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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bristol is hiding her baby bump

Here are some recent pics of Bristol on her webstagram or whatever account

Notice how they are close ups of her duckface and not of her belly.  Cmon Bristol I thought you were proud of that baby bump!

Are you farther along than 5 and a half months?  I also see Marina photobombed that one selfie.  I guess she is your only friend these days.


  1. Notice a few other things about these photos.

    In the top photo:

    -- The top photo appears to have been taken in the Anchorage dermatologist's office where Bristol shows up for "work" aboutn once every six months.
    -- Seated behind Bristol is her BFF Marina Lupas, the Exotic Russian Prostitute. One of Marina's clients likely is the father of this baby.

    In the second photo:
    -- That's Trigg in the background and he clearly is unhappy about being with his sisters. Willow is restraining him.

    In both photos:
    -- Bristol is making that ridiculous fish lips face.
    -- Are those eyebrows tattooed on?
    -- Who the hell walks around with fish lips and bug eyes?

    1. Bristol had her brows lifted as part of her de-Eskimoization. Now she acts as though they're some kind of achievement.

      These are the eyebrows that God gave her:

    2. That's not Willow....that is Piper.

      And I am so sick of the stupid fish lip, bug eyed Bristol selfies.

      She is too old for that. But consider the source.....

  2. You are more right than you know, SPHASH. Marina IS Bristol's only friend. She used to have a couple more friends but they had lives to live and they left her behind. All of her other 'friends' are relatives.

  3. Could Bristol's bump really belong to one of her sisters? Hence, her non preggo belly must be kept hidden until after the "delivery?"

  4. You won't see Willow Palin dropping random illegitimate babies all over town like her sister. Willow sooo does not want that for herself.

    Nope, Bristol is the tramp in that family.

  5. aww, poor old Bristol is probably still hoping to sell pics of her Cletus the Fetus bump to some tabloid.

    Who cares? We've all seen her pregnant and naked anyway. For free.

  6. And just know if she DID show her bump, there are SO many phone apps that can help her slim it down or stretch it out anyway. Don't count on ANY pictures to truly tell you what she actually looks like.

  7. What about the picture of Willow wearing a jacket (when no one else is), a long scarf, and standing sideways and slightly behind the person next to her, thus obscuring her profile? Like Sara, like Willow? It's a fairly recent pic of Willow and a group of her friends at an airport. Sorry, I don't remember where I saw it.

  8. Give Brissy a few years and her looks will deteriorate from all the unnecessary plastic surgeries she had when she was just 20 years old.

    People who take selfies are so stupid and annoying as hell.

  9. Who says Bar$tool is pregnant? Only Bar$tool herself...
    Just saying...

    NO independent picture from anyone in toan, no confirmation of her pregnancy from ANY of her family...

    Just saying! Makes ya go HUHHHH?!?!


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