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Monday, August 17, 2015

Piper Palin starts high school today!

So now the countdown starts to when Piper Diaper drops out.

I hope she surprises us all and actually graduates on time.


  1. LevidumpedthepalinsAugust 17, 2015 at 2:24 PM

    I hope Piper sticks it to her mother and father by becoming President of her senior class, valedictorian, Varsity letters in three sports, becomes first chair violinist in the symphonic band, and gets a full scholly to Brown.

    Now that would be one rebellious teenager in the Palin clan!

  2. Oh who are you kidding? I give her a year and a half.

  3. Anyone giving odds on when she drops out because she's knocked up?

    Will she follow her big sister into the Wine Cooler Tent?

    Inquiring minds don't give a shit.

  4. Is that her vehicle behind her? Looks like an elaborate scooter.

    1. That's probably Tripp's Christmas present from the parent that has too much money and too little brains.

  5. what the fuck is she wearing on her chesticles? My daughters would never go to their freshman class looking like that.

  6. That's a puppy in an infant carrier on her chest. May be her hint that she plans o start popping out pups just like her big sister.

    The vehicle is son\me kind of camo-painted 4-wheeler. Back in the day when Bristol and Dakota were all the rage there were several photos of Dakota and Sarah wheeling around in the thing.

  7. Poor Piper. She's going to have to describe what "homework" is to the rest of her family when she comes home from school, and fight to be given time and space to do her work.

  8. Piper already has a steady boyfriend and a habit of posting bathroom selfies in her underwear. She won't go far, look at her role models.

    I think she's more likely to be like Willow was: paranoid about not having an unwanted fatherless baby and growing up to be a slut.

  9. Piper is 14 and there's a chance she'll be the first to finish high school and go to college. Maybe her aunts and uncles are better role models than her parents and siblings.

  10. She spent the summer with Track Menard's girl friend, who was partying hardy, but also studdying hard. So, who knows. Maybe she actually learned something about the benefits of learning...


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