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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Geoffrey Dunn's awesome smackdown on Sarah Palin

From Huffington Post

When Trump recently assaulted John McCain -- who plucked Palin from obscurity in August of 2008 to join him on the Republican ticket -- it was an entirely different matter. Palin immediately came to Trump's defense, calling him a hero and blaming the scuffle on the media. It was an act of betrayal directed at McCain -- and yet another instance of her blatant duplicity -- that only Palin could pull off.

Trump, of course, has been nothing more than a serial sexist when it comes to his constant attacks on women: He has called women "ugly," "fat," "dogs," "slobs," "bimbos," "extremely unattractive," ad infinitum, all leading up to his allegation this weekend that Kelly was menstruating during the Republican presidential primary debate Thursday tonight.

I guess in Palin World, that all makes you a "hero." So be it. But as virtually every major player in the current Republican line-up for president has called Trump on his latest remarks, Palin still hasn't brought herself to take the high road. Just before the Presidential debate last week, Palin gave yet another bizarre interview in which she said that she advised Trump [3:11]:

I've already told him. I said: Keep it up! America appreciates that you're calling it like you see it. He's telling a lot of truth. And really helping educate and lead the other candidates because they're going to have to step up their game and quit sounding like politicians.
I wonder what "truth" she thinks he's now telling?

In addition to being beholden to Trump -- he's the only current candidate, with the possible exception of Ted Cruz, who would ever utter her name publicly -- I've been told that there's some inside back-story to Palin's glaring lack of solidarity with Kelly. According to a source once in Palin's inner-circle in Southcentral Alaska, Palin was livid at Kelley two years ago when the latter interrupted Palin in an interview in which Palin went into what seemed like a crack-addled rant about Obama and the American economy.

No one holds a grudge like Palin. In June, Palin was overtly critical of Kelly for interviewing Jill Duggar Dillard and Jessa Duggar Seewald on her Fox News program. Two weeks later it was announced that Palin had been dumped from her position at Fox News.

That Palin is an exceedingly dull blade goes without saying, but even she must have noted the timing of Fox's decision.

Trump just blew some seriously needed oxygen into Palin's sinking political platform by indicating that Palin would serve in a cabinet-level capacity in his administration--which only someone with Palin's crazy could view as a possibility -- and for a brief moment it appeared that Palin's stock, depressed as it is, might yet have another bump in it.

Not so. The descending numbers from her political action committee and her utter disappearance from the national Republican debate fully indicate that Palin's political half-life has long since passed. She's been reduced to a laugh-line and an afterthought.

As I noted in my critical biography of her, The Lies of Sarah Palin: The Untold Story Behind her Relentless Quest for Power, there is really no low to which Palin will not stoop to advance her own political and monetary interests. Her silence on the Kelly-Trump affair is par for the Palin course. When it comes to political courage and integrity, she has none.

Even though I loathe Megyn Kelly, I have to side with her on DumpTrump's comments regarding her.  I hold political candidates (both sides) to a high standard.  I was a Hillary supporter back in 2007-08 and then switched to Barack Obama because I felt her attacks on him were out of line.

Reason's Sarah has been silent: she wants to be in his administration, nuff said.

Sarah sort of responded to Geoffrey Dunn through Brancy.  That post will be up later this afternoon.


  1. Trump is done, or will be soon. And there will go Sarah's last remaining hopes of ever being in DC. Maybe then the final few 'bots will give up their wet dreams, and stop supporting this woman's lavish lifestyle with their pensions. It really grates me to see her off in Arizona or Southern California, and the kids are left to their own devices. Where's Trig? Where's Piper? They re underage, and if she left them with their oh-so-reliable sisters, I expect we'll see a pregnant Piper next. Has Trig learned any words that aren't swear words yet? Can he eat toddler food now? Is Piper back in school? Since Bristol has this 'full-time' job, who watched Trigg all summer? Did the kids get to play in a park? Go swimming? Enjoy the summer? They sure didn't have much time with Mama, since she was all over the country spitting out interviews and cracking jokes. What a sorry family.

  2. Hi SPHASH! "palin is an exceedingly dull blade" - best smackdown yet!! She threatened to sue both Mr. Dunn and Mr. McGinniss after their books about her fuck-ups and follies were published, but never followed through. Why?? Because everything in those books about her was TRUE!! $arah and Pimp Toad would have shit themselves with fear if they were deposed in court; all the secrets would have been revealed! I am forever indebted to both Mr. Dunn and Mr. McGinniss for thoroughly researching their respective works, and outing the palins for the frauds and fuckin' liars that they are!

  3. Dunn's article is spot on, and the world needs to know what the crimes and lies of the Palins really consist of. It's a lot worse than most people realize

    Quitter Palin is a failed, defeated, drug addled anorexic mess, and has ZERO political future.

    Only a despicable nasty ignorant fool like Trump would consider putting a Palin in the White house Cabinet.

    Hey, $arah, btw, what about your newest grand child to be?

    Why are you not talking that up, hmmmm???

  4. $arah will never be in Trump's administration.

  5. AnonymousAugust 11, 2015 at 8:39 AM

    Correct and spot on. $ister $appy is done. If not for the cable news voracious appetite for non-news to fill the 24/7 cycle, she would have been done 7 long years ago. In my wildest nightmare I cannot imagine a T-Rump administration. That too is not happening. Will Duh Donald throw her a lifeline? That's a GMAFB rhetorical. She's not in his empire today and she will not be there at any future time. Duh Donald has already been misogynist clear that he doesn't "do" what he perceives to be "old and ugly." If $arah had two functioning brain cells, she look to his ex-wives for her first clue.


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