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Sunday, August 30, 2015

On the the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, let's discuss the whopper Chris Kyle told


Chris Kyle, the now-deceased Navy SEAL who is celebrated in Clint Eastwood's movie "American Sniper" was a proved liar.  Jesse Ventura, the former military man, wrestler and governor of Minnesota, sued Kyle before he died, claiming that he defamed Ventura in his memoir, "American Sniper."  Kyle claims to have punched out Ventura in a bar after Ventura bad-mouthed the troops who'd been sent to Iraq. Kyle was killed before the trial, but a jury determined that none of what he had written about Ventura was true and awarded Ventura $1.8 million.

Because he's a proved liar, we should be awfully skeptical about Kyle's claim that the U.S. government sent him into New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  They perched him atop the Superdome, he said, and it was from there that he picked off 30 looters in the city.

A June 2014 Washington Post report about Kyle's "unverifiable legacy" doesn't outright call the celebrated sniper a liar, but it nudges the reader toward that conclusion. After including a quote from one of Kyle's officers who said, "I never heard that story," the Washington Post writes, "Does that mean it didn't happen? Who knows. It's certainly possible that Kyle... killed 30 armed assailants in New Orleans to protect its residents in Katrina's aftermath. But it's also possible Kyle couldn't let go of his own legend, and, in a haze of post-traumatic stress, let his tales veer into untruth."

At the website, writer Michael McAffrey is far less kind.  He excoriates Kyle and reporters who either have failed to question Kyle's bogus stories or, worse, criticized Ventura for suing Kyle for lying about him.

Kyle also told a story about killing a pair of carjackers in Texas and then dialing up the Pentagon for the law enforcement officials who arrived at the scene.  That's another story that nobody -- no police, deputy, coroner or witness -- has been able to confirm.  McAffrey writes, "Just like he didn't shoot two car jackers in the middle of nowhere Texas, and he didn't shoot looters in the aftermath of Katrina. None of those things are true...but that doesn't mean there aren't people who desperately need them to be true."

Apparently there are some people out there who believe that Kyle's lies are a manifestation of post traumatic stress disorder.  Is it that what he is?  Or could he just be an American liar?

Yes Chris is a liar liar pants on fire.

Speaking of liars Dumbya had the nerve to show up in New Orleans the other day.  I hope he got pelted with tomatoes.


  1. Kyle was a liar, and the adulation of the KKK, the teaparty types, and the hideous Palin creature can't wipe that away.

    Bush deserves to be on trial for war crimes.

    It's a shame that the Dems don't have a really good candidate for Prez who can actually win the election.

    If a Christian Taliban like Walker, Bush, Cruz, or Carson got elected, they WILL start World War 3 by attacking Iran

  2. I survived Katrina on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I fled to Donaldsonville, LA, where I lived with some cousins for a month. Two days after Katrina, my cousin, several of his friends, and I took their duck-hunting boats to New Orleans where we spent four days plucking people off rooftops and out of flood waters. We deposited many of them at the Superdome.

    There were no snipers or anyone else on the roof of the Superdome. If there had been, it would have been common knowledge. Didn't hear any shots fired, didn't see anyone shooting "looters."

    Kyle is a liar. But, as the article points out, Tea Partiers, Republicans, biblethumpers -- they need their heroes, even if the heroes are bullshit artists.

  3. As disturbing as the fact that Chris Kyle invented all these stories about his "heroism", personally, what I find even more disturbing is that he thinks this is all acceptable behavior. Car jackers? Just kill 'em. Looters? Just kill them, too. Just stand atop a superstructure and pick off targets like it's a video game. Mentally incapable of finding other ways to handle a situation, his answer is always to kill. No justice, no rule of law, certainly no talking of any kind involved. No matter what the problem, the answer is always "kill them".

    Let's say he's not making this up and it's all true and he really did stand on top of the Superdome and snipered American citizens in the midst of a natural disaster. This is a hero? Does this in itself outrage no one? Not only are Americans not bothered by this, they see this as being heroic? How can one even think of enlightening such a mindset. Republican love this stuff. Dick Cheney likes to torture. Chris Kyle likes to kill. Some people are just like that. They usually gravitate to positions that allow them to fulfill their sicknesses. Much like how pedophiles find places that put them around children, Dick Cheney and Chris Kyle have found their place in life.

    Chris Kyle, no longer in Iraq where he is free to kill as many enemies (and they're ALL enemies) as he needs to fulfill his enjoyment of killing people, sees a natural disaster arise and instead of seeing it as an opportunity to help people, he sees it as an opportunity to kill them. People fleeing a natural disaster, full of fear and panic with nowhere to go and his answer is to kill them. Why bother trying to help them when you can just shoot them? Of course, in his mind, my guess is that he was convinced that he was helping. Because, you know, you have to kill people in order to save them; you have to burn that village in order to save it. Besides, when he kills people, everyone tells him he is a hero. Such ugly fantasies he needs to feel good about himsellf.

    Let's just hope Chris Kyle is only just a liar, because if he really did do those things, that just makes it all so much worse.

  4. It still disgusts me that "American Sniper" set box office records.
    I'm glad Jessie Ventura won his lawsuit.

  5. I refused to see "American Sniper" because of all the reasons listed above.

  6. Did any of you hear any reports of 30 bodies, all shot with great accuracy, being discovered post/Katrina? Me neither. He was a liar.

    1. I paid very close attention to the television coverage of Hurricane Katrina because it seemed so unbelievable that the federal government was doing so little to help the stranded people. The tragedy of it all kept me glued to the television. I vividly recall Pres. Bush praising "heck of a job, Brownie," but I never heard that 30 looters had been shot. TV reporters kept showing the same instances of possible looting over and over so that it looked like a much greater problem than it was. Kyle made this story up. Imagine being proud of shoooting/killing fellow human beings. Sickening.

  7. Chris Kyle ended up getting Kyle-style justice. You have to wonder how many lies he told and how much damage he did to other people for karma to take him out that way.

    Hey Sarah, why did God have Chris Kyle killed?


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