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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bristol Palin aka Brancy attacks President Obama for a kind gesture

From The Hill

Bristol Palin is slamming President Obama for inviting to the White House a 14-year-old student arrested after bringing a homemade clock to school, saying the move “encourages more racial strife.”

Ahmed Mohamed, a Muslim student living in Irving, Texas, was suspended from school after teachers at his high school mistook his clock for a bomb. No charges were filed against the ninth-grader.

“This is the kind of stuff Obama needs to STAY out of,” Palin, the 24-year-old daughter of former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin,wrote in a Thursday blog post the day afterObama invited Mohamed to the White House via a tweet.

“This encourages more racial strife that is already going on with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ crowd and encourages victimhood,” wrote Palin, a “Dancing With the Stars” alum.

“The police made a mistake, clearly,” wrote Palin, adding, “But why put more people against them? Why egg it on?”

“Childish games like this from our president have divided our country ... even more today than when he was elected.”

Since when is inviting someone to the White House childish? Is Brancy pissed that President Obama will never invite her to the White House?

Several people including Mark Zuckerberg expressed their support for young Ahmed, Bristol did not object to that. But when the black guy in the White House does......


Grow the hell up Nancy French.


  1. 'Hi ! I'm Bristol and I've yet to see the bible verse 'Judge not, lest yea be judged', so I'm going to point fingers and judge - okay ??? Also, I'm going to spread my thighs again to have my third baby from daddy # 4 - don't judge me !!

  2. The whore can't count either.

  3. Hey Brissy, that boy is smarter than you and your entire stupid family so shut the fuck up!
    At least Ahmed knows how to make a clock and values education while your only talent is being a breeding machine who doesn't know how to use protection.

  4. Oh, did Bristol get off her back again?

    1. I think Brisdull goes into a rage every time another potential baby daddies DNA does not match her latest mistake/blessing.

  5. I'm convinced that Trig is the smartest one in the entire Palin family -- by a wide margin.

    The dog is second.

  6. I shudder every time I think about this whole lazy, grifting, uneducated, racist, lying, hypocritical, ethically-challenged Palin/Heath clan being given the opportunity, by way of (formerly) sexy Sarah, a chance at becoming the "Second Family". Old John McCain wouldn't have lived very long as President, I'm afraid.


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