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Sunday, August 16, 2015

I need to take Bristol Palin to task over her hypocrisy

From Brancy's blog

Last week I did what a lot of pregnant mom’s do, I posted a “bump pic,” and per usual, the Left showed their true colors.  I quickly began trending on social media and was blasted with vile and hateful comments.  How dare I be excited about this baby!

In her article “Bristol Palin Proves the Left Wants to Control Women’s Bodies,” Federalist author Holly Scheer put it perfectly:

What thrust [Bristol] back into the spotlight was the simple decision to take “bump pic” selfies and share them on social media—to be proud and excited about this coming baby. The horror.
I’m not sure exactly what the Left expected or wanted. Perhaps they want her to hide in shame, have an abortion, or to at least have the good grace to realize that all her prior promotion of abstinence meant she is no longer allowed to screw up. Whatever they wanted, it wasn’t her to celebrate her newest child.

Usually the charge of hating on single mothers comes from the Left against the Right, when the Left are the ones decrying Bristol. Perhaps this proves that the people really invested in telling women what they can and can’t do are progressives.

She concluded her article by saying:
n the wake of the tragedy of the deaths of millions of tiny babies, let’s show the Left that we don’t want to control women’s bodies. They do. Choosing life is making a choice, and Bristol is making the right one.

Thank you, Holly!

Every time I feel my baby kick or see an ultrasound, I know I am making the right choice.  Life is a gift and I am going to celebrate this precious baby no matter how loud the Left chants their hateful empty messages!

Bristol, I do not care if you have this baby or not.  Whether or not you keep it, abort it, or give it up for adoption is your business.  What I have an issue is you were paid over $300 K to preach no sex until marriage, you even said you were planning to wait until marriage:

You then turn around and get knocked up.  And don't tell me you were planning this pregnancy.  You said you would wait until marriage to have more children.  That makes you a hypocrite and a liar.

And since you are carrying Cletus the Fetus to term I do care about it like I care about Tripp.  Who is it's father?  Are you refraining from alcohol and drug use?  Do you have any STDs that may effect it's health?

So Bristol, stop with all the faux "wha wha wha liberals are picking on me" bullshit.  Quit being a hypocrite as well.


  1. Yes SPASH! For Dog's sake, If Bristol wants to live a VIBRANT PRIVATE life, why in f*ck does she keep posting pictures and idiotic blurbs on Insta, FB, Twitter, and her stupid ghost written blog?

    It's like a drunk who constantly keeps driving and getting in accidents, who then complains and whines every time the cops throw them int jail.


    Unfortunately, Bristol is puppet that belongs to $arah, because she's depending on granny for her money, car, house, and above all, her purses and sunglasses.

    Boy did Meyer dodge a HUGE bullet by not marrying Bristol. Imagine having $ARAH PAYLIN for a mother in law?

  2. Yes, no one has Sarah as a MIL do they? No one has been desperate enough to marry into this family. And Brissy, hon, keep your business to yourself, and no one will comment at all. Then what will you do all day??
    I have an idea. School starts tomorrow. Is Tripp ready for 1st grade? Did you spend the summer reviewing sight words, having him practice printing, coloring, cutting with scissors? He needs all those skills to be successful this year. Did you spend the last two weeks moving his bedtimes up so he was on a school schedule?

    Or are you still in Arizona with Granny, visiting spas, taking selfies, and bitching about liberals? You have been such a model mother to Tripp; I actually feel sorry for this baby already.

    1. Jordan (girlfriend of never-right-Track) seems to be headed for it...

  3. "Did you spend the summer reviewing sight words, having him practice printing, coloring, cutting with scissors? He needs all those skills to be successful this year."

    Lucky for Tripp he has a stepmother. These are the sorts of things Tripp does with Sunny. The Palins don't think education is important- you don't need an education to leech off of other people.

  4. Bitchy,
    Calling you out on your hypocrisy is not the same as saying you should have an abortion. You are a master of hyperbole and victimization. Grow up, dimwit.

  5. LevidumpedthepalinsAugust 16, 2015 at 1:32 PM

    Bristol is going full on diva mode again, I see. She must be tired of hiding all those $300 sunglasses stolen from the 2008 campaign.

    I think Bristol tried to grab her "future husband's" attention with the initial revelation about the baby. She was as disappointed with the "disappointment" as any groom who is not the baby's father would be but shame on him for not marrying her. Her phone didn't ring. No one came running to her rescue. Instead, all the men folk ran away.

    Now it's time to fall back on what worked in the past. Let's announce an imaginary war has been declared against my "disappointment." I need soldiers, ammunition, supplies, and Chaplains to fight this war. Most importantly, I need prayers. In the meantime, while all of you are rallying to me, I will run around with my skirt pulled up over my head.

    Let's see if it works again.

    1. She got knocked up by an undivorced married MOH????

  6. Bristol is looking for a fight and she's been doing it ever since she announced her pregnancy just to blast her critics who have pointed out her hypocrisy when she was being paid to lecture girls on the dangers of premarital sex. She uses religion as a facade to mask her foul nature while she fornicates with other men.

  7. Damn, I'm so sick of hearing that whiney bitch! Why should any of us care about those grifting hillbillies? Unfortunately, they don't have to work because stupid media keeps putting them in the spotlight and ignorant people send them money! I wish it all would stop! Thank you for your post, it was right to the point...silly, uneducated, mentally challenged Brisdull is hopeless.

  8. Has anyone seen Bar$tool lately? She has disappeared from the face of the earth since she posted those pics above. ANYone in Wasilla or Anchorage? She should be ready to pop any minute by now, because we all know that she did not post up to date pictures. Did she have a 'white-out'? Is the baby girl of darker complexion, and they could not find a suitable substitute in time? Is the doctor refusing to cooperate with her this time around?


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