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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sarah Palin trying to revise history, again

From Sarah's Fecebook page:

Liberals are famous for conveniently rewriting their history. Just take a look at some of the photos below for a few of their most blatant examples, including the lie that they were always for gay marriage and against racism.

The false history teaching that liberals opposed slavery, wanted women to vote, exclusively led the civil rights movements is all Orwellian talk, for the truth is the opposite. It's been the party of Lincoln and Reagan on the side of justice in each of those issues. We led the fight against slavery and for women's suffrage, and with Martin Luther King, Jr. we fought against racism and for peace. Meanwhile the Left still celebrates their strange icons including KKK leader Sen. Robert Byrd, the anti-American terrorist bomber Bill Ayers, and the violently racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger, plus others on the opposite side of righteous justice.

Please add your own examples of leftwing hypocrisy in the comment section below and never hesitate holding the intolerant, judgmental types accountable for their hypocrisy. When you let them get away with ignoring facts and stomping out your voice you become nothing more than lemmings cowardly led over the cliff. America is better than that. Stiffen your spine, call them out, do not retreat.

- Sarah Palin

Skanky then posts these pics along with her screed:

Margaret Sanger never said that quote in the above pic with Hillary.
Hillary has been a supporter of gay marriage for a lot longer than two and a half months.  It looks like it's Sarah that is jumping on the bandwagon.
As for Barack Obama progressive people like him actually evolve for the better, unlike today's Republicans.
There are huge differences between the Republicans of 1860 and the Republicans of today.  Like I said before, parties and people can evolve, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.  It was Richard Nixon who began courting the racists in the Democratic party which makes up the Republican party today.  Civil Rights in the 1960s?  It was a guy named Kennedy who pushed for civil rights and a guy named Johnson who signed the Civil Rights Act.  Neither one was a Republican.  Also Eleanor Roosevelt a Democrat spoke out against lynching in the 1930s and 40s.  She was also key in the fight for women's rights too.

So Sarah, shut the fuck up.


  1. Sarah Queen of Projection Palin! She's such a tool!

  2. It has become blindingly obvious that nobody takes any notice of Sarah Palin any more. Those lies about other people that the wingnuts like to spread used to get corrected and Sarah's ignorance used to be publicized.... but not any more. Nobody cares.

    The diminishing group of psychotic life forms at the c4pond is shrinking more every week- pretty soon all that will be left will be the ghostly sobs of the two-time losers.

    Looks like the free money has just about dried up. Time to wind up Nancy French and warm up her computer so she can spew out a couple of books by Skanky and Bitchy. And I can't wait to read Bristol's fetus's autobiography, "Not Afraid of Fallopian - My Journey So Far".

    I love that the longer this situation goes on, the worse it is for the Palins. What a disgusting bunch they are. Really, I mean that.

    1. Pee puddle:

      LJ_crossfit • 3 hours ago

      I literally can not google Sarah's name. Every article that comes up is just another slandering speculative article. It's just so frustrating. Almost 8 years later and they're still trashing her.
      Ya think?

      LOL at "Not Afraid Of Fallopian," 8:18 AM!

  3. Sanger clearly states that she wanted to educate people on the use of birth control, to keep families from getting too large for poor parents to feed, and to make sure that overpopulation didn't outgrow the available resources. She was trying to PRESERVE LIFE by controlling growth, and not once did she mention anything about racial inferiority.


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