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Friday, September 25, 2015

Sarah Palin have you ever been to a real college?

From Sarah's Fecebook page

Obama Administration - are you kidding? The world needs MORE Hillsdale College-types, not more arrogance and ignorance of an enormously impactful private college left untouched by government - which is why Hillsdale thrives and produces productive, conscientious citizens working to make the world a better place. Perhaps that's reason to ignore its existence or, worse, falsely claim it's not a "real" college. Just ask Gov. Kay Orr. (Note to low information media: Google her and be impressed.)…/obama-administration-slams-conser…/

Oh Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.  The guidelines for what constitutes a college were never set by the Obama administration.

Are you feeling inferior because your kids have never been to a four year accredited college and you never graduated from one.  And Sarah you never really stepped foot on a campus either, and spending the night in your sister's dorm room fucking an out of town basketball player does not count.


  1. It looks like Silly Sarah is now a fan of the word "conscientious", I bet she doesn't even know what it means.

    She's proud of being an idiot who attended five colleges but didn't graduate, no wonder her spoiled kids don't care about getting an education because their parents are dumb.

  2. Who is Bristol Palin's sperminator? Does she even remember his name?

    Happy Valentimes, Bristol.

  3. ". . . impactful . . . " ???????

    Meanwhile, this may be what Sarah is cranked up about.

    -- quote

    HILLSDALE, MI – Hillsdale College is questioning its exemption from the recently released U.S. Department of Education's "College Scorecard."

    The scorecard, issued on Sept. 12, is a collection of graduate employment and student loan statistics on more than 7,000 colleges and universities nationwide using data from the U.S. Treasury, Internal Revenue Service and USDE.

    It does not rate or rank schools, but is designed to help prospective students pick those that offer the best value.

    In a story published in The Collegian, Hillsdale College's student newspaper, Denise Horn, assistant press secretary for the USDE, is quoted saying that Hillsdale College was left off the list because it offers a majority of graduate certificates, not two- or four-year degrees.

    In a press release, Hillsdale College says this is false, citing its issuance of four-year bachelor's and master's degrees and its non-issuance of certificates of any kind for academic credit.

    Hillsdale College contends its exclusion from the scorecard is based on its refusal to accept federal funds and track and report the racial demographics of its students, the release said.

    Only schools that participate in the Title IV federal financial aid program and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, which requires institutions to track and report racial demographics, were included in the scorecard, the release said.

    Hillsdale College, founded in 1844 by abolitionist Free Will Baptists, is prohibited by charter from discrimination based on "nationality, color or sex."

    "Hillsdale College is proud of its heritage and has remained true to it, despite attempts by both federal and state bureaucrats for force it to count its students by race," the release said.

    Hillsdale College is consistently ranked as a top liberal arts college in independent studies done by U.S. News & World Report, Kiplinger and The Princeton Review.

    -- end quote

  4. Hmmm how do we tell when scarah has written something or it has been written by someone else?
    Yeah, we can look at the spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and the words used.
    THAT was not written by someone with the name palin.
    The University of Idaho is a real college even if scarah payme didn't attend it that way. Journalism degree my ass.
    "enormously impactful" Yeah.

  5. I am from Michigan and back in 1999 Hillsdale College was rocked by a scandal involving its then college president, his son and daughter-in-law. Google--New York Times, November 15, 1999, Scandal Rocks a Conservative Campus--for all the sordid details and different reactions of students and parents.

    In brief, the college president has a 19-year affair with his daughter-in-law. College president divorces his wife of 44 years and remarries a few months later. D-I-L confronts F-I-L in the presence of her husband and her new M-I-L. D-I-L commits suicide on campus later in the day. College president resigns.

    1. The idiot proudly proclaims more schools like this place are needed. Hey $arah - forget it dummy, your lazy, layabout slacker spawn will never see the hallowed halls of higher learning! 12:06, she sure likes cheap publicity, and thrives on controversy.Don't forget,the horny bitch fucked Brad,the Pimp Toad's business partner. That led to the dissolution of said partnership.


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