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Monday, July 6, 2015

Sarah Palin uses the 4th of July to attack President Obama and Democrats

From Sarah's Fecebook page on July 3

And on the 4th itself, she posted this:

Happy Fourth of July! This day epitomizes what is unique and beautiful about the greatest nation on earth, our own America. Countries are normally based on geography or ethnicity, but ours is based on ideas that bind us together and were declared in writing on this day in 1776. On that day we were united. It is time for that unity again, so that we may stand again.

To explain to the next generation what those essential, exceptional ideas are, ask a child to look closely at a handful of loose change and read what’s written on our coins: E Pluribus Unum. In God 
We Trust. Liberty. These are the notions our nation was built on, and they are still true and necessary today. Divided from these precepts our nation will fall.

This Fourth of July, we celebrate our Founders making their desire for liberty plain by declaring their independence from Britain’s King and his burdensome government. May that same unifying desire and courage to fight for God-given sweet freedom be our driving force today.

God bless you all and God bless our United States of America!

- Sarah Palin

Sarah the reason this country is divided is because of the Tea party and you.  And as for a country run by idiots, yes the Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leaders are idiots, but President Obama and the Supreme Court have more sense in their pinkies than you have in your entire 82 lb anorexic body.

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