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Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Meme


  1. Palin is a bitter, failed, defeated harpy and has degenerated into an anorexic drug addict.

    IN That latest video in a mall by Humphries she's mugging for the camera like a tween girl, and is a picture perfect version of dope fiend.

    Golly $arah, if you don't declare Presiden TODAY< your Pbots and droids are going to commit suicide.

    Remember in 2008 when you told John McCain that "god will make the right people win the election"?

    How's 8 years of President Obama working out for you, Mary Glazier, and your delusional cult of prayer warrior failures?

  2. Sarah PAC has a new expenditure: Willer just got herself her own home (on a hair stylist's salary, after just having finished hair school!).
    I guess time to check out the listings in Anchorage


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