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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Remember our veterans this 4th of July. Dakota Meyer hasn't

Wishing all of you a happy 4th of July.  Also remember our veterans as they have made it possible for us to celebrate our independence.

Speaking of veterans Dakota is the biggest asshole:

Saw this come across my Facebook feed from Jarred Taylor over at Article 15 Clothing. The post had to do with veterans taking pictures in front of their homes with the signs asking people not to set off fireworks near their homes. The irony in this is that these same guys are sporting a Spartan, or sheepdog, or whatever the alpha male / military themed flavor of the month shirt is trying to look as imposing as possible. If you are such a hardened warrior or are you someone suffering the traumas of war who cannot deal with fireworks? Stop the cry for attention and pick a side.

Dakota just because you chose not to get treatment for your PTSD doesn't mean no one else has it.  Fuck you and I do not appreciate YOUR service to this country.  You are a cunt like your ex-fiancee.


  1. If you really miss battle, Dakota, head back over and take on ISIS single-handedly, tough guy. EYE ROLL.

  2. If Dakota misses being in a battle so much, he should have married into the Palin family. He'd never go a day without one!

    1. Nicely said! And how true. Dakota could participate in the next family brawl. Maybe he could hold some guy's arms and let the foul mouthed Bristol punch away, like she did to the host of the September party which the Palin's turned into a brawl. The new baby could come too. She could watch from the car, with Trip, who will undoubtedly be pinching her hard enough to raise welts. He's just the best big brother!


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