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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Lack of activity on Bristol's instagram page lately

There hasn't been much posted on Bristol's instagram page lately.

The last post was about 10 days ago and the one before that was over two weeks ago.

I know her due date is in Dec but could she be lying about that.  Of course.

Sarah has been pretty quiet on Fecebook too, just a grifting attempt and superlatives about Dean Cain.

What is going on?


  1. Isn't it funny - I have been thinking the same, but the irony also hit me - here we are thinking she hasn't posted anything on her public Instagram (she has a private one, too, but I forgot the name) - and yet we have been chastising her that she lives her life out in the open, everything right there for her stalkers to see...
    Somehow, I believe she has whelped already, but we will never see or know the exact date. We also will not know if the baby she will eventually show off is actually hers or a rent-a-baby (especially if the girl is biracial).

  2. We don't even know how many kids she's had. But I don't believe the December EDC. That would have her getting pregnant in March, and I think she'd announce it if it was MOH's baby. She won't, because it's not, and he's apparently bright enough to figure it out. No: this is a random pregnancy and she was stupid enough to announce it as MOH's to her family and he denied it and broke off the wedding. My gods, why else would Sarah hold a "celebration of life" instead of a wedding? Gods know that his family couldn't have been enthused. No, Sarah's still pinning hope on the right-to-lie community for handouts. I said it years ago: she'll wind up speaking at a Right to Lie booth in a town fair in East Potato, Idaho.

  3. I think she was knocked up in February, on or about Valentine's Day, in Vegas.

    Why? On her Instagram page is a photo -- selfie, acutally -- of Bristol and her BFF, Marina Lupas, the "exotic Russian ho' , ' standing in the ladies' room of a Vegas casino/hotel. In the comments section alongside the photo, Bristol says something about "the next day I ruined by life . . . worst Valentine's Day ever . . . " or words to that effect.

    In the photo, Bristol and Marian are dressed to go partying -- low-cut short black dresses. I suspect they hooked up with some of Marina's "clients," or hooked up with a couple of strangers and things took their natural course. Bristol got herself knocked up by some guy in Vegas whose name she doesn't even know -- never saw him before, won't see him again.

    1. That is exactly what I think. She did say in a comment that she ruined her life the night before - right around Valentines Day.
      February + 9 months = September/October.
      That is why I contend that she has already birthed or is just about to.

    2. Getting knocked up by some random guy you'll never see again is one of the definitions of a slut.

    3. I think you are right about the time and circumstances of Bristol's latest pregnancy. IMO, there is no doubt that her baby's father is currently an anonymous male to Bristol, However, I bet he's not unknown to Marina. Marina seems to love Bristol, so she will protect her if possible.

      The anonymous father may soon know who Bristol is...if Bristol sells pics to the tabloids, and we know she will. He may decide to exert some influence just to make trouble, get blackmail money to stay out of Bristol's life, or he may genuinely want his offspring.

      Bristol really messed up with her mother Sarah when she (Bristol) acknowledged this pregnancy, instead of ignoring it like all her others (except for Tripp). Tripp, who was used by Sarah to "prove" that Bristol couldn't have birthed Trig.

      I think Sarah was thrilled with the idea of becoming the mother-in-law of MOH winner Dakota. The White House was in her sights, again. The marriage was all a set up by Sarah, for Sarah and Dakota's benefit, but Bristol was finally doing something right (in her mother's eyes). Dakota realized he was being duped with Bristol's pregnancy; he dumps Bristol ASAP, but in a face saving manner for both. Thus the ice cold shoulder to Bristol from Sarah and no mention of this latest grandchild.

    4. I know that Sarah is a moran but I can't see how she would believe that Dakota was her ticket to the WH. How was that supposed to work?

      The guy clearly is not that smart, he has no education and is not likely to obtain one.

    5. Anonymous 4:15 here with my take on Sarah and Dakota. During the last seven years Sarah Palin has deteriorated into a pathetic joke, but we can't forget that she was the GOP Vice Presidential nominee in 2008. It's hard to believe that this ignorant and proud of it, hate-filled, hate-spewing creature was picked for such an important position. Especially considering John McCain's age and health history.

      I agree, Sarah is not that smart and neither is Dakota. He has no higher education, but then I don't believe Sarah actually has the four year degree she claims to have received from the University of Idaho. Dakota does have respected military creds, which is important and valuable, though they were probably exaggerated to receive the MOH.

      Sarah is a sociopath, a constant liar, charming when need be and in total denial regarding her limitations. She is very familiar with the power behind the throne concept. Todd was the shadow governor of Alaska during her tenure and Sarah hired a city manager to carry out what she was supposed to do as Mayor of Wasilla.

      Getting elected to any political office is all about raising lots of money, having hard-working supporters and being able to stay on script and gaffe free. It's also hard work and requires a thick skin.

      I do believe if Dakota had married Bristol, well-heeled backers (like the Koch brothers) would have sent considerable business his way and eventually persuaded him to run for a very low level, easy to win, political office in KY.

      After that, as long as Dakota obeyed his handlers, it would just be a matter of ten to twenty years as he rose up through the ranks in his state's GOP. Then he'd be ready for the national stage as a Rep or Senator and with any luck, a later run at the presidency. I know, it sounds improbable, but who would have thought that "W" would have been president for eight years.

      Sarah has tried to portray herself as a "king-maker" and it would have been no different with Dakota. She (and Bristol) would never let him forget that she had made him what he was and he'd better not forget it. No matter her age, Sarah would use Dakota to settle her old grudges and perceived slights. Thank goodness she will never be his M-I-L!

      I'm a female, progressive Democrat now in my 60's. I look at GOP officials in my state and those running for President and I shake my head in disgust and disbelief. Their bar is set so low and it gets lower with every election cycle.

  4. Do you suppose it is just coincidental that a most social and visual/'vocal' presence on social media, Jordan Loewe, was killed off about the same time as Bristol goes dark? Willow is staying with animals and her friends pictures of hair, it is all very safe.

    Jordan was loyal to her lovers family but she could not hold back her self expression. I can see that Sarah would want to be rid of her.

    Marina Lupas has not Twittered since July. Coincidence?

  5. I wish someone would hack Bristol's computer and leak photos of her other secret children since we all know she was heavily pregnant five years ago.

  6. I have been thinking about this now, and am wondering, if she actually has been put on bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy (IF she is pregnant at all - we only have HER word for it...).
    My reason for that thinking: IF she was the birth mom of the severely premature 'Ruffles' baby, maybe the doctor thought she might be at risk of a miscarriage if she would keep on gallivanting all over the country like she has been doing earlier this year.
    I guess, that might be the reason also, why she has not been seen around town lately.


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