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Monday, August 10, 2015

Hey is RAM still on the SarahPac payroll?

A lot of Sarah's fecebook posts have been very inchoherent lately so the questions is....

Is RAM aka Rebecca Mansour still employed by Sarah Pac? is now revamped to make it look like she is running for POTUS, course everyone except the resident at the Pee Zoo know she isn't.


  1. SarahPac payroll? Like how to keep up to date with those who are blackmailing you?

  2. Bekki Mansour is still posting furiously all over the internet, attacking libruls everywhere, defending "the boss". This is more important to Sarah than her Facebook rants making sense.

    Look at Bekki's options: who is going to employ her when her only claim to fame is Word Salad Sarah? Nobody remembers Bekki's carefully crafted screeds on Sarah's behalf- when they think of Sarah they only think of that wobbly sideways mouth making no sense at all.

    And, really, once they get a load of her nobody is going to want that mountain of ugly in their office 40 hours a week.

    Enjoy your sinecure while you can, Bekki.


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