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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

More on Bristol's trip to Hawaii

It has been confirmed that Bristol and her "boys" are at the Disney Aualini in Kapolei, Hawaii.

School is in session in Hawaii and Bristol is taking her sons out of school?  Guess she doesn't care about their education.  Neither does Sarah and Todd as Piper is tagging along.

The comments on Immoral Minority  are pretty damning:

Anonymous8:59 AM

They are in Hawaii currently. When Tripp questioned why Levi & family weren't coming, Bristol told Tripp and I quote "he's too busy playing redneck so he can keep his wife supplied with tacky fake eyelashes"


Anonymous9:26 AM
9:07, no. Fourth. She had Trig in early January 2008, Tripp in late December 2008, a daughter in 2010, and now this child. (Whom she says is a girl but since she lies so much, who knows)

I posted at 8:59. I thought it should also be mentioned that Bristol doesn't allow tripp to refer to Sunny as "stepmom" or "step parent"- he has to say her name or use the term "the wench". THAT is the type of parent Bristol Palin is. In December 2014 Tripp called Sunny "mama sunny" in front of Bristol and she spanked him. 

That child is a lost cause, I fear. The damage his mother inflicts on him is the kind of thing that can never be undone.

And little miss Brissy is getting nasty on her instagram account:

bsmp2 about 22 hours ago
@country101tx go fk yourself

It's not surprising Bristol trashes Levi and Sunny in front of Tripp.  She learned that from her parents.

A custody investigator appointed concluded that Molly McCann, Palin’s sister, had disparaged Mike Wooten in front of their children, Judge John Suddock said during an October 2005 hearing. The judge warned her and her relatives not to disparage Wooten in front of the kids.

“Disparaging is not to be tolerated — it’s a form of child abuse,” Suddock said, according to notes on the hearing included in the divorce file


  1. My maternal grandmother -- 1899 - 1983 -- was a sweet, genteel lady who never uttered an unkind word about another person, no matter how mean, vile, obtuse, or stupid the other person was.

    However, on rare occasion and only because it was absolutely necessary, she would remark: "Well, trash always shows itself."

    I can hear her now.

  2. Trashing another person -- "disparaging" as the custody investigator put it -- is a personal defense mechanism. When you recognize that the other person really is doing a better job than you, instead of improving yourself, you try to tear down the other person. The Palin's have "disparaging" down to a fine art. After all, Sarah does it all the time in her references to politicians with whom she disagrees.

  3. The apple doesn't fall away from the tree.

    It's obvious Bristol hates Sunny for being a positive influence on Tripp and because she's smart and works for a living unlike her. The boy needs to be removed from that toxic household before he's scarred for life as a result of emotional abuse and for being away from his beloved father and stepmother.

    1. Seems to me that he already has been.

  4. She is attempting to disparage Sunny and Levi while wearing a polyethylene chin and who knows what else. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, ha, Ha! She is as hypocritical and dim witted as her mommy. What a clueless dope. How many babies is it now Bristol? What do you do for a living?

  5. As if Bristol has room to criticize for tacky style. She thinks if it costs enough, it has to be right.

  6. And don't forget, Bristol has an instagram up of herself getting fake lashes.
    Too bad Bristle is such a bitch since Sunny and Levi are the only ones that have seemed to welcome her latest baby and even offered their help. But they both have one thing that Bristle will never have no matter how much free money she spends from SarahPac and that is something called class.

    Bristle will also never have a husband, now that she will have another kid dropped by another baby daddy it's quite clear to men that there is no reason to ever even think about marrying her.

    But I would like to congratulate Joey Junker and his new fiance on their engagement and upcoming marriage.

    1. I am not up on the eyelash procedures but I notice Bristol pals in Ak do work on each other, like at their homes. I suppose eyelashes are safe to put on your eyes and there is no need for a home business license? I would am more concerned when they give each other shots or other procedures.

      No one talks about the girl at Alaskan Skin and Cancer Center that died. We know from Bristol and others how close they all are. Yet one of them is dead and not a peep from Bristol. Someone did mention they heard it was a situation like happened to Joan Rivers. A procedure that went bad and caused a death.

      Bristol's #BFF death cause is undetermined. I would think all these so called beauty treatments would have more scrutiny even when they are a home based business. Bristol has promoted the latter.

      It is ludicrous for Bristol to bitch about Sunny paying for eyelashes. Bristol has fake eyelashes and she may have made a deal with the home business operation but she is still wearing fakes.

      I think it is nasty to use those home businesses, Bristol should at least note they have a business license.

  7. We've come full circle it seems. Trolling the palins who are trolling you for being trolled. Yawn. Trump is better troll bait. At least he's an entertaining political eunuch.

    1. And here you are trying to deflect.

    2. It would make more sense to find out what the undetermined death is about.

      Also wtf happened to Track Palin? He has been invisible for a long time now. If you are bored with palin yawns, check out what is happening to their helpers. Like the girl that is to marry Track.

      Trump has always been a bore to me. Not even this latest gig has been interesting.

      I rather read about Marina Lupas and her businesses.

      Sarah has been having her ppl work overtime to get Marina out of the picture. A porn worker and she has not even managed to post a tweet since July.

      Sarah completely wiped out J.Lowe. Sarah must be getting ready to launch one of her major myths. May be the one about Bristol's next bastard.

  8. Bristol, you stupid, fucking ignorant excuse for a mother. Any decent mother would be THRILLED to have her child in the care of a stepmother like Sunny. It's apparent that she loves Tripp and cares about him, encourages him and treats him as if he were her own. My ex remarried a wonderful woman who my kids came to love and I wouldn't have it any other way. My ex felt the same way when I remarried. Bristol is too selfish to realize that it's a mother's job to do what is best for her children. She should not have custody of Tripp on a full-time basis. She does whatever she likes, despite what the court says or what Levi has asked of her. She doesn't realize how fortunate she is that he isn't dragging her to court every time she pulls Tripp out of school or takes him out of state without his permission.

    I hate this family and their belief that they can do whatever they like no matter what the legal ramifications may be or what the court has said in the past.

    How is a young girl her age able to afford a week in Hawaii with 2 kids and her younger sister on a medical assistant's salary? She made a lot of money a few years ago but she spent like crazy on homes and cars, not to mention the tens of thousands in renovation to the house on the dead lake. So where is all the $$$ coming from? I clearly remember her court papers that said she had $0 in income in 2012 and 2013 despite her repeated lies of working at the Anchorage clinic at the time.

    The IRS really needs to do some investigating when it comes to the Palins'. It looks as if Todd's little side business never stopped or even decreased at the rate they are spending money. The PAC funds are drying up, too. Why would we expect anything else? Sarah has never done a good job at anything she tried to do. You better be careful, Sarah. If Bristol has to actually work full time, she'll be ready to spill her secrets for the right amount of money.

    1. Only an immature and selfish adult would drag minors to go on a vacation when they should be in school like the rest of their peers.
      It's obvious that Bristol is using Piper to babysit the boys so she could hit the bars which is exactly what she did to Willow when they were in California four years ago, and she's repeating the same pattern like her mother when she made the kids cut school during the elections in 2008. No wonder both of them have failed as parents.

  9. Unfortunately, Levi and Sunny can do pretty much nothing, since they have no real court order in their case. Seems Bri$$y simply took Tripp and left for Kentucky, and now the situation with them is exactly like it was before Kentucky. Now they have no more money in order to fight for Tripp, and Bri$$y is simply rubbing their faces in it.
    I wish they would start one of those gofundme sites, so people could help them out with this. What she is doing to her son(s) is simply criminal, and should be looked into by Child Protection Services up in Alaska. Her finances should also be looked into by the IRS, because she does NOT work, and has NO real honest income, yet she jet-sets all over the country and buys one house after another - all on a 'receptionist' salary, where she does not show up AT ALL except after hours for photo ops with her BFF, a wanna-be Internet porn model, who closed up her Internet site where she solicited customers... Things that make you go HMMMM.....

  10. Do we even know Tripp has ever been in school? I don't recall Barstool posting any proud pics of him at his first day of school or ever talking about him being in school, this year or last year. Do they get around having to show his birth certificate or whatever to get him registered by just doing their usual "home schooling" scam? Is Piper also still getting home schooled? If not, the teachers are pretty liberal about letting Piper take loads of time off, too.

  11. Sunny recently posted a picture of Levi helping Tripp with homework. Couldn't make out what it was, but definitely was way too much writing on there to be from the beginning of first grade! More like second or third grade IMHO!


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