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Sunday, September 6, 2015

The anniversary of the Throwdown at the Hoedown, oh and Todd's birthday too

You can listen to the brawl here

Here is Eric Thompson's eyewitness account:

And Nicole Wallace's take on it:

And CNN Carole Costellos' take on it:


  1. Damn right, let the world know what a violent, ignorant bunch the Paylin idiots really are.

    Baby gate
    Dairy gate
    I"ll do what I want til the court tells me I can't
    Sports arena cost debacle
    Blood libel
    Quitter Queen
    Defeated idiot
    Failed VP
    Palin Brawl!


  2. LevidumpedthepalinsSeptember 6, 2015 at 9:36 AM

    The photos and audio of the brawl are official records of the Palin family's criminal behavior. I learned they were far worse than I imagined. Anyone who continues to enable this clan of bullies is just as guilty as the Palins.

  3. I'm sure the people of Wasilla and the other cities are worried about the Palins crashing into one of their parties without getting invited after last years's debacle. It's really disappointing how Sarah and her family got away with it and no charges were pressed against them for assaulting the host and Willow's underage drinking.

    1. No one is worried about the Palins anymore. People are on to them. The brawl is proof Alaskans, in particular, will not put up with any more of their shit.

      This wasn't the first such incident for the Palins. Nicole Wallace on the record about the brawl: "I've seen a few of these...passioned Palin encounters...."

      Sarah is not the mayor or the governor anymore. The only "muscle" the Palins have today come from Christians In Name Only with a fanatical point of view.

      The Palins are useful, however, in helping to expose the criminal element hiding beneath the cloak of Christianity.

  4. Maybe someone should send these out to the different media, as a reminder - especially now that it might be a possibility that $carree will get hired by CNN for the election cycle. (If there is any way to scare off even the last one of their viewers, it is this threat of screechy to be on as a commentator or contributor. Good way to commit suicide, CNN!)

  5. It's appalling how this Wasilla witch just won't go the eff away. Disgusting trash - every single one of them. As far as the trig/Tripp bullshit story - after considering all the the lies and bullshit I believe I've figured out what really happened here. As trig gets older he looks more and more like Levi - I researched Alcohol Fetal Syndrome and depending on the level of damage, they could look similar to babies with Down syndrome - I'm convinced they were fraternal twins - twins have been known to have one born healthy and one born with FAS - the reason the Wasilla twit jumped in and claimed trig as her own was because the fake Christian choose life shit wouldn't go over so well if the slut daughter's alcohol consumption destroyed the life of one of her babies. I put a years salary on it - trig doesn't have downs - he has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and that horrid family served him up as a prop for that whore mother for political points. I'm not a conspiracy fool - I did my research and compared dates and babies born with FAS - that bitch popped them both out in 2008 and they're disgraceful liars and child abusers.

    1. I think you might lose your money. I actually think TriG has both FAS as well as Downs. (A definite posiibility with the way Bri$$y partied and drank and did drugs at that point!)
      Who knows what her latest offspring has or will have, what with all the 'stuff' she is doing to her body (coloring her hair constantly, taking diet pills, drinking etc, etc).
      Tripp has dodged a bullet somehow. I guess, she was on the road with the election going on, and since her mother told everyone she was pregnant - and she was under age - the McShame crew made sure she did not get too much drugs/alcohol during that time.


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