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Sunday, September 27, 2015

That's PRESIDENT Obama to you Sarah Palin!

From Sarah's Fecebook page

Obama - Is It Too Much To Defend Christianity?

But wait a minute, think about what Trump is saying here. He's right. Why would any strong, independent candidate succumb to a liberal media's pressure to defend someone else's faith? That's the takeaway here.

And here's another: Rational people scratch their heads when they see the Obama Administration harass Catholic nuns and Christian business owners, and try to demonize Christians for things that happened centuries ago. This, while refusing to acknowledge Christian genocide happening TODAY in the name of Islam. So... with Obama and a lapdog media being overly sensitive whenever this President's actions are scrutinized, resulting in the public's legitimate questions about his worldview influencing his actions, here's the solution: perhaps if Obama stopped attacking Christians, people who question him could stop questioning whether he is one.

(*Cue intolerant liberals: do your thing and misconstrue all this and pour on the hate. In 3-2-1...)…/trump-doubles-down-no-moral-obl…/

This past week Sarah has been tripling down in her criticism of President Obama.  Sarah I don't think the POTUS ever reads your screeds, thinks about you, or even remembers your name.

Oh and by the way President Obama welcomed Pope Francis with welcome arms.


  1. What a bitch. With people like her, talking shit all the time every time they open their pie holes, no wonder there is so much hate. I blame her for this whole mess of stupid, hateful tea baggers.

  2. $arah is a bitch, and deserves nothing less than her well won reputation as an air -head bimbo, a Caribou Barbie, and she is a lying, psychopathic criminal.

    The entire mess of stupid hateful Teabagg Christian gun waving fools can also be blamed on people like Tony Perkins, Donald Trump, Franklin Graham, Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, and a cast of thousands of other cousin humping idiots.

  3. Such an angry hateful idiot. Poor Sarah. What happened? The Pope never asked to meet with you? You didn't get invited to the Value Voters hatefest again this year, but that woman from Kentucky with all the husbands did? No one is listening, Sarah. Look. This post has three whole responses. IM's little stories on you are now generating less than 50, when it used to be hundreds, no matter how stupid you had been. Your day in the sun is over. Go home, look your bedroom door, and weep. Then, grow up and be a mother to your children. Bristol is having a baby. With no husband. Again. Maybe you and she could visit Planned Parenthood and get some advice on contraception? Take Piper along before she has her first bundle of joy that gets adopted out.
    The evil in your eyes is trumped only by the evil that came out of the conference this weekend. Anyone who hates as much as you people do can only come to a bad end. If you truly believe in God, HE does not want you to be mean and vindictive. He wants you to forgive all those imagined slights from people, forgive the real ones, and move on. Love your neighbor, even if they are Muslim or Jews. Love this nation, instead of lying and trying to tear her apart. Take care of the planet; it's the only one we have, and God is not building us another. Just be will stop aging so fast, and can stop with the Botox and whatever else you Palins do to yourselves to look presentable. Just go away.

  4. Why aren't YOU defending Christianity, Palin, you fucking ignoramus? For over a year your buddies have been burning down Christian churches and you don't breathe a word about.

    Burning of Christian churches in Israel justified, far-Right Jewish leader says

  5. Why isn't Sarah at the Values Voter Summit as she has been in past years? Could it be the same reason she was uninvited from the NRA convention, was not invited to the 2012 GOP convention, will not be at the 2016 GOP convention, and her only speaking engagements are to hunters clubs in Minnesota and no-name anti-abortion groups in Utah?

    By the way -- do any of you folks who comment on this site live in Alaska? If so, I'd like to hear comments about how much Alaskans love the Palin family -- especially people who know the Palins. Anyone?

    1. In answer to your first paragraph, because she's a has-been and wont go away because "no one puts baby in a corner."

      I might be wrong, Old Redneck, but Bristol's original pregnancy announcement, before she changed it, stated she had let down so many, couldn't hold her chin up over "this" one. I think $arah had BIG plans and the new out-of-wedlock baby put the screws to it.

  6. So anyone that disagrees with you is an "intolerant liberal," huh, Sarah? Nice labeling, toots. You constantly harp the Constitution schtick; I guess you forgot about the Bill Of Rights. They go hand in hand, you know. Is freedom of speech only allowed to you?

    You are no way near Queen Esther, honey, God didn't tell you that; it was all in your head. You are now reaping what you have sown.

  7. And lest we forget.....your devastatingly stupid comment about the Pope leaning left - you asshole! That's not leaning left! That's leaning "human". Have you any clue whatsoever on the teachings of Christ? Exactly WHAT religion do you represent? Fucking idiot.

  8. The Pope is to classy to meet a person like Sarah who is filled with hate and intolerance.

    It looks like she's deeply mad that everybody is ignoring her and she's taking out her anger at every single person ever since Bristol announced her pregnancy and doesn't even know who the father is. She'll always be a charlatan who worships money and fame.


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