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Thursday, September 3, 2015

To shut up all us "haters" Bristol posts her baby bump

She says she is 6 months along, so that means the baby was conceived in late Feb.  She pops the question mid March.

However Dakota and Bristol were not together that week.

Quit lying Bristol!


  1. She's absolutely getting reamed in Denali comment sections over the second out-of-wedlock baby of she the abstinence queen, and rightly so.

  2. I couldn't care less how many litters that bitch drops but check that hair... omg I can't believe she wants the world to see that awkward mess.

  3. LevidumpedthepalinsSeptember 3, 2015 at 9:16 AM

    FAS red flag.

    Bristol always hides her face from the camera when it's covered in beer and makeup.

  4. I don"t think Brizdul is pregnant. Never been able to trust any picture. Don't think that picture is even her.. Anyone seen Willow recently? Pay no attention to the guy behind the curtain. Everything the Palin's do is a's all a con $$$$$

    1. Nah... Those fugly hands are hers alright! Who knows when that picture was taken...

      That said: I also do not believe that she is pregnant.
      Nobody but her has said she is.
      Not her mother, not her father, not her sisters or brother, not even her BFF, and none of her relatives.
      Nobody has seen her IRL lately. Her face has always swollen up, as is the case with every pregnant woman, whenever she was pregnant. not this time around. All her 'fishlip selfies' show a relatively narrow face, not a full one.
      In June, she came out and posted that she was 5 months pregnant. Now, end of August/beginning September, she all of a sudden is six months along. Sorry. June to August is two months, so she should be at least seven months by now. Since she has already popped at least three, if not four, kids, she 'normally' would be quite a bit bigger now than she was in her picture with Tripp, where she has the hockey puck on her stomach. That was supposedly taken in her 7th month.

      So... Either she has already given birth, and for whatever reason has to hide the baby (a bit 'darker' than she should be?) but has not yet found a suitable substitute for it, or she is simply faking it and will come up with a substitute baby next month.
      Either way. No pictures, no third party reports of sightings of her being obviously pregnant - not pregnant.

  5. She doesn't look pregnant in that picture, plus nobody knows when is she going to deliver that baby while the real father is still anonymous.


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