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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sarah Palin will speak at a "pregnancy resource center" Oct 2

From Salt Lake Weekly

In the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election, the only stops hopeful Commanders-in-Chief are likely to make seem to be piggy-bank fundraisers at assorted mansions in Park City.

But have no fear: Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska and 2008 vice-presidential nominee, is swinging by Salt Lake City Oct. 2 for the Pregnancy Resource Center’s Banquet for Life fundraiser at the Grand American Hotel.

“We are delighted to have Governor Palin as our guest speaker this year,” said Jim Kerr, the resource center’s executive director, in a news release. “We know that her message will be both touching and motivating for all who attend.”

The Pregnancy Resource Center, according to its website, is affiliated with the Life Care Center of Utah. Its mission statement says it is a "Christ-centered ministry that works to meet the comprehensive needs to those unprepared for pregnancy, heal lives traumatized by abortion and challenge people to embrace a Biblical view of sexuality and the sanctity of human life.”

Tickets to the dinner are $100. But for $5,000, donors receive a table for 10 at the banquet—including a meet-and-greet with Palin.

Boy this is really rich.  The woman who can't keep her daughter from getting knocked up is speaking at a pregnancy crisis center.  The only woman I know who got a pass on being pregnant before marriage was Mary, mother of Jesus.  And Bristol ain't no Mary.

And this "nonprofit" refuses to say how much they are paying Hoohah:

SALT LAKE CITY — Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is coming to Utah next month to headline the Pregnancy Resource Center's annual "Banquet for Life" fundraiser.

But just how much the Christian faith-based, nonprofit organization is paying the former Alaska governor for the appearance is not being made public.

"We are very, very limited in what we can say," said Kevin Andrews, the center's board chairman, citing the terms of the contract signed with Palin. "I can't get into it. I can say it was very reasonable given our expectations."

Andrews said the organization is also obligated to pick up "very nominal" expenses for Palin. He said the seven-member board has already covered both her fees and expenses, through donations as well as from their own pockets.


  1. I'm not holding my breath waiting for her to mention the latest grandkid-to-be. For all her bullsh*t claptrap, shouldn't she be crowing?

    1. You can say "bullshit". It's Trig's favorite word, after all.

  2. So a woman conceived out of wedlock, who conceived her first child out of wedlock, who has reportedly had affairs, as had her husband, and who has yet to get a child married before THEY conceive children, is the poster girl for the "Biblical view of sexuality?" Which Bible? I thought these people were Mormon, and they usually believe in marriage..granted, they believe a man can have multiple wives, but they do marry 'em before they impregnate them.
    And don't hold your breath waiting for her to mention her multiple grandkids...she can't even be bothered to be home with her children. She has mentioned Kayla about twice since the girl arrived. We've seen her with Tripp a half dozen times in seven years. No, Sarah is about Sarah. She couldn't be bothered raising her own children, and she is not about to be tied down by grandkids. Not now, when she's living such a vibrant life writing books and giving speeches! Why, she even had her own TV channel! Sarah doesn't have time for kids. And this organization thinks they'll be 'inspired' by her wild ride story? Good luck with that. This will be yet another 'aren't I wonderful, and isn't Planned Parenthood awful" deal.

    1. Yeah, what's the deal with Kayla? She's like the invisible grandchild.

  3. I just wish one of the people who know all about the PayMes and their scams would go to one of these screeches, pay to get in, and then ask her in front of everyone attending some REAL questions about her life, her 'pregnancy', how she treats TriG, how they built their mansion with city funds, etc, etc!
    Would be even better if that person could be a speaker and have allotted time to speak - and talk about this! That could be the coup of the century, the complete downfall finally of PayMe!

    1. I'd pay to see her reaction if someone points out her hypocrisy on family values, after all her grand kids are bastards and her daughter is a mega slut.

  4. Well, you gotta admit . . . she knows a lot about being pregnant.

    Will Bristol be with her to discuss how to get pregnant on a one-night stand in Vegas?


  5. The shame, and infamy that Granny $arah deserves is titanic, and let's hope someone outs the bitch sooner rather than later.

    If and when $arah the professional lying bitch is exposed for the criminally insane lunatic she really is, she will not be able to show her face ANYWHERE.

  6. This is so disgusting, it persuaded me to send those people the following email:

    Subj: Sarah Palin Appearance

    Please be aware that Sarah Palin’s pro-life bona fides are based on her claim that she CHOSE to give birth to a baby she knew had Down Syndrome. That claim is false, her “pregnancy” with Trig was a hoax, and she should not be lauded for something she did not do. Having her appear at your function severely taints your organization.

    We can’t prove where Trig came from (some suspect he was Bristol’s first child), but he was not born of Sarah. There’s a massive amount of proof available about this. Simply google “sarah palin fake pregnancy” for all the evidence a reasonable observer could ever need. Just one example is this overview from a distinguished prize-winning reporter:

    BTW, the former governor (who quit her elected position to make money as a celebrity), claims she had an "amnio" at 12 weeks. Not possible, as I'm sure you know. Too early and too risky for the baby. Also, actual pro-lifers do NOT have amnios at any stage because no matter the result, they want and will treasure the child. Another falsehood in her cascade of lies surrounding the origin of Trig.

    I encourage others to email/write/call them as well. Perhaps this will plant a seed of doubt in a few minds there.


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