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Saturday, September 5, 2015

What no mention of an anniversary Sarah?

Sarah and Todd's anniversary was Aug 29, no mention of it from Sarah on Fecebook.

Bristol however mentioned it:


  1. Sarah probably doesn't want to remind her fans of how old she is. Bristol is already doing a fine job of that.

  2. Are they even still married? Haven't seen them together in eons!

    1. No. He is living with his new wife/girlfriend and their baby. Just once in a while, per contract, he has to show up next to screechy. (Their marriage was a sham the whole way around, and later made into a business deal, when Scarree got all the $$$$.)

    2. Sarah doesn't feel doesn't feel safe and secure with Todd. During the brawl Sarah learned Todd couldn't protect her. She had to run and hide. Todd's failure to prevent this humiliation frightened her. Then it angered her. Now she treats him with contempt.

      Sarah was convinced Todd was a skilled fisticuffs practitioner. After all, high school student Todd beat up the only black student in all of Wasilla. This not only impressed Sarah, it turned her on. The fact that Todd was a senior in high school and had all of his buddies with him and the black kid was only a junior high student and by himself was irrelevant to Sarah. And to Todd, who began to believe he was a good fighter.

      Sarah had no problems with Track walking up to women and insulting them in front of their husbands and sons. They had no choice but to stand there and take it or else the Iron Dog champ would step in. Sarah did have a problem, however, when those husbands and sons opened a can of whip ass on her husband and son as a result. After the police arrived Sarah learned, in the end, she was the one who had to stand there and take it.

      Sarah also learned she couldn't sic Todd on anyone. Not anymore. That's why they aren't seen together as much. Plus, the last thing Sarah wants is to have to run and hide while her "husband" gets his ass kicked again.

  3. Don't see anything after your sentence that Brissy mentioned it.

    Yeah, and don'tcha know, $arah was out of town this year, 'fer rill'! So $he has a valid (?!) excuse. Besides... THEY ARE PRIVATE PEOPLE who live their lives vibrantly!


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