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Monday, October 5, 2015

Bristol please quit trying to claim you are seven months pregnant

From Bristol's instagram

I think this pic was taken a long time ago.  If this is a recent pic why aren't the boys in school?  I checked the Mat Su school district calendar and school is in session.

Sunny just posted a link on FB from the Father's Right's Movement.  Me thinks Bristol took Tripp out of the state without Levi's permission.

Back to Bristol, she is wearing black again so you really can't tell how far along she is.  Nice try bitch.


  1. Here's a link to Bristol's Instagram page:

    Three pics:
    -- Bristol with Tripp and Trig
    -- Tripp with his hair wet, possible from swimming
    -- Tripp wearing an American flag T-shirt flexing his biceps (is a Palin ever more than three feet away from an American flag?)

    See the photo of Bristol with Tripp and Trig -- in the comments associated with the pic, she says she's 7 month's pregnant. 7 months more or less confirms she was knocked up on/around Valentine's Day in Vegas and she's due in late November to mid-December. Of course, there's no way to tell when these pics were made.

    Note the surroundings -- the pics were made in Arizona or possibly Southern California or Hawaii -- definitely not in Alaska. If the pics are recent, why aren't the boys in school? (Of course, could be a weekend pic.) The boys are wearing swimsuits. In the pic with Bristol and Trig, Tripp is making one of his gang signs. Who took the pics?

    One comment on one of the three photos asks if Bristol and the boys are at Disney in Hawaii.

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. Enlarge the photo of Bristol with the two boys -- she's making fish lips!!!!

      Why is she hauling Trig around with her? Why is Trig not home in Alaska with his mother? Or is Bristol Trig's mother? Has Sarah abandoned Trig?

      Sarah's a "christian" -- she wouldn't abandon her Downs Syndrome child -- would she???

    2. Tripp is making fish lips, too.

    3. Tripp is going to be one little asshole when he reaches his teens. All the signs are there.

    4. Indeed. And Trig will follow him into whatever trouble he finds. He seems quite out of control as well. Wonder how they'll handle these kids when they are 150 pounds and young men? They'll have no social skills, no education, no skills, and poor Trig is still eating baby food. Where is Child Protective Services?

    5. They are in Hawaii.
      Interesting that she says she is there with 'her two boys'. Admitting they are both hers?
      Why is nobody reporting her to the school authorities? School is in session now. A repeat of what Piper had to go through with the elections, when she could not even handle first grade because she had missed so much?

  2. At least she admits Trig is hers.
    We ALL knew he wasn't Sarah's.

    1. That's my take too..and isn't it lovely how she's taught him to make stupid faces for photos just like mommy and brother? Nice resort, Bristol..are you being paid off to keep quiet about something? How dare you take the boys out of school when it just started. You are not a very good mother, hon.

    2. Giving both her kids a GREAT start in school - by playing hooky!
      Someone up in Alaska: PLEASE report her to the school authorities!

  3. Not to mention that if she is really 7 months, she shouldn't be flying from Alaska to Hawaii.

    1. Maybe 'like mother, like daughter'? $arah faked her pregnancy with Trig, maybe now Bri$$y is faking her pregnancy with this bastard-to-be daughter.


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