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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan

Let's compare both of them shall we?

Both have been "royalty"  Sarah Miss Wasilla, Paul was Prom King.

Paul actually graduated from college with a degree in Economics.  Sarah allegedly got a degree in journalism.

Paul has run a marathon.  Sarah only pretends to run.

Neither one of them are fiscal conservatives.  Paul collected Social Security benefits after his dad died.  Sarah wasted taxpayer money while mayor and governor.


  1. Right on SPASH! Not only did Granny Grifter waste taxpayer money, she authorized the building of the sports arena on land that SHE KNEW the town did not own, costing (I heard) nearly a million in lawyer fees and extras.

    So you're the new mayor, and the first thing you do is spend $50,000 of hard earned taxpayer money on new stuff for your office?

    Buy a brand new SUV for $35,000?

    What an entitled, spoiled brat bitch! Oh, she's conservative, until it's someone else's money, and then it's just a herd of wild Wasilla bandits at the gift tables in Hollywood

  2. Oh, and TICK TOCK $arah you lazy, arrogant idiot!

    Today is the LAST day you can pay the $40,000 to the state of South Carolina to register for the Presidential Primary!!!!!

    Put up, or SHUT UP YOU lying pretentious fake Christian grifter!


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