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Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Meme


  1. Eagerly anticipating the pee pond meltdown when they realize she's not running '16 and never had any intention of doing so!

    1. No kidding @7:34.

      Wait til she comes out with her usual list of excuses:
      1) Gawwwd told me to not seek a title
      2) I just need to care for Trig
      3) Livin' a VIBRANT life and supportin' them rill 'Murican candidates is my callin'
      4) My calling as Queen Esther is still not ripe, and all will be rev-illed in good time. Meanwhile, send much more $ to $arahpac!!, dontcha know.

      The Palinbot Pee Pond and the lunatics like DeeDEE3, CarolHaka, and PolarBear's wife are of course still praying for their earthquake, and will never face the reality of $arah's grifting ways

      Sadly deceived religious fools, the lot of them


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