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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bristol doesn't look all that pregnant in this picture

These pics were taken at her "boss's" birthday party.  He doesn't look good for being 75.

Anyway if Bristol is 6 months preggers there then she should be farther along in this picture, which was posted beginning of Sept.


  1. It looks like she has borrowed her mother's pillow.

  2. We don't know the date of Dr Zit and Skin Cancer's birth.
    We don't know when the photos were taken.
    Bristol is doing the lean forward to look thinner. Boobs out, belly in.
    She could have DWTS triple SPANXed her baby bump.

    We'll never know for sure. The Palins have shucked and jived, "spinned" and lied so much that they don't know the truth. It's all about perception and illusion. They are counting on us getting slipped up in their bullshit so be careful where you step.

  3. What strikes me about this is the total lack of professionalism in that office. Jeans, tee shirts? And is she holding that man's hand between her legs? This is creepy. And no, she does not look pregnant at all. But then, all these women do is lie, so I doubt we will ever see a baby.
    I did look up BD available, but his office opens at 8AM. Anyone really believe Bristol is up before 6, gets ready, gets her son ready for school, and is out the door before 7AM? Right. And who gets Tripp to school, since Grandma has barely been in Alaska in months except for a picture at the fair with the band guy? Todd? High school age Piper? Willow, who is also out of Wasilla more than she's there lately?

  4. I looked in the Court View records online and the doctor does have an early September birthdate. So the photos could be legit. But I suspect that the baby has already been born and Bristol is "padding" so she can claim a later birthdate for the baby, making it look like the baby could be Dakota's and not the result of her activities before she met him.

  5. Nah, the pics are legit. The woman on his right is an employee who just recently celebrated her 50th birthday, and she also posted a couple of pics from her boss's birthday bash on her FB timeline. (I forgot her name - Janice something)

    That said, Bri$$y has a few new(er) pics on her instagram. In one, she is lying on her back (got new eye lashes installed and showing them off). Her belly is conveniently covered with scarves. Sound familiar? In another one, she is lying on the floor on her stomach, next to TriG, and Tripp is in the background on a couch, either watching TV or playing some game. I don't know, but I for one was not able to lie on my belly when I was 6 or 7 months pregnant...
    To me, she either already welped, or she is faking the pregnancy - for whatever reason. But she is not looking/behaving like a normal highly pregnant woman would look/behave. Also, no weight gain in the face, and no 'pregnancy mask'...

  6. Brissy didn't give an exact due date and she certainly doesn't look pregnant in any of her photos, but it's obvious she's a liar just like her mother and she'd do anything to be in the spotlight. The slut doesn't even want to say who's the father and she'll probably tell the world it's Dakota.


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