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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bristol Palin's stalker back at it again

From TMZ

Bristol Palin has a deranged suitor who believes he's her son's daddy and wants to do the right thing ... by moving in with her.

Michael Cummings had a box and suitcase delivered to the P.O. box for Todd and Sarah Palin's Wasilla home, packed with his belongings, including a Keurig coffee machine.

He's been a thorn in Bristol's side for a long time, sending her an engagement ring, showing up at birthday parties and leaving a knife in her mailbox. She got protective orders in the past, but they've all expired.

So Bristol went back to court and got another one, ordering him to stay 1,000 feet clear of her and her family.

Here's the problem ... people who are mentally disturbed are the least likely to obey stay away orders.

But it's the best Bristol can do, and at least if he violates it the cops will arrest him.

I wish TMZ wasn't so sympathetic to the Palins.  Bristol, Sarah, and Willow just keep egging their stalkers on and when they show up they all cry wolf.

This is exactly the reason why Tripp should live with Levi and Sunny permanently.


  1. Instead of a protective order, maybe Bris should give him a Trial Daddy Tryout® roll in the hay. He may be just what she's been looking for.

    On the other hand, it might be just what is needed to keep him away.

    1. He has certainly stuck around much longer than any of the other candidates.

  2. TMZ is a shitty website that needs to go away.

    Who knows? Maybe that stalker is the unborn child's father and Bristol is denying it.

  3. Hi SPHASH! Looking at the photos on TMZ, it looks like a set-up; one that was arranged by the fuckin' palins for cheap publicity! If you look closely, the box, coffeemaker and suitcase are sitting out on a ramp leading to a utility shed. Notice the double doors, and cleated ramp; such a building that is used for storing a riding lawnmower, snowblower, etc. I would not be surprised if that is left over shit sent from KY by Dumbkota, or the palins sent it to themselves to gin up sympathy pangs, i.e. the "victim" card again. What a bunch of fucked-up losers!

    1. One other thing - knowing how paranoid the palins are, USPS, UPS, or FedEx would have to notify them of said delivery, and either they picked up the parcels, or met the delivery driver at their compound gate. Bottom line, this whole "stalker" business stinks just like $arah's unwashed "hoo-wee"!!

  4. abbafan echos my sentiments. This stinks like the Palins.

  5. The 'highly desired tiny Hollywood starlet' has a stalkers ... oh no!

    Yea, right. This is what is called Palin marketing.

  6. Bristol's stalker isn't afraid of commitment. She puts all those alluring photos up for someone. This one has stuck with her for years now. I am sure the authorities have told her how to be more cautious if she is concerned about stalkers.

  7. Someone zoomed in on the box, and it is a car seat box. Not that I assume Bristol might be lying or anything.

  8. Good grief! A guy is actually willing to be associated with her, in public, and wants to be with her--and she turns him down???

    Bristol, honey, how often do you think this is going to happen? Marry him before he changes his mind!


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