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Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Meme


  1. There she sits, playing at being governor with the camouflage of all her commissioners so someone is on hand to answer media questions while Sarah mouths repetitive platitudes about how great she is, before leaving for yet another photo-op of some fancy pageant walking far away from her office.

    It's not a wonder she wasn't missed after she quit.

  2. $arah, you have a few thousand idiots fooled by your stupidity and ignorance, but 99.999 of US citizens would NEVER vote for you or give you a fucking nickel.

    You are defeated.

    Game fucking over

  3. WHOOOOOSH describes her intelligence level perfectly! Wooden head, wooden listen, wooden learn fuck-all anyways!

  4. LevidumpedthepalinsAugust 17, 2015 at 1:34 PM

    Those were the days when Sarah could sneak up on unsuspecting people and knife them in the back.

    But back stabbers become ineffectual when people know it's coming.

    Hence, Sarah cowering helplessly while her husband and children got their asses kicked in front of her. Sarah sure did come out of hiding after the police arrived, though. Listen to those tapes of the brawl aftermath again. How the police ignored Sarah is funny as shit.


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