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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Todd is alive!

Apparently Todd has been hiding in Arizona all this time as he makes an appearance in this video.

Don't know much about this Rusty Humphries character but the way he keeps slobbering all over Sarah and Todd makes me want to puke.  And his questions are softer than Charmin.

Sarah really looks emaciated in this pic.  Note how she is only filmed from the shoulder up and the ticker running at the bottom of the screen.


  1. "Ditch the over reaching glasses, bitch!"
    They make you look even older and more stupid.
    And so contrived.
    Not much raw material to start with, obviously.
    Never mind.

  2. She look's more like her mother Sally, with every passing day

    1. Her mother is better preserved.

  3. The sad remnant of a once class C celebrity, now vamping on a mall escalator for couch change from the 50 remaining faithful PalinBOTS

  4. I'm watching very carefully with the sound off( obviously). Some points. Her hair color looks grown out, like 3 months grown out. She's very anorexic. Her body is waving all around like a drunk, or an addict. Tawd is still carrying her purse. She continually rubs her head, jaw, back of skull, rubbing her nostrils. The mouth tics of an addict or a child. (My sister was an addict, right up until she died). I recognize the movements. But the strangest one, I don't know if anyone else looked closely enough. She talks out of the right side of her mouth. Her bottom lip, especially, goes off to her right, when she's trying to make a point. Like someone who's had a stroke. I will have to go back to older videos (Somebody, stop me!) to see if it's there earlier. But it's here in this video.

    1. We think that might be nerve damage from some previous cosmetic procedure years ago. Her mouth seems to want to slide down right off her face on that side. If she knew how distracting it was she'd never go on TV again. You can't listen to her while you're fascinated by her trainwreck mouth and its wanderings.

    2. Also seems to have a perpetual herpes sore on the top lip.

      'Sal'... Is she hinting that she reads the blogs, and acknowledging that she looks more and more the age her mother (Sal) is? (Would that be around 82 or so? Because that's what this skank looks like!

    3. Great observations Otto Katz. I also watched without the sound and the non-stop tics and uncontrolled movements from Sarah make this video nearly unwatchable. Plus, the camera person is definitely not a professional.

      Other observations: pursed lips, tongue stuck in cheeks and lower lip (many times), scratching the roots of her bangs, rubbing her left ear lobe and behind right ear, sucking her teeth, hands and arms constantly flailing about, and outrageous mugging to the camera.

      At the 2:29 point Sarah is facing the camera, but at a slightly greater distance. She looks anorexic, but her boobs are huge. At the beginning of the video Sarah is shown adjusting her tank top straps. Positioning the Belmonts perhaps. LOL.

      Sarah is wearing a large ring (Bristol's?) on her right hand and she makes sure it's visible by holding that hand to her face. I couldn't see if Sarah was wearing a "wedding" band on her left hand.

      Regarding Sarah talking out of the right side of her mouth--it was much more pronounced in a prior video. It was a very up-close taping of Sarah spouting her usual nonsense and I believe I saw it within the past year at IM. At the time, folks commented that perhaps she had had a stroke or had over done the botox.

      Todd seems very "smiley", cooperative and in good humor during this seven and a half minute embarrassingly amateur video. IMO Todd has resurfaced (not by his choice) because Sarah is once again in desperate need of a "handler".

      Track has been a lost cause for years and Bristol appears to be avoiding Mommie Dearest, who in turn is pretending her oldest daughter isn't popping out another illegitimate grandchild. Willow, who has obviously been denied all the goodies heaped on dim-witted Bristol, just plain doesn't care about Sarah anymore. Goodness knows what Piper is up to or who is actually raising her. Pimp "what's in it for me" Todd is now the only one available to look after the physically and mentally declining Sarah.

  5. Craters behind her clavicles, head of the humerus is well-defined, upper chest ribs are well-defined. She is exceedingly thin. Shouldn't be long now.

  6. Why are they in Arizona and not Alaska? Is Sarah sick of hearing people laughing at her behind her back? She's lucky, most of those people would like to smack her face.

    Too bad for Sarah that she's disliked in Phoenix and Scottsdale every bit as much as she is disliked in Wasilla- only it's not quite so personal.

  7. Who really cares if Todd Palin is ALIVE?

    For crying out loud, we all would have been so much better off to have never heard of Sarah and Todd Palin! They have proven to be nothing more than scum on this earth. And, they've both proven themselves to have zero redeeming factors to their lives!


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