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Friday, August 14, 2015

Sarah must have fired her ghostwriter cuz now she is only posting links on Fecebook

From Sarah's Fecebook page:

Yes Sarah like you really give a shit what Target does.  And really who cares if boys and girls toys and clothes are mixed together?


  1. Sarah dare not say anything about that, what with her lame fight-like-a-girl look-at-my-biceps i-kill-animals Caribou Barbie schtick.... not to mention that her daughters drink, fight and swear like men, and they can only have learned that from their mother.

    There's obviously something in it for Sarah if she posts Graham's shit on her Fecebook, even without comment.

  2. So Sarah, boycott Target. Who cares what you think? My grandkids are a boy and a girl. I got two sets of Lincoln Logs for them to play with when they were visiting. Guess who was the more enamored of the building toys? Yup, the girl. She is 8, and had a blast making forts and houses with the blocks. The 6 year old was more interested in running around with the boy next door playing Star Wars. Neither boy cared a bit about the logs. Anna's also been building advanced Lego sets since she was four. She did 100 piece jigsaw puzzles at three. We just taught her the game of Quiddler, which is a word game, and she beat the adults. Come on Sarah, what have your grandkids done lately? Have you even seen them? Do they call you Grandma? Do they hug you? Do you read to them; listen to them read? I spent hours with Logan listening to Margaret Hillert books, as he's entering 1st grade and those printers are perfect for him right now. Is Tripp reading? He should be. School starts next week, right? Will Trigg be prepared, or are you letting the schools handle everything about his education? And Piper's. Let's see. Piper should begin thinking about college soon. I'm sure she wants to get away from home. Are you encouraging her to prepare for the entrance tests? Take advanced courses? Have you even seen the girl this summer?
    I do feel sorry for your family, Sarah. You re more interested in sniping at everyone you think ticks you off than being a parent. And your husband is more interested in his PAC salary for carrying your purse than his kids too. Pitiful really.

  3. All the Palin kids have been neglected, used, and abused by their sociopathic mother.

    Notice that not ONE of the Palin kids has been sent to college. Apparently that's too elite for $arah and Tawd. Only snobs go to college, and learn about Supreme court cases, departments of law, and the US constitution.

    Obviously, also too, $arah never taught her kids about sex ed, contraceptives, safe sex, STD's, or anything related.

    Bristol is nothing more than a puppet in exchange for money at this point.

    Willow may be able to get away from the idiocy, the drama, and her mother's toxic influence

    Track is a walking wounded, and needs a job, and an education.

    I pity Piper. All her life she's seen fighting, grifting, hypocrisy, and selfish behavior. Living with $arah would be like infecting a person with some horrible mental condition. I'm betting that $arah is too god damn cheap to want to spend the $ for Piper to even apply to colleges, never mind going to one.

    Trig has missed all the early development goals, and is way behind where he should be at this point, but he served his purpose as a prop back in 2008.

    It's easy to become a parent, but raising kids is about the hardest and most time consuming thing out there, if you really want to do a good job at it.

    The Palin kids were raising themselves like a feral pack of puppies, and the results speak for themselves.


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