  So no way you are celebrating your sixth anniversary there Bristol.  You came back to Alaska at end of May, so you would have been working for the Dr for less than six weeks now.  And I am not counting the times you went on "sabbatical" for skin school, DTWS, Wife Swap, and Life's not a Tripp, which would add up to about a year.

Really if I did that on my job, coming and going as I pleased I would be out the door.  Guess Bristol may actually have to put in a 40 hour week now that she is preggers.  Not much of a bump there either.


  1. She's an idiot. She goes there when she doesn't have a better offer. Her meager menial tasks get done whether she's there or not, that's how important she is to the running of the office.

    Her old cadavery-looking boss is a big fan of her mother, who is probably his most lucrative client. Sarah's face is a terrible testimonial.

  2. I hate selfies they're so overrated. I read an interesting study about selfies and how scientists linked them to mental illness, narcissism and addiction as young adults and teens frequently take numerous pictures of themselves to post them on social media sites. Bristol is clearly obsessed with her looks and only a narcissist like herself wastes her time doing those retarded poses just to attract people's attention especially strangers she's never met, she's also being a bad influence on Tripp who's learning how to be shallow and silly while she thinks it's cute.

  3. That lazy welfare queen has never worked a day in her life and no one would hire a spoiled brat who thinks she's entitled to everything because of her fake ugly chin and her trailer trash family.

  4. I have a feeling the "�� #shocker" is regards to the fact that she hasn't been fired yet. Any other normal person in the world would have been.

  5. I doubt that she's put in a full forty hours at that "job" yet. The doddering old fool who is supposedly her boss pretends Bristol works there as a favor to Sarah.

    You'd have to be insane to let a 75 year old doctor near your face with needles, scalpels, lasers, etc. one look at Sarah should scare anyone off. She's hideous.

    1. Both their faces are beyond saving. He looks like a zombie and she looks like the meth addict she is.

      The world doesn't need either of them.

    2. I think Bristol includes in the forty hours that she works all the times she travels with the Cusacks and their staff.

      When they all went to DWTS in LA and their trips to Vegas, all that time is what Bristol would say is 'working'. Including the flights, time at luxury suites or homes et al. It was work for the Cusacks to help rig votes and support Bristol in those DWTS costumes. Especially, when they all had to conceal her big belly situation.

      The times she and Marina are sucking in the acetone at the nail salons, that is 'work'. Shopping, online or other, that is 'work'. Who doesn't include taking selfies hard work? After all you must post them on your money making social media accounts. It is work!

  6. Bristol's job description is to keep the coffee machine working and cups by the water dispenser. She has no skill set whatsoever unless you count taking selfies, being a bitch, and humping as viable skills.

  7. I have tried to find one redeeming value to combat my loathing of her and I simply cannot.

  8. Yikes! SPHASH....must be on vacation! Krazy Krusty done dropped a couple of nasty little turds up in here! Poor thing babbling about hate when she can't resist talking shit about the BEAUTIFUL BLONDE Sunny! What a dumbass you are! LOL!!

    1. OH GinaM how I have missed your hilarious posts!!! SPHASH mentioned the long periods Bristol was appearing on reality shows but Bristol also traveled the lower 48 promoting her ghost written memoirs on 2 separate occasions, she went on the talk shows for publicity followed by a lengthy book tour, so that's an additional 6 weeks she wasn't working at the office.

  9. Troll is working overtime on this post. LOL

    1. Must've hit a nerve, the poor baby.
      As immature as the one she's defending!

    2. Could it be that Sarah, Bristol, Nancy, and perhaps Sally are the multiple personalities of Alicia the trusty, krusty, invisible defender of all things Palin? Alicia is only a sock puppet that provides the cover for the wenches of Wasilla to wrench their defense against their loose lug nut behavior.

      And, I just spit out a multiple personality mixed metaphor....who knew????

  10. LevidumpedthepalinsJuly 10, 2015 at 12:18 PM

    "They took my shoes. They took my sunglasses. My $300 sunglasses."

    sniff sniff Whhhaaaaa! Whaaaaaaaaaa!

    "Where's my shit?"

    Whaaaaaaaaaa! sniff sniff

    "All I have on my face is beer and makeup>"

    sniff Whhaaaaaaaaa! sniff Whhaaaaaaaaa!

    "Levi married Sunny."

    Whhhaaaaaaa! sniff sniff Whhaaaaaaaa!

    "Sunny took my Levi. My only true love."


  11. Bristol is wearing a winter jacket in July. There's no need to hide her baby bump after announcing her pregnancy to the world. Bristol is also trying to tuck in the prosthesis she calls a "chin." It doesn't help. She still looks like a Christmas nutcracker with a gigantic chin.

  12. Gigantic chin near lips, "looks like a Christmas nutcracker," and three failed engagements...
    What does that tell you Bristol?
    Oh and at least four pregnancies.
    Lokks like you don' even know how to blow.

  13. Sigh. Get home from work and find I have to dust off the troll spray and fumigate the blog. 12 comments deleted thanks to Alicia. And another reminder to all my readers, I love you all but please don't feed the trolls. If Alicia or any troll comments here please do not responds. Mucho gracias.

  14. Palin, whose recent engagement to former Marine and Medal of Honor awardee Dakota Meyer ended mysteriously and abruptly, broke the baby news on her personal blog.

    “I wanted you guys to be the first to know that I am pregnant. Honestly, I’ve been trying my hardest to keep my chin up on this one,” wrote Palin.

    “I know this has been, and will be, a huge disappointment to my family, to my close friends, and to many of you,” continued Palin, mother of 6-year-old Tripp with her first ex-fiance Levi Johnston. “But please respect Tripp’s and my privacy during this time. I do not want any lectures and I do not want any sympathy.”

    Bristol, by her own admission, finds it hard to keep her "chin" up. Who wouldn't find it hard to keep that monstrosity up? Also, too, Bristol tells everyone she wanted no sympathy then whines when no one gives her any sympathy.

    All the Palins do is whine and complain, They are the biggest wimps on the planet.


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